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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by rosemarie, Apr 14, 2012.

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    Tonight my hubby and I got to baby sit our 18 month old grandson. He turned out to be a grandma's boy and sat on my lap most of the time. He loves to push buttons, I had turned the coumptuer off and he turned it back on. He loves the buttons on our land line and pushes the message button alot. It says no new messages.

    I fed him mac and cheese and some apple slices and then some pears that I let him feed him self with . He did quite well ate them all and didn't spill any.

    He watched the movie his mo, brought for him and was a good baby. MY hubby tried to play with him getting down on the floor and Spencer just didn't want any thing to do with his poppa tonight. He sat on my lap drinking ice water from my mug and was happy. He found my cane and walked around the kitchen, laundry room and hallway leading back in to the living room banging it on the floor as he walked. It made him happy to play with it.

    We watch him alot more than the rest of our tribe of 7 grandkids. We have 5 boys, Kyler 16, Braxton 7, Jaden 4 1/2, Mason 23 months old, Spencer 19 months.Then there are the two princess's Kari 5 yrs and her sister Maddison who is 18 1/2 months old . Three live in Odgen and we don't get to see them as much as we want to. Our youngest daughter is the one with the most kids and two of the three go to school , they just bought a house in Washington Terrace UT. Then our middle daughter lives with her hubby and Spencer in Harrisville UT. and out oldest daughter and hubby and two boys live with my 84 yr old Mother in Logan Ut. I get to see them more.

    I love being able to baby sit the grandkids as often as we can but since most live an hour's drive away we don't get to very often.

    Today was not a bad day not a great one either. I will be paying for the cleaning I did , vaccuming the kitchen and living room carpets will catch up to me tomorrow. I can already feel it in my shoulders and legs.

    But I did enjoy holding Spencer on my lap and getting to kiss on his head. I love being a nanna. Spencer will most likely call me grandma , oldest daughters kids call me nanna, and our youngest well they call me grandma some times and sometimes nanna.

    We spent a happy two hours with Spencer. Loved every minute.

    HUGS to all
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    Sounds like you & your hubby had a great day! Enjoy those grand babies!! I never had any kids--except for fur kids so no grandkids for us :(

    Try to walk some tomorrow even if it is just around your house and do some light stretches --it will help to loosen up the knots.

    Maybe taking a bath with Ebson salts will help too.
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    Oh, Rosemarie, I love you.
    I'm always thinking of you.

    Know that song? Nelson Eddy sang it in some move with Jeanette
    MacDonald. That was back in the days when you didn't have to take out
    a loan to take in a movie.

    Welcome to the Chit Chat board. A nice place to discuss books or pets
    or kids or recipes, etc. Drop in at the porch or lounge threads. There is
    no topic. Just whatever folks want to talk about.

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    This is a great place to come and feel loved and with friends.

    Like Rock said, feel free to post on any of the two threadsl Porchlight
    or Lounge.

    All of us are glad you are here!

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    Your right I am am bit younger and I don't remember much about Nelson Eddie and Jeanette MacDonald. They were before my time. Elvis is before my time too. I am 56 as of Feb 18. The movies I remember you most likely would not.

    I loved playing with Spencer who is 19 months old. I didn't have too bad of a day after baby sitting him. I let his grandpa do most of the chasing the baby around. Spencer is going to be a big brother in NOvember. His Mommy is abot 2 months along. We are waiting for the day when she will find out it this is a boy or girl. I don't know if she has a preference for a boy or girl.
    I had three daughters, my sister also had three girls, My older brother had one daughter and two sons. Of our seven granadkids we have 5 boys and two girls. Both girls are in the same family. So another granddaughter would be nice so would a grandson. Our oldest daughter has two boys Jaden who is 4 1/2 yrs and Mason who is 22 months old, I think that iif she could be garonteed that she would have a little girl she would have another baby. But due to all the boys on her hubby's side of the family girls are scarse so I don't think that she will be having another baby any time soon. OUr youngest has 3 kids BRAxton who is 7 yrs and Kari Rose who is 5 yrs and Maddison Elisabeth is 18 1/2 months old. She says she is done . Four kids is enough when you have to count your h ubby as one of your kids as he acts like one. She is just 27 yrs old.

    Thanks for the welcome to the board.
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    Yes, Rock: I remember the song and I remember (when I was young) Nelson Eddy and Jeanette McDonald!! I thought that he was soioioo handsome and my dad though that Jeanette was gorgeous! Sooooo long ago!

    So glad that you dropped in, Rosemarie! Yes, we talk about any subject----I am alone so igt is to good to have someone to chat with!!!! I am the "old lady" of the bunch butr I stillo have fun here. (I also have typos, if you hadn't already guessed!!!)

    Love to dear friends,

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    Welcome to the board.

    I thought Rock was serenading you when i read his post!! Then it turns

    out to be this song.

    Must be so lovely to have so many grandkids and be able to spend time

    with them!

    We are glad you have joined the board. Its fun reading about the goings

    on in peoples lives. Lots of us going thru the same thing as you, exerting

    ourselves one day only to pay for it the next day.

    But life goes

    God Bless
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    When I posted here for the first time I wrote that my midddle daughter was expecting a baby in November. She went in for her first visit and found that the baby didn't have a heart beat and was much smaller than it should have been. Her doctor gave her a week to see if it grew and if they could find a herat beat. They didn't. She had a D& C a week ago. She won't talk about it and does not want any one to know.

    I started to cry when I talked to her and she told me that it was not my job to get all emotianal about this loss it was hers.. But I feel the loss as well, I was thinking of buying baby clothes , a bath towel so I could make it and have it done well before she had the baby. So many plans all ended, and no one knows why. I don't know if that would help or not knowing what caused this loss. Maybe it would maybe it would only hurt worse.

    I have not shared this with any one she knows and won't, I didn't put any thing on facebook as if I would. I am still struggleing with this loss and am sad not only for her but for our family.

    I tried to find a web site a forum for miscarriage for grandma's but there is not much out there. There are tons for MOm's but the one I found that had a grandma part on it had you fill out a long form to get into the group and it wanted names and dates of babies you lost. I have not lost any babies, Only one grandbaby and I could not get signed in to this site. So I just gave up and quit trying .

    I just wanted to let you know. Amanda is doing ok health wise and they will try for a baby again when they feel it is time . Spencer is only 19 months old so he does not know that some thing life changing happened to his mommy and daddy. HE just knows that he is loved so much by his mommy and daddy and his nanna and poppa, as well ashis brazilan grandparents too.
    Thanks for every thing.
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    Rock and all are right. There are many wonderful people here and we are here for each other. So, don't feel bad about having to vent. We all do it from time to time.

    Yes, and pop in any time to the Porch (the one with the porch lights going on and off and different volume numbers). The Lounge is another place or just post on any subject in the chit chat board area, where you are now (not the CHAT ROOM). I have 5 children and 8 grandchildren.. They are from 8 to about 21 years old. I hope our son and dil can have a child or at least adopt one. They would make such good parents.

    I am so sorry to hear about your daughter's loss. The same thing happened to my only dil. I have 4 daughters and one son. They have no children. She has had a couple of miscarriages and the one you spoke of. The baby did not develop correctly and so had to have a d and c. Yes, we were all very sad. They are both like kids ( my son and dil) and would be wonderful parents . They are hoping to adopt someday, maybe Foster to Adopt. Yes, we all feel their pain. Yes, having to deliver an 8 month stillborn would be an awful experience for everyone.

    Hope to chat again with you soon Rosemarie. Yes Rock I do remember the song. I guess that means we are both old :)!! Oh well !! Such is life.


    Glad you enjoyed your grandchildren.