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Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by bbkp123, Mar 17, 2009.

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    Hi everyone. I decided to join this board because I've been battling fatigue issues for a while and am starting to think it is FMS related. I've had reoccuring issues with UTI's and yeast problems along with my gyno suggesting the IC problem. Interstitial cystitis. I take acidophilus and eat yogurt to combat this. But my body feels like it has been thrown against a wall. Every morning I wake up stiff and if I bend down to put my slippers on well feel like something is going to pull.I have frequent headaches usually midday and have a bite guard for major grinding issues that caused me to have a sprained jaw last year. I am 38 and have three boys. Now I know we are busy with kids and things but I just feel that I can't get my energy to spring up. I go to bed at 9 and am up at 6:30 and still feel not so full of energy. Concentration gets foggy like forgetfulness I just assume it is being busy with kids. I have been on Wellbutrin and clonapin because of the depression which I feel is frustration with not feeling well and the body aching all the time. The only time I felt relief was when I had been on a muscle relaxant for my jaw. Ahhh. but of course cant stay on those forever. Is there a test? I am going to my gyno tomorrow and she has run previous prolactin hormone tests and nothing shows up even thyroid. My urine tests come back negative but when I have antibiotics I do feel better and then it starts all over... I get on my treadmill and am active with my kids going here and there but feel exhausted. Please help... Oh and I do have bouts of upset stomach from time to time but then again it comes and goes. My MD just puts me on Nsaids and says its muscular and/or a bug... just feel being shoved away all the time.
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    I checked on IC, and here is the treatment page from Mayo Clinic (it is a safe site)

    Your doctor is apparently starting out doing the right thing, but note there will be other things that can be done, including using the TENS unit to help. I have used the TENS unit for many months after surgery on my back in Florida and it helped tremendously in working the muscles so don't be afraid of it.

    Also, this is just a suggestion, but I would have your MD run the yearly blood work tests for everything (except what you have run recently), including lupus, fibro factors, and B-12 deficiency. I suddenly came up with B-12 deficiency and was discovered to have pernacious anemia. Many people have it and are not diagnosed because some doctors don't run the simple blood test. Pernacious anemia is when your body will not allow you to get B-12 from the food, fluids or pills you take. So I'm at the point where I get injections once a month now for it.

    Diary what you eat and when you get the upset stomach to see if you may be coming into problems with milk (lactose), wheat (gluten), etc.

    Good luck and hugs.

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    gyno is running all sorts of bloodwork hopefully its not all in my head maybe it is just depression and just feeling achy in my head. I just feel different like wiped out but not depressed like I can't get my energy restored when I sleep gyno running thyroid, hormone lyme EBV Igg ESR blood work and sending it to my Md. hope he doesn't get offended but he wouldn't do the tests. Thanks for all your advice. We will have to chat in the chat rooms.