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  1. hi Everyone!
    I am a newbie, just found your website today. I hope I am in the right place. I am currently housebound because of a bad ankle fracture. I wanted to join a forum to try to meet new people and get suggestions for coping with being housebound! I am going pretty crazy - i.e. depressed and frustrated.
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    Hi Bella Donna

    Are you a beautiful woman? A deadly nightshade? In any case, a plant with a
    lot of history. Welcome to the board. How long do you expect to be laid up?

    You can find the board rules on the blue line above. "Supplemental News"
    has info about research and supplements. The "Shop" is pretty self explanatory.

    As you have already seen, we have various games to while away the hours.
    Under "Chit Chat" you will find "The Porchlight" posts which have no topic.
    Folks just drop in and talk about whatever they like: kids, pets, music, flowers,
    recipes, etc.

  3. hi Rock,
    I am neither a beautiful woman (IMO) nor a deadly plant. Belladonna Took is the name of the grandmother of Bilbo Baggins of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. (I believe that my profile mentions my addiction to fantasy fiction).

    I broke my ankle in two places at the end of October; I can't put wait on that foot for 8-10 weeks after the surgery I had October 29. So, I am housebound until some time in January.
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    Hi BD

    Never read the Hobbit. Tried to, but didn't get very far. On the other hand, I
    read Winnie the Pooh, The Borrowers books by Mary Norton, several Mary
    Poppins books, and all of Harry Potter.

    Yes, I found your profile info. First time I've done that for any of our posters
    since the last modification of the site 3-4 years ago. I didn't even know posters
    still had profiles. I've been here about a decade. The board has been
    significantly modified 3 times, so it's hard keep up. I used to have a full page
    profile, but I removed it after reading numerous warnings about identity theft.

    Previously had a friend-coworker from upstate New York. She was a legal
    secretary by day and (now and then) a musician by night. At one time she
    had been the musical director for the Pointer Sisters, but she had to give that
    up. Couldn't cope with the flying aspect of the job.

    I told her one day I was listening to a CD of music by great film composers.
    She asked if Alan Silvestri was on it. He was. She said, "I always remember
    him as a skinny music student carrying a guitar."

    Hope you have a good day. Or at least the bestest possible.

    Rock :rolleyes:
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    Hi BellaDonna, Sorry to hear about you ankle. I hope you're feeling better today. Welcome to the board and be sure to stay and play some of the games. Games really take my mind off of the pain and help to pass the time. I've been playing online checkers lately and love the competition. I don't win as often as I lose, but I still like to play. The more I play, the more I learn! GB
  6. Soul*

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    Hi BellaDonna, welcome aboard. We are a happy go lucky fortunate unfortunate bunch on here who know the art of making most of our housebound life :D

    And YES, it takes practise, but on the good side, there are so many new things to discover when being housebound too.

    I pinned a post today that I came accross on FB of 49 things to do from bed when you are bored and sick. Will look it up and post it here, can't link but should be able to quote I think...

    All credit goes to Grace Quantock (I've taken out the links because I don't know if they are allowed on here)

    1. Try not to think about penguins – there you are smiling now aren’t you?

    2. Explore on Google earth – check out your neighbourhood, or you know, Paraguay.

    3. Adventure into space. It’s amazing, such a privilage. Click and marvel.

    4. Read a book, use your time to learn something.

    5. Take a trip around the world. Who knew South Africa can look similar to California?

    6. Write a haiku. Text it to your friend.

    7. Write a card or letter to someone.

    8. Email an author you admire and share how their work has moved you.

    9. Call up someone and speak for 15 minutes – just chat.

    I used to do this all the time back in the days before mobile phone were common. When I was waiting at train or coach stations – and that happened a lot – it was 20 pence in the pay phone to talk to someone for 15 minutes. So I’d take my little pink phone book with me, look up someone’s number, hang out in the phone box and get them to amuse me for 15 minutes. It was never less than delightful.

    10. Read old etiquette manuals.

    11. Take a class from a world famous university, from your bed, for free.

    12. Visit the Louvre or Versailles virtually.

    13. Go to Italy or Spain for the day – listen to the music, read about the country, look at maps, eat food inspired by the area.

    14. Read a novel. Try one from my top ten list here.

    15. Write something.

    16. Get a food massage or pedicure. Call a mobile therapist, swap with your partner or do it yourself! If none of these are an option how about an online role play?

    17. Use a head massager.

    18. Day dream.

    19. Sing.

    20. Log off Facebook.

    21. Cut up magazines and make a collage with love and far too much glue.

    22. Make artist trading cards

    23. Make Soul Collage cards

    24. Learn a new word each day.

    25. Take a foot bath if you can’t take a full bath, add bubbles or oils and soak.

    26. Grow indoor veggies.

    27. Make your own comic book

    28. Dream up your ideal milkshake/smoothie recipe.

    29. Watch childhood cartoons on youtube.

    30. Write in your journal.

    31. Get dressed up.

    32. Take a picture every hour.

    33. Set a small budget and browse Etsy.

    34. Do origami.

    35. Make a Pinterest board.

    36. Flick through the dictionary, read and keep reading – what is a dodecahedron? The definition of a whippersnapper?

    37. Take a nap.

    38. Listen to an audio book. Check out Project Gutenberg for free options

    39. Skype people to connect ‘face to face’.

    40. Try out a telescope if you have one.

    41. Set up a cool bag by your bed and fill it with healthy snacks – carrot sticks, kale chips, green juice, sliced apples and almond butter, raw pasta and pesto. And yummy drinks like smoothies and elderflower coolers.

    42. Invite visitors.

    43. Call all of your fiends with the request to borrow video tapes or DVD’s. Amusement and visitors in one.

    44. Paint, draw, craft.

    45. Try EFT

    46. Improve your maths, geography, and vocabulary on Freerice

    47. Hold a concert in your bedroom – put on your favourite album, turn the volume up, download music videos, lighter in the air – and you are in just the right place to sleep off the exertion afterwards.

    48. Jigsaw puzzle on a tray.
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