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Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by roxee, Jun 7, 2003.

  1. roxee

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    So - my doctor says the "good news" is: I'm not gonna die (personally, it sounded more like "bad news" to me....but anyway...)

    has anyone been experimenting with treatments for FM?

    any recommendations? I'll try anything at this point. I really could use some advice, my husband is understanding for the most part but he thinks he can "make" me feel better by buying me jewlery and such. People that don't have FM, just don't understand how it works (not that I have much a clue myself).

    I've tried medications (I have to switch back and forth among several in order to be able to sleep at all), and I tried chiropractic treatment. I've been looking into accupuncture, but honestly it kinda scares me a little, has anyone tried it?
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    Hi roxee, Honey there is lots of info on the home page here for Fibromyalgia. I'm so sorry that your feeling so bad and scared. It can be pretty scary when so many changes are going on and how can anyone else understand when we ourselves don't.There is also a Doctor referral ,check it out. You'd probably get more feed back if you posted on the Fibromyalgia board instead of general health.I've never tried Accupunture for Fm but I have for Bells Paisey and that went very well.I would'nt want to advice you on med's because what works for me may not work for you,but if you go to the home page you'll find alot there. Good luck .Hope your feeling better real soon. Danisue
  3. asilnna

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    Hi Roxee,

    I've tried accupuncture and found it helped me. I also tried meds, but they actually made me worse over a long period of time. Now I rely on diet geared specifically for fms and exercise. After 5 years it's the best things I've found yet. I can actually lead a fairly normal life!!

    But like mentioned above, everybody is different and you have to find what works for you.

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    Just click on Message Boards in the strip above and it will bring up all our message boards. There is a lot of info on that board.

    Love, Mikie