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    I was diagnosed with FM back in 2002. I didn't believe my doctor because I knew I had a blown disk. I am now 8 years later, after getting off the opiates, going through what I now believe is the FM that he was talking about. I am finding new ways to cope with the pain and not be bound to opiate drugs as I was before. Opiates are a very scary "pseudo-comfort" and can even get the ones you love around you hooked. Please be careful and consider more natural pain relief rather than taking an opiate, because after about a few years, the symptoms come back, and not only rear their ugly head, but also drag addiction into the picture as well. I hope this helps everybody who reads this and pray that you all will find peace.

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    There is also a Fibro board here at ProHealth, if you would like to check that out. If you are interested in further Fibro help than what ProHealth offers, the website offers Fibro help broken down into separate support groups as follows below, including a group for men, a group for teens and a group for families.

    Fibro and Chronic Fatigue Support Group
    FMS & CFS Forums
    Category:Muscles & Bones

    Fibro Challenges Support Group
    Fibro Challenges Forums
    Category:Brain & Nervous System

    Fibro Mates Support Group
    Fibromyalgia in the Family Forums
    Category:Brain & Nervous System

    Fibromyalgia Support Group
    FMS Forums
    Category:Muscles & Bones

    Fibromyalgia & Lumps Support Group
    FibroLumps Forums
    Category:Muscles & Bones

    Fibromyalgia & Suboxone Support Group
    Fibro and Suboxone Forums
    Category:Muscles & Bones

    Fibromyalgia Teens Support Group
    Fibro Teens Forums
    Category:Brain & Nervous System

    Men with Fibro Support Group
    Fibromyalgia Men Forums
    Category: Men's Health
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    Thank you! I'll check out the website.