new to this trying to get a handle on what triggers symptoms

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kmdl, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. kmdl

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    Hi Everyone, I tried this on the chat board but it was too frenetic!

    I was diagnosed with fibro just under a year ago and I'm trying to understand what's connected and what isn't.

    This past weekend was very busy for us - Friday night we went out to see a band and got home kind of lat - around midnight. Saturday morning I was fine - up and out and shopping for daughter's birthday party that night. Saturday night stayed up til around 2:00am having fun!

    Sunday morning I got up and could barely move - every muscle in my body was so fatigued that they felt like they had melted. I stayed on the couch and napped, read and watched tv all day.

    Monday and Tuesday this week I have had lots of aches and pains in my muscles, but today is the worst. I feel like I worked out in a gym for 5 hours and I haven't even exercised at all!

    Could just staying up late two nights in a row cause this?
  2. Sachmo500

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    Yes, two nights up late could cause a flare big time.

    I could not do two nights.

    Also, I find my symtoms flare with the barameter changing.

    There are a lot of things that can set off a flare, but the barameter seems to be the one that is consistant

  3. kitteejo

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    Staying up late and over doing it will send you into a full blown crash. I've learned to pace myself so I won't crash. It's the "push and crash" syndrome.

    When I have a big event I rest up before and after.

    Sometimes you have to push just to take part in life and than you will crash anyways.

    What your describing is a full blown crash-"flu like symptoms"

  4. kmdl

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    Well, I have a lot to learn about this. I have always been a high energy person. I work a full time (stressful)job, sing in the church choir, run a once a month Reiki volunteer program and teach Reiki on the weekends. Right now I've started a side business doing yoga and Reiki retreats with a friend.

    I don't have time for this!!

    How long does a flare-up usually last? Today is Thursday and I'm still really sore. Is there anything that I can do to minimize the side effects of a busy life?
  5. charlenef

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    you have to learn to pace yourself all flares seem to be different sometimes lasting a few days sometimes a few months
  6. mujuer

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    It looks like you haven't been diagnosed for very long and are still in the learning stage. Getting to know your limits is one of the hardest things most of here had to learn. Once you know your limits and accept them then you feel like you have a little more control.

    There are so many ways of overdoing yourself and for each of us, it is different. While the barametric pressure rules my life with this dd, with others it is stress, overexertion, and the list goes on.

    Please stay with the board and learn all that you can. This is the best website and support group out there. There is so much knowledge here. It is a very hard learning process but know we are all here for you. P
  7. kmdl

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    Thanks, everyone for the support. I just discovered this website and I have a feeling I'm going to drive you all crazy with my many, many questions!!

    I am starting from scratch and have ALOT to learn.
  8. PVLady

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    Your question is one we all have. I am much better now after many years of being very sick. I will say it seems anything that stresses you can cause a flare.

    For me, it was even walking in different shoes, turning my body in positions I was not used to, like if I was driving and twisted to look in the back seat, carrying heavy grocery bags, sleeping wrong, basically any "overdoing".

    I happen to know I have a very high level of Epstein Barr virus. Normal is less than 90 and my level was over 8,000.

    Once I found that out I started thinking in terms of keeping my body as rested as possible to help it fight the virus. Like a bank, if I had enough rest, I could then have many good hours each days.

    I have always believed we might all have borderline vitamin deficiencies, or amino acid deficiencies, etc.

    A few months ago I stated using a protein drink daily and added a supplement called "Miracle Reds". There are many different similar products to the Miracle Reds, but basically they are the powerful anti-oxidants from many fruits. It comes in a powder form you can add to your protein drink.

    I began noticing I was improved immediately. I know what works for one may not help another but this is the first thing that ever helped me so much.

    Hope you are feeling better soon....