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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by velvetkitty, Mar 26, 2009.

  1. velvetkitty

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    Hello my name is Carrie. I was just dx'd with fibro and chronic fatigue syndrome on Monday. I am finally relieved to say to know I was not making this all up in my head. Back in 2001 I injured my back at work lifting a patient and since then my life has gone down the tubes with chronic pain in my back and body. Every day I suffer with some sort of pain in my body and it is annoying but I keep going. The doctor I saw Monday said I need to learn to slow down and listen to my body when I am in pain and in severe pain. I told her I do try but it doesn't happen. She asked me if I am disabled then why wasn't i doing what I am suppose to be doing. I left there realizing I need to be good to my body and rest when needed. One of the treatments she sent me away with is I need to do PT 3 times a week for 4 weeks. I went to be evaluated today and all the did was poke and prod. Now my body is yelling at me that it hates me. So now I am here scratching me head wondering what's next. Well that somes it up. Did I put this in the right place?

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    Hi Carrie welcome yes you are in right place!

    does she really understand fibro/cfs? 3 times a week is alot for your body. PTs also(unless familiar)with fibro will push you with a program you can not tolerate. one size does not fit all.

    Listen to your body it is telling you. do you still work? if so that is enough. rest rest rest. What meds do you take? supps?

    you will get good support and knowledge here.

    try a warm bath and relaxing
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    welcome to the board. glad you found us.

    i'm sure you will find this site a great support system in your journey w/ this illness. it's been an absolute Godsend for me.

    keep reading and post if you need.

    glad to have you with us here, although the reasons to be here stink, it's great to know you're not alone.<3
  4. Forebearance

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    Hi Carrie!

    Welcome to the board!

    I'm sorry to hear that you have these dumb illnesses.

    I hope you find some useful ideas and some good moral support here. I have found a lot of good ideas on this board. But it takes some time to read and research and absorb things.

    It sounds very wise to be as good to your body as you possibly can. Many of us have had to learn how to be nicer to our bodies, I suspect, as a result of having this. It takes practice to learn to not push yourself.

    I see a massage therapist, and many of her clients have FM. She says that they get good relief from massages. Personally, I am so tender all over that I only have her work on my feet. I found out later that foot massages have been shown to reduce CFS pain! How about that?


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