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    I am going to a new Fibro and CFS center in my area. They have put me on allsorts of different treaments plans. I have activated EBV and they are putting me on a very high dose of Valtrex along with many nutriceticals one being TF 4000. I constantly feel like I have the flu (fever, chills, achiness) so if I start to hex how will I know the difference? I am suppose to take 3 tablets daily but after reading the posts I think I will start with 1. Also, what does pulsing mean? I have so many things to take I think I will add one at a time to feel the effects. I am so nervous to take it though but if it will make me better I will give it a shot.
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    Hi Jane,
    I'm fairly new to TF myself but I've done alot of reading so I'll try to help. I would agree that starting too many things at once could be overwhelming for your body. You may also not know what is causing what.

    I have been taking Immune Transfer C for a short time and I began to Herx after about 2 weeks. I don't always have fever and chills but I knew when I started the herx! I got severe deep aching pain, chills and much greater fatigue, like my arms and legs were leaden. I suspect that you will know as there will be a change in how you feel. Keep in mind, too that not everybody has a strong herx reaction.

    There has been some discussion about whether taking AVs along with TF is a good idea, the argument being that since there is a live culture in the TF,the antiviral could kill it too. This is certainly not gospel but to many of us, it makes sense.Obviously, let your DOc. guide you here.

    Pulsing is when you take the drug every 6 weeks or so to maintain the effect. This would be done after the initial dosing period, depending on what your Doc. prescribes.

    I am nervous too and you need to realize that it may be a bit of a rough ride but many who have stuck it out have had some success.

    I'm right on the middle of this too so I would appreciate knowing how you do.
    Good Luck.
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    Boy, I haven't been to this board in a while.

    Kathy's answers were very wise, IMHO.

    Wish you both the best!

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    I think it could be counterproductive to take an AV or ABX while on TF's, depending on the type of TF being taken. The TF's are too expensive to risk having them not work.

    Jane, there is usually, but not always, a two step reaction when taking anything which kills pathogens. The fever, chills, fatigue, headache, sore throat, swollen lymph nodes, etc. are usually the inflammatory response of the immune system. This lets you know that the immune system is being awakened. When one takes an ABX or AV, it can stir up the pathogens and cause the immune system to react. TF's can cause a severe and prolonged immune reaction. It is a very good idea to start out slowly on them. It was a month before I was able to tolerate one capsule a day.

    When a massive killoff of pathogens occurs, the second step ensues and it is the Herxheimer Effect. One will feel quite sick and there can be excess sweating, diarrhea, and even nausea. This is the body's attempt to excrete the toxic dead pathogens. The sweat and diarrhea can smell very foul like dead matter.

    Following a Herx, one usually feels much better. Some docs only keep their patients on the TF's for three months. That's what I did. Then, the TF's are pulsed, or taken, for a couple of days every 4-6 weeks. Immunity from the TF's is not permanent and must be "boosted" like vaccines.

    I just pulsed mine at the end of last week. I have had the immune reaction since then and yesterday and today, I've had diarrhea. I've been pulsing my TF's for quite a while now and they always elicit an immune response and a Herx. The immune reaction and Herx are not as severe as in the beginning and I hope this means I have fewer pathogens in my system.

    I also use an electronic zapper which kills pathogens in the bloodstream.

    Good luck with your treatments.

    Love, Mikie
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    So Mikie, do you feel any BETTER after you started taking transfer factor?????? I have heard only one that said they felt a little better, thats it. otherwise it is nothing but strange reactions or supposed herxes.
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    I only pusle the TF's every six weeks and each time, after the immune response and Herx, I feel much better. I am also better overall and am currently in remission.

    I was sick from Thanksgiving through the First of the Year. I went to Atlanta for Thanksgiving and traveling is hard on me. Also, I was househunting, which did not go well. When I came home, I got exposed to a neighbor with Shingles. I get very sick when exposed to Shingles. It's my immune system coming down like a hammer to protect me from Herpes Family Viruses. My doc told me that not enough is known about Herpes Viruses and to stay away from anyone with Shingles.

    I'm better right now than I've been in ages. I'm hoping to be able to go to work part time soon. Thanks so much for asking. Hope everyone else is doing well too. Stay the course; the TF's and other treatments to get rid of infections really do make a difference. It just takes time and things get worse before they get better.

    Love, Mikie