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Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by mystirose, Dec 7, 2004.

  1. mystirose

    mystirose New Member

    Greetings to All,
    So glad to see a 'Worship' Message
    Board! However, I need to let people
    who come to this board (and see some
    posts and/or replys on other Message
    Boards) know that I'm far from being
    all the Lord would have me be and I
    am ashamed to admit this as I've been
    a believer for many years. However,
    whenever I come here, you can count on me to be supportive, caring and respond
    with prayers, as He gave me these
    graces-all thanks go to Him for I
    myself am nothing without Him and His
    graces. There are times that I will
    not be online, or if I am, only read
    posts/replys, information, etc., but
    please always remember that when I'm
    praying for people, folks here will be
    remembered for certain! It is so good
    to see a Message Board like this on a
    website of this nature and I thank the
    Lord and the Designers of this entire
    website for including this Message
    Board! Btw, I was very surprised to
    see a 'Worship' Message Board on this
    type of website. I appreciate and have
    alot of respect for the Web Designers
    for this with thanks to the Lord.
    Also, I thank Him very much for
    *each one of you* and may He bless and
    keep you and when anyone of us,
    (including me) are in need, I know He
    will provide us with those who are
    stronger in faith to be here for each
    Again, may He Bless and Keep each one
    of you.

    Through Him, Much Love,
    mystirose (Rosalee)

  2. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I'm so glad you found our Worship Board where everyone of any denomination can come to ask for prayer.

    Our illnesses cause so many problems for us beyond just the physical, emotional, and spiritual that many were asking for prayer on the FMS/CFIDS Board. Our illnesses also affect us financially and in our relationships with others.

    Our sponsor reacted by creating this place where all could come to ask for prayer or to pray. We also have a Chit Chat board for friendly posts, jokes, personal problems, silliness, etc.

    Thurs. night is Prayer Night. We all try to pray at the same time in the Western/North American area. Those living in other areas have to find a time which works for them.

    We don't pray online; we pray in the privacy of our own homes, but we try to all pray at the same time on Thurs. nights. It starts at 11:00 Eastern time, 10:00 Central, 9:00 Mountain, and 8:00 Pacific. We try to storm Heaven with our prayers.

    Sometimes people will come here to request prayers for Prayer Night. I usually try to come here to see who needs prayers. I always pray for all of us and ask for help for those who have specific intentions.

    God bless you.

    Love, Mikie
  3. Lupian

    Lupian New Member

    Remember that God changes us, not we ourselves. The more you pray, the more you will become what you believe God wants you to be. Prayer is the most powerful force on earth, you know.
    I, for one, am delighted to see another prayer warrior here. Circles of prayer make wider ripples, and wider and wider. What a blessing, to know that many are praying for us, just as we are praying for them.
  4. Shirl

    Shirl New Member

    To add to what Mike said, it was a young man over three years ago that suggested we have a Worship board, as many of us were asking for prayer on the FM/CFS board .

    Due to this young man's request, we now have a safe haven for our prayer requests, and for those who wish to be Prayer Warrior's for others.

    Pro Health's Webmasters, etc., were very kind and considerate to create this haven for us, and we do appreicate it so much, and thank God for them all.

    None of us are all that we think God intends for us to be, but then again He knows we are human, so we can always strive to be more like Him. That should be our goal.

    God bless, and again welcome to the board.

    Shalom, Shirl

  5. dash

    dash New Member

    It's so nice to meet you, Rosalee. Believe me, none of us are where God wants us to be. Our salvation is immediate when we accept Christ, but sanctification is a lifelong process.

    At times, our perfecting here on earth doesn't proceed the way God wants, because we drag our spiritual heels. But when our heavenly Father looks on us, He sees as a completed work in Christ.

    One of the most important ministries, we can have is encouraging and exhorting each other and this board is an avenue for that, as well as, prayer and worship.

    Come visit whenever you can.

    God bless,

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  6. mystirose

    mystirose New Member

    Thank you, Mikie, for such a
    warm, suppurtive and very
    informative 'first response' to
    my first post. This is the first
    chance I have had to reply to your
    reply for which I sincerely 'Thank You', *very much*. I haven't
    had a chance to check out the
    *entire* website, however, I did
    e-mail TechSupport@ProHealth with regards to a post I'd seen regarding
    the taking down of several of the
    other boards...which, if my memory
    hasn't failed me ;-), was posted by
    you????? That e-mail was sent when I signed up to be a member here and
    I haven't had a chance to look & see if those boards are still up...I
    'checked' the box to be notified by e-mail whenever I got a reply from
    this board (I haven't posted on any other one to date) and just a few minutes ago, was the first chance I have had to even check my e-mail for
    over 10 (ten) days!!! Anyway, I
    the all of the boards are still up.
    I may not have time to check to see
    for awhile, but at least I did
    e-mail and implored them not to
    remove *any* of the boards. Also,
    I have been remembering all of you
    in my prayers. (I may be slow at
    replying, but as I believe I stated
    in my first post, all of you can
    count on me to *always* remember
    each one here in my prayers.)(Also,
    whenever I'm here and read an urgent
    and important post such as the one
    regarding the removal of those
    message boards, all of you can count on me to do my part in matters such as that. I wish I had time to come
    here everyday, literally, as
    everyone's posts/replys I read when
    I 'signed up' for acceptance here
    were all so kind to one another in
    all that I read. Btw, I will do my
    very best to "storm heaven" on
    Prayer Nights/every Thursday at the
    precise time (mine is central, as in the Country and Western song,
    "Livin' on Tulsa Time" ;-)
    (I'm not in Oklahoma, but it's (a beauitful state & great folks!). Thanks again, Mikie, for your most
    warm, supportive and very helpful &
    informative reply and look forward
    to 'talking' to you here, along with
    Lupian, Shirl, and dash/Della whom I've been notified via e-mail have
    also replyed to my "first post here"
    and then those I'll be getting to
    know in the future. I thank the Lord for you, Lupian, Shari and
    dash/Della and others I've yet to
    'meet' here. Until next time,
    with loving regards,
    mystirose (Rosalee)

  7. mystirose

    mystirose New Member

    "Circles of prayer make wider
    ripples, and wider and wider"!
    How *beauitful* your words reflect
    just what a beauitful person you are...and a *talented* 'Wordsmith'
    too! Thank you for your 'Welcome'
    reply to "my first post" and I'm the
    one who feels blessed for being
    here! I apologize for just now getting back here and replying back to you as I just checked my e-mail
    (I 'checked' the box to be notified
    (whenever I got a response...duh!
    (A lot of good that does me when I
    (don't get a chance to check my
    (e-mail for about 10 (ten) days!).
    (Plus, Shirl and dash/Della have
    (replied too, as just before you,
    (Mikie had to whom I replyed back to
    (about 20 (twenty) minutes ago...had
    (to take a little break before
    (resuming here, as I will again
    (before *and* between replies to
    (Shirl and dash/Della...with
    (apologies to them too.)!
    Again Lupian, seriously, your reply
    not only reflects your beauitful
    words of welcome, but *your beauty
    as a person and I'm the one who has and is "blessed" by you (Mikie,
    Shirl, and dash/Della, but by others
    with whom I'll come into contact
    here in the future. I have a
    feeling that you are a blessing to
    so many folks, not only here, but
    those who are in your presence,
    literally and/or virtually.
    I look forward to getting to know you. And don't forget, when I'm
    not 'here' you and everyone are
    remembered in my prayers!
    (And I'll be here on this Message
    (Board *when I can*---and that goes
    (for checking my e-mail too ;-) !!!)
    Until the next time we get to 'talk'
    here, "hugs" -many of them- to you
    too and with loving regards,
    mystirose (Rosalee)
    ..."Circles of prayer make wider
    ripples and wider and wider"...
    I don't think I'll ever forget your
    reflected beauty in your words.

  8. mystirose

    mystirose New Member

    Thank you so very much, Shirl for
    making me feel not only 'Welcome',
    but also 'bringing me in', if you
    will, more 'inside' this wonderful
    group by adding to Mikie's reply
    with regards to how that young man
    being the one who deserves the
    thanks in convincing the ProHealth/
    Webmaster?(s?) to include this
    Message Board along with their
    other Message Boards. I don't feel
    as much 'the outsider' and/or the
    'new kid on the block' here with
    your thoughtful [additional] input!
    Your other warm words of 'Welcome'
    are very much appreciated also.
    I must apologize for not getting back to reply until now...
    I 'checked' the box when I signed up
    to become a member here to be
    notified by e-mail whenever I
    receive(ed) a reply but it was only
    a little while ago - probably well over an hour ago by now - that I've
    had a chance to check my e-mail in
    about 10 (ten) days at least. A lot
    of the time, this is how it is and
    may be for awhile, so please forgive
    me. I would like to be able to come
    here everyday, literally, and be
    with the wonderful people whose
    posts and replies to one another
    when I first saw them here were so
    filled with kindness, which prompted
    me to request/sign-up to be a part
    of this group here. Along with
    your reply to "my first post", I've
    heard from Mikie (as you already
    know), and Lupian and dash/Della.
    All of you are so kind and special,
    each in your own unique way, and
    I'm looking forward as time goes by in getting to know you (Mikie, Lupian, dash/Della in the future as
    well as others also.
    This Message Board *is special*...
    Please always remember that even
    when I am not 'here', you and all
    here are being remembered in my prayers and I'll be here as often
    as possible, but always 'here' in
    remembering in my prayers.
    Thank You, again, Shirl, for your
    warm and 'you're part of the group',
    with your 'additional inside info',
    if you will, 'Welcome' as it is
    very much appreciated. Until we meet here again,
    with loving regards and Shalom to
    you too, mystirose (Rosalee)

  9. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    So far, the boards are all still here. Enhancing the website is a work in progress and I don't know how it will shake out in the end. So many of our members e-mailed the TechSupport Dept. that I hope ProHealth, who sponsors this website, will see the need to continue them.

    Thanks for your support.

    In response to your original post--none of us is perfect. I do think, though, that those of us with these illnesses are special people who carry our burdens as best we can, offer help and support to our brothers and sisters here, and keep the faith. I'm glad you found us.

    Love, Mikie
  10. mystirose

    mystirose New Member

    Thank you so very much for every-
    thing in your reply to my "first
    post", Della. And thank you very much for your warm "Welcome Aboard!"
    And because of you, Shirl, Lupian,
    and Mikie who've replied to that
    "first post", I really do feel, as
    you said it, "Welcome Aboard!".
    I do want to apologize for not
    'being onboard' until today as I 'checked' the box when I signed-
    up to be accepted here to be
    notified by e-mail whenever I got a reply. However, until today, I haven't had a chance to check my
    e-mail. In fact it's been at least 10 (ten) days - maybe a even a
    couple or more days than 10 (ten) days. But I always have time to
    pray and remembering you (and others here)(along with others I remember
    in prayer also).
    I would love to come here everyday
    as on *this* Message Board, everyone whose post/replies I read the first
    day I was 'lead' here and signed-up
    to be accepted here and made my "first post", every thing I read
    was filled with kindness for others
    even though everyone is their
    'own person', special and unique,
    and I am honored to be 'Welcome'
    as well as accepted also here.
    Again, Della, thank you for all
    your words you spoke in love, and
    I sense from your heart too...
    and, now that you've brought me
    a very warm "Welcome Aboard!", I'm
    'onboard', and so glad to be
    'sailing along' with you, Shirl,
    Lupian and Mikie and others I know I'll be getting to know in the
    future. God Bless you too, Della!
    With loving regards,
    mystirose (Rosalee)
    p.s. sorry I didn't get this
    written and posted severl hours ago
    when I wrote and posted in my
    replying to Mikie, Lupian and Shirl
    but had to be offline due to several telephone calls (have modem with
    only one telephone line that can't
    be used simultainaiously---sp???---
    with regards to trying to handle
    insurance matters...sure you know
    what I encountered! Now, they are
    off work and all of that is off my back. Well, for today, anyway! So, Thank The Lord---Again! :)
    Manifold are His Mercies. Again,
    With loving regards,
    mystirose (Rosalee)

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