New Treatment for CFS & FM - Please read!!!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by BrendafromTX, Aug 24, 2005.

  1. BrendafromTX

    BrendafromTX New Member

    Hello! My name is Brenda and I have CFS, FM, and Chronic Lyme Disease. I have been doing a lot of research on the web about new treatments and possible cure's for CFS and FM. About 4 months ago I ran across some wonderful articles by Dr. Cheney, and his latest theories for the causes of FM and CFS. The next day, I saw a commercial on TV for the Fibro and Fatigue Center. My first thought after seeing the commercial was that this is probably just another pain clinic wanting to make a buck. After all, I've tried EVERYTHING up to this point and NOTHING worked. Just for curiosity's sake I went to the website (siter removed by mod.), and went to the Clinical Educational Articles section. It must have been fate that lead me there because all of the research I found on FM & CFS was right in front of my eyes on their webpage. They base their treatments off of the LATEST research (most out of Europe).

    I am one of the lucky ones who only lives 45 minutes away from one of the locations in TX. So I made an appointment and they made me fill out this lengthy questionairre with all of my symptoms, etc. When I went in for my appointment they took A LOT OF BLOOD and tested for things I had never even heard of. My insurance payed 80% of all labwork. The lab in the office is Quest, so most insurance companies will cover the blood work.

    3 weeks later I went in for my results and was surprised to find out that I had:
    *Reverse T-3 Throid (T4 is the standard Thryoid test Doctor's test you for that usually comes out "normal", but T-4 converts to T-3 and you need T-3 for proper Thyroid Function).
    *Low Adrenals
    *Low Cortisol Levels
    *Low Growth Hormone
    *Malabsorption of B-12 (can lead to neurological damage if not treated)
    *Low DHEA/Low Pregenolone
    *Low Immunoglobulin A
    *Low Natural Killer Cells (immune system reaction to foreign viruses or microorganisms)

    I'll try not to bore you with other details, but the doctor gave me some prescription medications and lots of herbal medications to help get my body back where it needs to be for me to eventually be "cured". I've also been going once a week to get IV treatment (nutrition to help me heal faster). After 3 months on this regimen, I can tell you that I am feeling better than
    I have in YEARS! Overall I'm about 20-25% better, but it's only been 3 months. It is a LONG process to try and undo all of the issues going on inside our bodies, but I am pretty sure that within 9-12 months I will be totally cured. I am confident because I have spent over 12 hours getting IV's talking to the other women in the room who have been there longer than I, who are feeling 75% to 90% better!

    Even though I'm not 100% better YET, I wanted to let all of you know about this place and the theories behind the research. It is very cutting edge treatment, and has only been available for about a year.

    They are opening up branches ALL OVER THE US, so if there is not a clinic near you there probably will be soon. Also, they can treat you remotely as well. I've heard of people doing that.

    Becasue this treatment is "non-traditional", most insurance companies consider the doctor's "out of network". So you will most likely have to pay out of pocket (or they have Care Credit that you can put your treatment on if you don't have the money now). None of the herbs are covered under insurance but you won't be on them forever. The goal of this place is to get you healed.

    I wanted to let you all know about this option because it could be a life saver for SO MANY who suffer with these debilitating illnesses. Even though I'm new to this treatment, I can already see the light at the end of the tunnel!

    Best of luck to you all and if you have any questions please feel free to ask. I will visit the posting as often as possible.

    Thank you for letting me share my story of hope!

    Go visit the website for more information: (site removed by mod.
  2. ldbgcoleman

    ldbgcoleman New Member

    There are abunch of us who go to FFC's (I'm in Atlanta). Try a search on FFC and you can see everyones progress! Welcome to the board. Lynn
  3. taniar

    taniar New Member

    I appreciate your info about FFC. I have been collection info since I need to travel to either Atlanta or Houston to take advantage. I live in Biloxi and after 22 years of this, I can't take another let down.

    Thanks, Tania
  4. bren45

    bren45 New Member

    Great News!
    I have been going to the FFC in PA for about 3 months also
    and like you feel much better.(Fibro diagnosis) My husband also started going because he is always so tired. His bloodwork results were similar to mine. We both look forward to getting healthy and being able to do more!
    All the best to you!
  5. razorqueen

    razorqueen Member

    do you know what options they have for people out of state or even out of country? I am from Canada, and don't have a FFC even close to where I live, even tho I am less then 7 miles from the international border.
  6. ldbgcoleman

    ldbgcoleman New Member

    Atlanta FFC here! They will work with you on the supplements and medications to help get the right mix for you. They are very sensitive to your needs. I was told I was a full partner in my recovery. What they prescribe varys by patient according to your symptoms, test results, length of illness etc.. They will not give up until you get the right mix! Good Luck! Lynn
  7. fm2

    fm2 New Member

    Where in Texas do you go? I live outside Dallas. Hopefully there is one close. I'll try anything!!!!!
  8. BrendafromTX

    BrendafromTX New Member

    Hello everyone! Thanks for your replies and your questions.
    For those who wanted to know what medications & herbs I'm taking, here is the list (it's long). Keep in mind that I will only be on a few medications long term. Most of the herbs I'm taking I will stop taking once I get well.
    1. T-3 Thyroid Medication - Prescription
    2. Cortisol - Prescription
    3. HGH Shot - Prescription
    4. Herbal Sleep Meds - Prescription
    5. Fibro Freedom
    6. Inosutol (sp?)
    7. Vitamin B-12
    8. Bromelin - For Lyme
    9. DHEA
    10. Gamma Grow
    11. NK-Stim
    12. Orthomega Fish Oils
    13. Cumanda - For Lyme
    14. Burbur Detox - For Lyme
    15. Enada NADH
    16. Energy Extract
    17. Ortho Digestzyme
    18. Vitamin C

    When they find out what exactly is going on with your body (thru blood tests), they will custom tailor the treatment for you. You may need more or less or completely different treatments. Most of the supplements they give me are manufactured especially for doctors offices and can't be found at health food stores. I tried to do some comparison shopping to try to get the best deal and I found that out. The good news is that you won't be on it forever.

    If you live out of state or out of the country I would suggest calling them to discuss treatment options. I'm pretty sure they can treat you remotely, once they have all of the bloodwork in. You could call the location on the website that is closest to you for that information.

    In Texas they have numerous locations. I know that there is one in Dallas and one in Fort Worth for the person who wrote that lives in the Dallas Area.

    Best of Luck to all of you!

    I am SO THANKFUL to the Doctors who took the risk to try to unlock the mysteries of FM & CFS. Thanks to them we will finally be able to get our lives back!

    God Bless
  9. nancyneptune

    nancyneptune New Member

    I'm not sure.
  10. karatelady52

    karatelady52 New Member

    Hi --- I go to the FFC in Atlanta. I also have Lyme and 3 other viruses. Are you on any antibiotics or Heparin shots for the Lyme? I was just curious because you didn't mention them.

    My understanding is Lyme is so hard to get rid of that we need to do more than just Samento (which I am taking) and Cumanda (also taking).

    You are the second person who has gone to a FFC who has Lyme yet they weren't treating them with antibiotics.

    I am definitely going to ask my doctor about this because I've had a rough time taking them and would love to use the herbal supplements plus the Heparin shots without the antibiotics.

    I love the Atlanta group and am glad I found it. Everyone is so nice and really cares!

    Welcome to the board,
  11. Rene

    Rene New Member

    Keep us posted!!!!!!! How much did it cost? I take centrum is that a good vitamin? I have had all the labs done and mine are normal.

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