New TV show on Lyme disease and Plum Island

Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by munch1958, Oct 5, 2010.

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    Jesse (the body and now the mind) Ventura looks into Plum Island and Lyme disease. This should be an interesting show after this week's announcement that the USA deliberately infected people in Guatemala with syphilis which is another spirochete infection that has fewer genes than the Lyme bug. Set your DVR please...check your local listings for Friday Oct 15th.

    Conspiracy Theory: Season 2 Episodes on truTV
  2. victoria

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    I sure hope I get to see this eventually here in MX.... and I sure hope they do a good job on this program!
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    Hi Munch:

    Is there a way I can contact you?

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    I can't get it in Mexico.... but I could watch the live chat online streaming. There was only one question about Lyme, and part of his response was incorrect. Bb/Lyme was around before Plum Island... notably in Germany but also in the US and likely elsewhere. Studies have been done on old preserved samples dating at least 40+ years before...
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    I agree with you Victoria. Bb/Lyme has been around longer than Plum Island. I think they probably did weaponize it like they did with Brucella. This would explain why it's all much harder to get rid of now.

    I highly doubt that the organism has mutated to the point where it's very difficult to kill off but one never knows when it comes to science. In almost every document that I've seen on bio-warfare on .Gov websites they have always listed Lyme as a pathogen for study.

    Dr Buhner states in his book "Healing Lyme" that the Louisiana Indians probably had some form of Lyme arthritis. He also says the spirochete has been around for 100 million years. I think TV shows like this one over sensationalize things for entertainment value. Even the news does this. I bet the news you get in Mexico is way different than what they show here.

    I do think that whatever was in the tick that bit me in the Ozarks in 1969 and again in either MI or NY in 1974 was very different than the tick that got me in IL in 2001.
  6. victoria

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    could've been Master's Disease in the Ozarks... plus Bb later.

    I did read a paper that said there were at least 4 different types, and read a 1984 paper that said that Bb itself was new... can't remember if what I read a few years ago said it was the same type of Bb spirochete that was found in a few tissue samples from 1930s and before, or not. I have also read now that Bb is the main spirochete found 'round the world. So to me the thought that they weaponized it or at least dispersed it would not seem unlikely.

    Whether or not we have different ticks in US... no clue... Wikipedia had an interesting history talking about observations in 1800s that where there was deforestation, there was a distinct lack of ticks. Maybe that is why I have never seen one here in Mexico.