New Type 2 in 2008

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    Hi im Brand New type 2 in 08....After an er visit i found my tryglicerides to be 11,022. No thats not a typo, 11,022 is what they are, or were in The ER, and my sugars were 493..After 3 days in Hospital, im Home now, and Injecting twice daily along with a slew of meds thats all new to me. Tricor,Glipizide,Metformin,Lisinopril,Niaspan, and 70/30 insulin...The insulin dosage is 50 units in the am, and 40 in the pm...In the am my sugar seems to be around 150 or so, but after I Have breakfast, they stay steadily around 220 througout the day...If anyone can help with some tips, or info, would be great,Im also Living on a dissability income with No health insurance, and a son to raise. If Anyone knows of any Programs for Meds that might help, I would appreciate it.. Thank you....
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