New type of arm pain??

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lease79, Jan 24, 2007.

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    We've just completed two weeks of swimming lessons here with the kids. They are held at a beach & after the kids have lessons we often go swimming. Last year the fibro was so bad that I only went 2 days out of 10, my hubby taking them the other days. This year I only missed one day.
    The only really bad thing was unfortunately the sun gave me wicked headaches :(
    Anyways out in the water one day I had Ethan (our 3 1/2 year old,) with floaty rings on propped on my hip, or holding onto my right arm, & my 3 year old niece in a floaty ring (waist ring,) on the other.
    It was quite a challenge seeings though any usage of my arms puts strain on my chest muscles & then I have trouble breathing. But we managed to stay in the water for ages.
    About 3 days after lessons stopped I noticed a new pain in my arms. It feels hot & tingly like sunburn but under the skin. It was really bad in the right, & not so bad in the left.
    It's been constant now for the last week :( If I move my neck a certain way it intensifies :( I get terrible arm pain, usually in the joints, but this is all over my arms just under the skin. Anyone else get pain like this??
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    Have someone press on the vertebrae at the base of the neck (C7) and at the top of the Thoriac vertebrae (T1). One of those may be out of place since you say it varies when you move your neck.

    A chiropractor should be able to get it lined back up.

    If you do a lot of reading, this puts a strain on the back of the neck at C7 / T1. Also make sure your PC monitor top of the screen is at eye level and no lower. This will minimize neck strain too. (ergonimic 101).

    Also, lying on your back, is someone can gently pull your head up ~1 lbs of pull, if this relieves the arm pain, its another sign of a pinched nerve.

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