New U.K. Lyme documentary!

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    From Borreliosis & Associated Diseases Awareness
    of the United Kingdom, BADA-UK

    February 14, 2009

    A new documentary, called "One Tick Away", from Borreliosis & Associated
    Diseases Awareness - UK (BADA-UK), which is a registered charity in the
    United Kingdom.

    NOTE: This film is not available outside the UK & Republic of Ireland.

    "One Tick Away" takes an in-depth and sometimes uncomfortable look at
    the very real effects of Borreliosis (Lyme disease).

    The film covers the basic facts about tick-borne disease in the United

    Sufferers, and their loved ones, talk candidly about the impact
    Borreliosis has had on their lives. With medical and scientific
    contributions, this documentary gives a significant insight into a
    hugely misunderstood disease.

    Talented filmmaker, and producer of "One Tick Away", João Paulo Simões said:

    "This film is the most relevant and important Frontier Media production
    to date. We are immensely proud to have contributed to the exposure of
    this hidden disease."


    Some scenes in this documentary may be emotionally upsetting to people
    of a sensitive nature. The film also includes images of live ticks and

    Music by Matt Howden of Sieben

    The documentary was made to raise awareness about tick-borne disease in the UK and it shows the effects of tick-borne disease if not diagnosed and treated promptly. The documentary is available from and a trailer of the film can be there or on YouTube:

    Borreliosis & Associated Diseases Awareness of the United Kingdom
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    Thanks Victoria, it's good to know that this is available. The medical profession in the UK are in denial about Lyme, leaving us in horrible suffering.
  3. Nanie46

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    That sounds very good. I wish we could see it in the US. Thanks!

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