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    Come to find out the drs who back out on me do so after they talk with original surgeon--he needs a gag order before this kills me- I am still suffering with other ails like fibro.
    This last surgeon was ready and willing to help me and fix me up UNTIL he talked with original surgeon;after that it was BRUSH OFF city..ARRGGHH!
    ------------------------------Ols post-copied and pasted..sorry it is soooooo long.. HUGS----------
    hi folks, it's been awhile,miss me?i miss you-heres my story.~~~posted in may-updated Today~~~ 05/19/04 05:57 PM

    10 years 2 months and 15 days ago,I had laprascopic gallbladder removal due to attacks though i had been fortunate enough to be able to pass stones prior to then-allegedly....
    I always had a metals sensitivity/allergy;ie;jewelry,snaps,zippers,gold,silver,stainless,sterling,you name it,even my wedding ring(s) gave me blisters and rashes...wire glasses,etc,,, the list is endless,lots of times my reactions were pretty severe.
    The brochure for the laprascopic procedure stated that sometimes they use metal clips that remain inside the abdomen.Needless to say-my 'alarms' sounded immediately.I returned to the surgeon's office right then and told him to perform the open surgey instead if he had to use metal clips as sutures would be safer for me.
    He promised me he would use no metal in me...NONE!
    To ensure this,I wore not one,but 2 allergy bracelets (bright red) one on each wrist,stating Meatals allergy(severe),into the operating room.
    I even had a face to face conversation with the surgeon to the point where I musta sounded like a broken record about it ,with the surgeon-right until the anesthesiologist knocked me out...
    Dr.Walker(why not use his name...)Promised me he would not use any metal except for the scalpel,no clips would be used ,none would be used nor left inside me,not to worry,I had his word.....
    Over and over I made him promise me,that if it came down to it,he would forego the laprascopic procedure and do the open surgery and use sutures rather than use metal clips...
    In recovery room,I immediately knew something was horribly wrong.First of all, I had burns on my belly,not unlike bad cigarette burns.Also- I had worse pain than the gallbladder attacks had been,it was terrible. Deep inside me, I knew he used metal clips. He told me he didn't.(LIAR!)over the next several months he
    kept telling me this as I got sicker and sicker and the pain got worse and worse,and I was vomiting almost constantly -yellow goo(still am).
    He let me continue like that almost a year before he finally told me he DID ,in fact use metal clips (ignoring the bracelets to say the least)PLUS (hold onto your hat) numerous clips fell out of the gun and he chose to simply close me up and not retreive them,he had no idea how many were lost,possibly a dozen,maybe more....(what I call the biliary disaster)
    After several more weeks,and lots of other drs not wanting to help/get involved....he agreed (cuz i went to hosp. administrator) to try to retreive the clips and remove the ones he clipped off things with.One had even penetrated my liver.
    They got out 8.
    Several months later,as I kept getting sicker again,he opened me up again,he took out 2 more and discharged me from his practice...though he put in my record that I was a habitual no-show with my appointments...liar!
    I been suffering since...attacks,pain,huge lumps there,yellow goo,loose bowels,you name it,my rhuemotologist now believes it is why my fibro is so bad and in flare for so very long.
    Over these years I been from Dr to Dr trying to get fixed up,,, trying to get answers, but as soon as they realize I been opened up 3x by one dr already,they back out!leaving me to suffer.
    Even longer story shortened now...--->Last Nov. when I was so deathly ill, they took KUB xrays of my abdomen... my new MD and the surgeon she referred me to said the films,and the report only showed/stated bowel gas
    ,IN late nov,I tried to get these films/report to take to my rheumy. they seemed to vanish,the hospital didn't have them,neither did the md,nor the surgeon ,so they all claimed..
    I went lots of times since to try to get them to no avail... I been very aggrivated about it.Yesterday- i tried again,# times,then I blew my stack,I got the CT from when I had no symptoms but no KUB films...though I was told they were in the envelope.I told them If I didn't have them by 9am today (as I been trying to get them since Nov) by 9:30 the hosp.admin.would be involved,and if that did no good,by 10am my lawyer would be involved,if that did no good,by noon,the attorney general(who just had his gallbladder out )plus the medical misconduct board would definately be involved!
    I got the films at9:00 on the dot...
    I read the report, the radiodensities the report says are there are suspected to be gallstones...(If they aren',y thinking is encapsulated clips that breakthru and cause trouble... long description,another story..)
    So----- what would you do? I been trying for 10 years to get drs to help end this suffering,but one was honest enough to tell me being operated on 1 time in that area is plenty ,3x is too many,4 ids too risky... I say what is happening to me is more risky and could kill me...My rhuemy thinks my Md might refer me to a new surgeon, I highly doubt it, but I see her tomorrow.
    Aside from that---
    What would you do?I desperately need ALL the sincere advice I can get. Please bear in mind this is the condensed version...(((HUGS)))Cindy

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    Sound like you been thru a lot. I have no experience with anything like this. Just wanted to make that clear.

    I personally would not go to anymore docs in the area you are in.

    I would go at least to the next biggest city, from where you have been going to, to a specialist. Try to find out if they are anyway connected to the city you originally got treatment.

    Investigate the doc before making an appt. Then when you get there, tell him/her your story. That way you know right from the beginning if this person will help you with your physical problem.

    Don't give them any indication that you are trying to cause trouble with anyone, just state you are concerned with your own health and want to get well.

    If this sounds promising, then find you a lawyer, if it seems that you may have a case against the doc that appears to have caused you increased health problems.

    I have found out, just from living, that you cannot always be loyal, faithful, or what have you cause nobody really cares that much.

    I never sued anyone so far, and don't believe in this unless it comes down to something as serious as what you have been going thru.

    I would, however wait and see what type treatment I am going to get from my new doc. Have yourself treated, surgery, whatever needs to be done. Cause if the doc you get finds out you are doing this before you get treated, you may not continue to get done what you need to get done.

    Good luck to you. I hope you have family, good friends, etc by your side thru all this, cause you will need it.

  3. adirondackhoney

    adirondackhoney New Member

    i've done about all you advised, i think i might have to go out of state, but-heck- i already did by going to sayre,pa...
    it's been a long,continuous nightmare to say the least--but atleast i now know the original surgeon is who causes (otherwise intending to help me--)drs-to turn tail in me..
    its rough ,tough and almost impossible to live thru knowing it just continues..
  4. tenabell

    tenabell New Member

    I think i would have gotten a lawyer after you found out he used the medal clips in you when you asked him not to and you had 2 bracelets on telling him you had an allergy to medal.sounds like you might have a case to me.there are malpractice lawyers you can call who wont charge you until you win.i would do this if i were you.
  5. socialworkgeny

    socialworkgeny New Member

    find a good trustworthy lawyer. sounds like the doc is gonna try to sabotage any other efforts of docs u seek out. put some fire under that doc and the hosp. administrator b/c the hospital played some role in ur problems. be aware that it could take another 10 years (or a long time) to resolve. i have been dealing w/my lawyer from the drunk driver hitting me 2 1/2 years ago and the statue of limitations is 3 years! but i would not let that doctor and/or hospital get out of taking responsibility for their wrongdoing. hope things work out for u! stay encouraged though i cannot imagine what ur going through.
  6. neen85

    neen85 New Member

    SO glad to see your post. I was the one who got injured by a doctor giving me Naltrexone....passed out! Now I know why!

    I just got diagnosed after nearly 17 yrs. of "having CFS".....with LYME DISEASE!!!! For more info see my "CFS Shocker" post.."MISDIAGNOSED"..there are several others beginning with the same title.

    I now know that LYME settles in the injured areas and "feeds"off of the injury,causing severe pain. Now I know why I vomited and got ill after myofascial treatments...the lyme was being released!

    I am treating the Lyme by natural means and it is "killed off" in 28 day cycles. I am in pain most of the time...but at times I feel like I have an acute injury,like a car wreck(shoulder,right lateral thigh,low back,SI jts.,front of pelvis and hip flexor tendons). The pain is created when the lyme accumulated where the injuries were is killed off and it then releases toxins as it dies. Fun,huh!?

    I have mild knee and elbow pain......and would be doing really well except for the problems created by the "Naltrexone incident". Also found why I was really passing out!!!

    Jee,it is an awful boat we are both in. I have wondered about you and remembered how terribly ill you were in your last post. Does the lawyer offer youany hope of a lawsuit. I am planning a consult regarding this relative to my misdiagnosis. I am sorry things haven't improved much for you. I am SO relieved to see your post and have been keeping you in my prayers. Wish I could offer more. Please update us if anything changes! Daneen
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    adirondackhoney New Member

    to sue the moron who operated on me and lied--had an incompetent lawyer-he wound up being so late with his paperwork-handing it in to the court--that they threw out my case--the original surgeon seems to be telling other drs about this..i have even attempted to say i forget who original surgeon was but then they decide that they don't want to accept the 'challange' of helping me as another surgeon has been in that area 3x.....arrgghh--yes-it makes me awful sick and when I go to ER's due to the severe pain/vomiting etc..yellow goo ;etc--the tell me i have symptoms of severe biliary and even liver dysfunction;I might get a referral (key word"MIGHT") but as soon as i go--up goes the same roadblocks....
    daneen--i will read about your situation....praying for all of you.
    anymore ideas would be most appreciated..if you wish to write me-copy this part for mikey as an ok to give you my email address.
    cindy lou
  8. adirondackhoney

    adirondackhoney New Member

    this got way down on list-would like to keep bumped for awhile..
    petachial rash back-too.
  9. Adl123

    Adl123 New Member

    I'm sorry you are going through this.
    My mom experienced much the same thing. She was a nurse and felt that a certain procdure ws called for. Her Dr. at Kaiser said "no". Then she went on vacatio to aother part of the state and she got sick. We went to a regular, non-Kaiser,walk in clinic and the Dr. there agreed with her as to what whould be done. Then he phoned the original Dr., came back and refued to do the procedure (which was a simple, non-invaseve one).
    There seems to be a very strong "good old boy" system alive in the mdical profession, and it is powerful even if the two doctors have nothing to do with one aother. I don't unerstand it, but there it is.
    I support you and hope you can find a doctor who will help you the way you feel he should.

    Tery Good luck,

  10. adirondackhoney

    adirondackhoney New Member

    i feel like i'm in a one gal fight for my life--even had a dr tell me he thinks i'm only looking for a lawsuit even though i told him i only wanna get well. they all seem to be in cahoots with each other,so frustrating.
    i even wrote to several news agencies-never got any replies..gosh
  11. neen85

    neen85 New Member

    What a living hell you are in! I just thought things were bad here till I read your original post on things. Do know that I have kept you in my prayers girl! They no longer let people exchange addresses unfortunately! I hope soon they will have a way that we can privately e-mail eachother and get in touch other than on the boards. I am bumping this,cause it is a very impoartat story that other people need to be aware of!

  12. neen85

    neen85 New Member

    What a living hell you are in! I just thought things were bad here till I read your original post on things. Do know that I have kept you in my prayers girl! They no longer let people exchange addresses unfortunately! I hope soon they will have a way that we can privately e-mail eachother and get in touch other than on the boards. I am bumping this,cause it is a very important story that other people need to be aware of!

  13. adirondackhoney

    adirondackhoney New Member

    I appreciate the bumping-helps me realize I'm not the only one this is important to..
    I really appreciate the prayers,as well.
    Lord knows I need them.
    Several other sites have personal messaging within their site, I hope this site looks into that and does the same;that way we can share things privately---and folks the messagaes are intended for would be the only ones who read them.
    I like the private messaging several other sites offer,from what I gather- it wouldn't be difficult to format into any site.
  14. adirondackhoney

    adirondackhoney New Member

    i can't take much more,
    no help-
    no one wants involved.
    did a google suggest search on" endoclip migration"
    endo clip endoclip
    don't recall if only one word or two,
    very interesting, symptoms match most of mine.
    i have multiple radiodensities scattered throughout abdomen,suggesting stones ,possibly with clips inside...
    (KUB xray of abdomen)
    Any new suggestions?
  15. adirondackhoney

    adirondackhoney New Member

    it's awful going thru this.
    been wondering about you all.
    how you been?
    fibro likes giving me fits,too.
    30 below zero etc didn't help one bit...
  16. adirondackhoney

    adirondackhoney New Member

    tell me limitations has expired
    but others say if i get operated onand findings are what I think-it reopens as proves this has been ongoing issue due to DR fault.
    any more suggestions greatly appreciated.
  17. proteinlady

    proteinlady New Member

    At this stage of the game I'd go to a ranked academic health center. I'm a member of the basic sciences faculty at a medical school. Regardless of what you are told, all medical schools are not created equal. You need to be at a ranked school. Ranked in this case would be Johns Hopkins, Duke, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, University of Virginia, Cleveland Clinic. There are other good schools. Can you give me a state and possibly an area to work with?
  18. adirondackhoney

    adirondackhoney New Member

    Suny/syracuse doesn't want involved....
    their ER dept... My do nothing Md doesn't ant to referr me to a specialist there. I could go to Watertown or Utica. Or --Upstate Med Ctr. (SUNY /Syracuse,If I have referral)
    Looking for new Md but my insurance limits me---for acceptance,anyhow.
    Suggestion appreciated. HUGS
  19. vbjess

    vbjess New Member

    I stopped making the mistake of telling my doctor what he should do a while ago. (funny, female doctors don't really have the same mentality.) I always lead mine around by the nose until he hits on something. Dishonest? Well, I wouldn't say that.. most of them are complete morons who only went to med school because their parents wanted them to go.

    I don't know about everyone else, but with my insurance, there is a separate number that I have to call to get a referral.. so I don't even talk to my doctor about it until the referral appt's over with. I just always make sure to call ahead and check to see if the referral's there yet. I don't ask. I tell. I refuse to be pushed around by somebody who thinks they're smarter than I am. They don't live with this, I DO.

  20. adirondackhoney

    adirondackhoney New Member

    but when they refuse to treat you ,
    and it seems others are advised not to get involved...
    what next?
    (besides complaint to state med.misconduct board?)

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