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  1. doxygirl

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    Just wanted to stop in and say "HI" to everyone....and let you know the latest!

    My son had his two roomates serve Cohen's mom the court papers today.............

    she said " that mother "beepr" and then used a slang word for a mans privates,,,,,,,,,,,,,and then said "I knew he was going to do this to me" !!!!!!!!!!

    My sons roomates said, umm didn't you do it to him" ( referring to her having my son served with child support papers)

    she then said "well that was just for child support because I need the money"

    then my son's roomates said "well......he just wants to see his kid"!

    She went storming off .........!

    I am so confused at her and her mom!

    For SIX months all I have heard them say is that they have been devastated that my son didn't just take her word for it that it was my son's baby, and that they just wanted him to be a father to Cohen..........

    THE DAY my son got his paternity test results he started his paperwork to get joint custody of Cohen..........and he did everything the court needed him to do to get his child support taken care of!

    Correct me if Iam wrong here.......but it appears to me that my son is doing everything he can and as fast as the court will allow to get to see his son!

    He IS doing everything he can to be a father to Cohen and now they are pissed off! Is anyone else's head spinning here?

    Iam emotionally exhausted from them bashing my son!

    My son did text message Cohens mom yesterday and asked her if I( DoxyGrandma) could come and pick up Cohen so he could visit him..........her reply was " you can come over and see him anytime you want to AT MY HOUSE"!!!!!!!!!!!

    PLEASE if anyone knows the court system well...............PLEASE reassure me that my son WILL get to see Cohen without having to do it with her the mom !

    Even if it is for a few hours a week to start...........I mentioned in my last post that my son has NO record of any kind..........he does NOT use drugs............he is a GOOD person and has literally hundreds of friends, family and others that will back up his awesome character and morals!

    I just need some reassurance right now!

    Thank you for listening ..............I will keep you updated!

  2. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    he will get visitations rights from the court...first they will try to send them into mediation to try and set up a good schedule they both can agree on...

    then they usually give it three times of the county mediator being involved...

    then if they can not do it themselves the they will have to go to court which will cost more money for the courts and te parents involved////

    unless she can really prove he is a threat to the courts then possibly they may make it supervised vistations where your son will have to have so many hours with the baby...sometimes they make it to where it cost some money....

    but right now i would always have a witness at the exchange...and you could meet at the police station at a certain time...and if he or she isn't there on time it could be considered contempt of court..once a visitation issue is ordered...

    he needs to really think about how much time he wants to spend with his child.....and he needs to put an order in there that the mother may not move more than 50 miles away from the place of birth....

    i have been through the california courts...

    it takes a heck of a lot to make sure he gets no visitation rights///a whole lot of police records...many dui's///

    i would always have a witness with you or even a video camera rolling the entire time of the you have proof there is no neglect going on in any ways shape or form...


    the judges want these kids to be seen by both parents...they really try to get the parents to make the arrangement themselves...

    she could order a psych eval on him....but if she does that then she must do it herself as well...

    anymore questions hit me up

    no worries so going throught system right now...


    jodie new username 69mach1

    after my mustang i had to sell to survive while i was not getting child support for three years...

  3. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    if she is smart and wants to save money and time...they both better come to an agreement...

    some people do it one week at mom's the next week at dad's///

    some do everyother weekend and alternative holidays and years ///

    and i was kind and said, which by law i did not have to...but i brought it on my own...the ex did not...i said i wanted the grand parents in michigan to be able to see cody and i siad one week of the father's vacation time spent w/cody could be counted as time spent w/his father...i did not have to agree to this...and doxy,,,this is something i did for my mil and fil...they were always good to my son and myself...the divorce got a little dirty on their part...but whatever////

    but you guys do not need to deal with property division.. so that is good...

    jsut the visitation schedule and child support...

    also mother can not legally with hold visitation because your sone is ever in arrears...contempt of court...

    i do not reccomend he gets in arears but at sometime he may get laid off or somthing...but he must contact the courts to modify the child support...

    and the amount of child support owed depends on how much she makes and he makes then the amoutn of time the non custodial parent spends w/the child...the more he has him the less he has to pay her...

    he will have to pay for 1/2 the daycare expenses...and 1/2 the medical bills or co-pays...

  4. doxygirl

    doxygirl New Member

    I am not saying this to be mean but I think the mom and her mom should have to be is kind of scary to me just how many controlling and manipulative statements and demands they have made!

    Her mom told me that "there will be none fo this one week at my sons house and the next week at her daughters ( the mom of cohen ) house!

    They have made up their minds all of the rules and regulations that are going to be implemented and I truly believe that they honestly think EVERYTHING they want is going to be given to them!

    I just hope and pray that the court actually see's exactly whats going on!

    Thanks for trying to make me feel better!

    XO Doxy

    BTW Jodie did you see my other post I made to you ( it is on one of my other posts!:)
  5. doxygirl

    doxygirl New Member

    Hey dcnfngrs:)

    Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to write so much supportive and caring information~

    I do know in my heart and soul that this "ALWAYS" has been about the "mom" of Cohen and not about anything else, my son knows this too and that is why I understand and back him up!

    He is not a vendictive or manipulative person nor does he want someone trying to do it to him which is exactly what the mom of Cohen is and always has been trying to do all along!

    PLEASE pray for me and my son that the court will see through her just as all of you here have.

    My family loves Cohen to pieces and we all want to be able to share him and give him that love this is about COHEN to me and it ALWAYS has been

    I love him so!

    thank you all again

  6. PVLady

    PVLady New Member

    Sorry this whole thing is making you sick. It must be so upsetting.
    I am sure everything is going to work out, everyone is upset right now.
    Your son will get visitation. The best thing would be if he could possibly force himself to be nice to the mother. Even if he is acting.
    To antagonize her in any way will just make it harder.
    I would not be at all surprised if she winds up telling the court lies about your son and you to prevent you from seeing Cohen.
    I don't want to scare you but this girl has no
    interest in anything except herself. She sounds very immature and selfish.
    Expect anything from her.

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