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    Larry just called and they have upgraded her condition to stable. They took her back to OR this morning to "clean things up". Then they lowered her meds enough to make her almost consious to see if she would respond to pain and other stimuli. They said everything looked good and they didn't think there was any brain damage. Larry never told me until today that before they rushed her into surgery to find the bleeding she had stopped breathing and was put on a respirator.

    Right now they are hopeful she will be out of intensive care in a few days and hopefully have the respirator removed next week.

    Thank you so much for all your prayers. It's all in His hands now. Please keep this family in your prayers and I will keep you updated.

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    I will keep praying for your friend and her family. Love, Tam
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    Let us hope and pray she continues on the path back to being well.
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    AS will you.linda