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    Larry called me tonight and they took her back into to surgery this evening. The swelling has finally gone down and things have cleared up so they feel it is time to finally close her incision. They tested her breathing today and she was breathing on her own while they tested her. Tomorrow they will remove the tubes and take her off the respirator and also bring her out of the drug induced coma.

    Please pray that all goes well. And pray that Jeanne will be able to accept that she now has a colostomy. She is going to be furious when she finds out. Also we are praying that there has been no brain damage or any lasting effects of all she has been through this past month.

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    Dear Lord, I pray you will be with Jeanne and the doctors and nurses that care for her as they take her out from a drug induced coma tomorrow. I pray that all will go well with this procedure and that you would be with her , her family and friends as the wait to see how this goes.

    Please keep them strong, hold them in your loving arms and let them know they have friends who care and are praying for them

    God Bless you

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    Prayers are coming. I had a friend who came out of a third surgery with a colostomy. She was not pleased, but glad to be alive after close calls. She did adjust, and within six months had surgery to close it, and did well.