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    I went to my hearing yesterday and came away feeling clueless. The judge was very nice but very hard to "read". My daughter and niece thought it went well. The judge questioned me about my pain, what I do in a day. I hope I didn't mess this one up by not having alot of detail. I told him that I mostly just move from room to room and sit in different chairs and putter with some cleaning, resting inbetween.

    And, when I unload the dishwasher, I have to lean on the counter and use one hand because if I don't it hurts my back but told him it takes me awhile to do this because I have to sit down alot during it.

    He did asks about my jobs. Basicly I told him I haven't worked full time since May of '03 after having carpal tunnel surgery that wound up getting RSD at the surgery site.

    He did question me about what I did at my jobs. Actually, I realized that most of my jobs have been manual labor. But at one, I was manager of a car wash and he did say that he sees that I must be smarter than average to be able to be a manager. And asks how much of that job was managing and I said 30%. The other 70%, I was out working with the teenagers. I told him that that was the prime of my life. I was 46, looked 36 and only 138lbs.

    He asks if I've gained weight and how much and in what length of time. I said 15lbs in the last year and I believe that it was from taking prescription meds. I told him that I only eat to live. Food is not important to me.

    He asks at the end if there was anything else that I wanted to say and I went totally blank. Actually, I was sitting there starting with my ankles and working my way up to my head to see if we covered all the body parts that hurt. Anyway, there was a long silence and then he said that he would question my daughter and niece and come back to me.

    He asks them the same question, Is there anything that you want to add and do you think she described her life correctly. My daughter said yes and that the thing that I missed most was not being able to do things with my grandkids, they are my life. Just as my kids were my life while they were growing up.

    Then, my niece said yes and went on to say that I used to come to her house almost every day but now she comes to my house.

    All in all, I think he knows enough that he really does know how much my life has actually changed.

    When he came back to me, I did remember to tell him that my memory has gotten bad and told him a few instances. and told him about freezing up when one of the kids are about to get hurt.

    And the one thing that I did tell him that I miss most is the warm fuzzy feeling that I used to have. I said I don't know why it's not there anymore but it's not. I said "do you know what I mean? I mean, I love my husband and when I used to see him, I'd get all tingly and warm feeling inside, and feel so good." "Well, now that is gone. I know I love him but my body doesn't get that feeling."

    I am very confused that there wasn't a vocational expert in there. I hope this is a good sign. Does the judge already know I can't work and didn't bother to bring one in or is he going to deny me and didn't see the need to have one in there?

    Anyway, it was an hour long. At the end, he just said I would get the decision in the mail.

    So, more waiting and waiting.

    My daughter and niece said that the judge ask the same question twice but in a different way (I didn't notice this) They said I answered it the same way both times so I'm sure this was a big plus.

    Any input on any of this is welcome. Especially, why no vocational expert? I am so anxious. Argggggh

    Thank you all so much for all you have helped me with on this subject.

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    So glad this part of it is over...Now its just the wait you have to get through! Hang in there!! As I was saying on the other post may be a good sign that there was no Vocational expert...but helping to bump to see what others have to say...

    Good Luck
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    My hearing didn't include a Vocation Expert. It was my attorney, judge, court reporter, SSA Doctor and me.

    Each hearing is conducted differently depending on the individuals case, the state and the judge so don't base how you think it went on anything other than what happened in the courtroom.

    During my hearing I didn't really get a feel for how the judge was feeling towards me, but I was so nervous and wanted to make sure I answered the questions, I didn't really think about it during the hearing.

    The judge in my case gave me a fully favorable decision on the spot, and I was so shocked, thankful, overwhelmed and emotional, I didn't really have a chance to think about what I said or didn't say until days later when I finally settled down.

    Over the next few days I'm sure you'll remember bits and pieces of what happened and what you feel you did well or didn't do so well, thats all to be expected. Just hang in there until you receive your final decision. It could take up to 60 days!!! It will probably feel like a million days, the anticipation can get the best of you. Just rest it out, the stress can cause you to flare hard.

    So hang in there!

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    Thanks guys for your input. And you are right, I will just chill til the answer comes in the mail. I've done what I can do and can't change a thing from where I sit.

    I will just keep my mind busy.

    I did email Scott Davis from this board and ask him about the Voc Expert and he responded that he didn't know whether it was a good thing or bad thing. He has been in court both ways. So that was no help. But, he did give me a phone number for representation if I am denied.

    Ok, I'm going to chill. LOL