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    I've had FM/CFS for over 20 years. I've researched Lyme a bit, have had all the symptoms for 20+ years, live in MA, have been bitten numerous times since childhood by deer ticks (including several times when our house was infested by a pet dog - the ticks bred, multiplied, and were all over the house), and highly suspect I have Lyme.

    There is no LLMD in MA nor any association - can a primary care physician order the IGenex test?
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    there a no LLMDs in MA?? / isnt that next to conn and NY on the east coast upwind from plum island / just the area alone should make every DR LL /im not using a LLMD but i am turning him into one / i do the research on the web and writes the blood draws-scripts-we read results together and choose the treatment / i have been able to go back to work fulltime several times / i am -was a sheetmetalworker/welder for 28 years-very hardwork-early start times (6am) with 1 hr commutes each way-toxic fumes-fiberglass and drywall dust-cuts from sharp metal fixed with 2nd skin and duct tape-heavy awkward lifting -awkward confined work spaces / hey no wonder i m tired-it was the job / all my tests must be false pos / im only 49 yo 150lb with my steeltoe boots on and i am wore out / im single and i enjoy sleeping -hot tubbing-and getting massages / thats my singles ad / well this post isnt much help but you are in the right spot to get guideance and keep studying on your own to that way you will be totally overwelmed with knowlage you cant remember / start with studying the WB bands and how to interpert test results
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    From what I've read, there used to be LLMD's in MA but they all left - there was even a few Lyme special practices places but they are gone.

    And, yes, it's bizarre that in a place rampant with deer ticks, we would not have Lyme specialists. I live close to Plum Island and grew up in a wooded area.

    While I don't remember a specific rash, I had rashes as a child, teen, and young adult. I never paid too much attention to them though as Lyme disease diagnosis was in it's infancy in the US then. I definitely remember having to remove ticks from myself on several occasions. And, around age 12, I started showing symptoms which never disappeared.