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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Momofboyz, May 2, 2006.

  1. Momofboyz

    Momofboyz New Member

    Hi all. I was just dx yesterday. Is it possible to have fibro without pain when doc pushes pressure points? He did this yesterday and those areas didn't hurt. But I have plenty of pain. Muscle spasms in my legs and feet. I can hardly walk on my feet. They hurt so bad. Does anybody get tingly or pins and needles in their fingers and toes? I am just trying to understand what I was dx with and trying to believe it all.
    ANy input would be so much appreciated.
  2. findmind

    findmind New Member

    Hi and welcome....

    You know, I just read something about the 18 tender points not being considered as important as the "trigger points" and the over symptoms described by patients...I think on

    You might go to an Arthritis site and see what they have about this.

    I believe many of us had terrilbly sore feet as one of our first symptoms with FM. Check out "search" by foot pain or feet pain by topic, here on this site.

    And yes, many of us do get numb and tingly in ANY area...I think the FM tenses muscles, which in turn block blood flow to certain areas and/or pinch a nerve sometimes.

    Best wishes to you in your search for answers, and Welcome again!

  3. jakeg

    jakeg New Member

    Yes I would think it is possible. Although I do have almost all of them. When my rheumy first DXd me with this DD he was saying that not all fibro DXs have the trigger points associated with the DX.

    The trigger points were originally intended for inclusion in a research project and just became the norm with the medical community for some reason, who knows why.

  4. Momofboyz

    Momofboyz New Member

    Do any of you get the muscle twitching? It is getting worse by the day. You can see twitching under my jeans or on my feet. It is crazy. On top of that I feel like poopoo. I literally feel like I have the flu. Been going on four weeks now. Is there going to be any relief? I have a six and four year old and am VERY busy. Tomorrow supposed to work at kindergarden in my son's room. I hate to let him down but at the same time how much help can I be? I can hardly function.

    Thanks for listening.
  5. place

    place New Member

    First I got chonic sinus problems.

    Then a few years later I had feet problem dx with plantar faciitis, that never healed.

    Then two year later tendonitis of the wrists, that never healed.

    Went to Rheumy and he did the pressure points and some of them did not hurt.

    I year later, I went back, he did the same test, and I was dx. It had progressed enough to be dx. Not only that, but the first time he did it, I only said it hurt if I was in significant pain, not if it was tender like he had asked. I did not want to seem like a complainer.
  6. CoralFlower

    CoralFlower New Member

    I have them every day, in all areas of my body (at different times, of course). I've had the spasms/twitches for years.

    I also have periods of feeling like I have the flu - it's awful. Sometimes I just ache so bad, and I know there is no one who can truly understand, unless they experience the pain. Of course I wouldn't wish this on anyone. My symptoms usually get MUCH worse before and during my time of the month.

    I understand how you feel - I have two young children and have to sometimes really dig deep just to have the energy to care for them, my husband and our home.

  7. findmind

    findmind New Member

    My gosh, two kids in grade school! My dau. is exhausted with one!!

    Wanted to tell you Flexeril helped me when I was have muscle was so weird..I felt like a "moving body", everything just spasmed in waves!

    I hope you get some relief soon...have you tried any of the products listed on this site? Many are helped by them as this site is dedicated to finding things that benefit us and help with the symptoms.

    I hope you find things that help you...

  8. Momofboyz

    Momofboyz New Member

    is Flereril persciption? I will call doc tomorrow. I have an endo appt tomorrow. Paying cash just to be seen. Hopefully my thyroid will be adjusted to bring some relief.
    I will start writing down products that might help.
    Gotta go I have been sick and thrwoing up tomday,
  9. sjmom

    sjmom New Member

    Hi Deena
    I just was dx on Monday. I don't know much about the pressure points except when my rheumy checked mine some were very sensitive and others not hardly at all. I have been dx with essential tremors, but don't think I have spasms related to the FMS.

    I also have a 6 & 4 year old. It is so difficult to try to take care of them when I am feeling so poorly. Luckily, today is a good day, and so I am trying to take advantage of it, and get some cleaning done.
  10. aklicht

    aklicht New Member

    I too have pins and needles in my feet, mostly when I first step out of bed in the morning. When my fibro is flaring the feeling will last thru the morning but usuallly goes away. When diagnosed had exactly 11 points of the 18 hurt, so got me thinking that it's not the most scientific way of evaluating it...
  11. findmind

    findmind New Member

    Yes, flexeril is a prescr....I think it comes only in 25mg doses, but may be wrong.

    I was told to start taking it at bedtime, as it can make you drowsy...just what we need, right, to get us to sleep! LOL

    I also found out I could only take 1/4 to 1/2 a tablet. Many of us are so sensitive to meds, so you might want to start out with 1/4 at bedtime to see how you do, then take in daytime after 3 nites; you should be adjusted to the new med by then. Increase your dose as you think is best for you.

    Hope you get something to help....

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