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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by arts4you, Jun 11, 2003.

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    Hello, I'm brand new to this discussion board, however, I'm not new to FMS. I've been a victim for 16 years and 14 doctors later, I'm worse than I have ever been. Good news however, I have a great Doc who is willing to explore any avenue that I throw at her, and she also comes up with some new ones herself. We just had another batch of blood work come back saying I'm as healthy and my neighbor's horse, so I guess her next avenue is going to be to check out my neck. I've been the target of more than one motorist who should have never been given a drivers license, and I'm also a perfectionist at getting bucked off horses and falling on ice and down stairs! So it is safe to say that I have worn more than one neck collar in my life time.

    Okay, now for my question. Has anyone out there had any experience with treatment of neck injuries helping their FMS? I'd love to chat with you and maybe get some information to give my doc.

    Thanks to anyone who wants to jump in here and give me some info.
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    Welcome! This is a great group!

    I have cervical disc problems (bulging discs C5-6, 6-7), and have had the epidural shots last summer for neck pain that was radiating down my arm. The shots were painful afterward, and I don't mean at the injection site, but across my back & shoulders---very sore, but I think for us FMers, anything that goes thru our muscles kind of temporarily traumatizes them. After about 48 hours, it was much better. I had two shots total (the doctor recommended anywhere from 1 to 3) spaced two weeks apart.

    I would say my recurrent neck pain has improved by about 90%, that's the good news. As far as helping my FM in general, no...... but considering my neck got so bad, I had to brush my teeth with one hand on the back of my head so the brushing wouldn't jar me, just having that improved made a big difference in my health!

    Hope this helps a little & good luck to you---again, welcome!

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    Thanks for the reply. I sure hope I don't have to have surgery on this darn neck. However, any kind of relief would be a blessing.

    That is so cool, your name is Pam D. and My name is Pam D. Who knows, maybe we are twins separated at birth!!!!

    Thanks again for the info.
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    Welcome! I have problems with my cervical vertabrae also. The best thing that I have found is a good hot soak, and use my bath tub as a sort of traction device to loosen them up. I scrunch down in the tub and, after I feel the muscles start to relax, I gently press back forcing my head forward. It's sort of hard to describe, but it does loosen me up quite a bit. I push a little, rest, then push a little more. If I am really tight, I can actually feel it snap loose. That means I will end the night with a nasty headache, but usually feel pretty good the next morning.
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    Maybe we are twins, with twin neck injuries! I just wanted to add that I was originally sent by my neurologist (who did the cervical MRI that showed the bulging discs) to a neurosurgeon, who recommended anterior fusion surgery. Based on my MRI (with a written report that noted "mild to moderate" stenosis) that seemed a little drastic to me-----but the neurosurgeon wasn't just basing her recommendation on the MRI, but on my neurological-type FM symptoms (which included tingling extremities, swollen-feeling hands, muscle twitching). I had a second opinion by a spinal specialist in San Francisco who completely disagreed with the neurosurgeon, and sent me to physical therapy---after two sessions, my neck was much worse, so I stopped that! Then I had further tests at Stanford Medical Ctr.----nerve conduction studies & something called somatosensory testing. Both showed NO connection between my C5-6 & 6-7 bulges, and extremities symptoms. Those seemed to just be part of FM for me.... it wasn't til I moved to Kansas last year & was jolted in a near car collision that my neck got worse. I decided to ask for another MRI & went to a pain center who recommended the epidurals as a first step....and for me, they were pretty successful! I'm not ruling out the possibility that this may require surgery down the line, but at least the epidurals bought me time. And as I said, I think my neck stuff (which I think originated from a fall off a horse about 18 years ago----maybe we ARE twins!) is kind of separate from FM stuff, but just my neck feeling so much better makes me sleep better, etc, so has a positive impact on my health, which makes my FM stuff not seem as bad---even if it's not directly connected----if that makes any sense at all!!!

    Anyway, just wanted to add this info---have a good evening!

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    You sure have been through a lot. I have discovered that if I sleep with a "horseshoe" shaped pillow around my neck that I don't have a much pain during the day. - That is why I know my neck is connected to my FM