New with ?'s about Ankles and other joins, extreme pain?

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  1. billiegail

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    Hi everyone. I am thrilled to have found this site. I have been doing alot of research on Fibro and I am just wondering if I may have something else as well.
    My doctors have tested me for just about everything. Nothing wrong with me. So, I have drawn my own conclusion. I have Fibro. I have to have. I have every symptom and then some.
    I don't read much in the symptom list about ankle pain or pain in the hands, feet, fingers.
    I have extreme pain there redness,and swelling.
    Bone scan, blood test, etc... show no signs of any athritis
    or any reason this should be going on.
    I am just wondering if ya'll have extreme join pain.
    Thanks for you help
  2. starstella

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    I've just started with these sympoms but don't have the redness. The other night it felt like my feet were in a vise. I see my doc on the 9th and will get the opinion then. I don't have any answers for you. I feel like my pain is probably not originating in the joints themselves, but in the tendons and ligaments surrounding. I have already been having hip and shoulder pains so I guess things are just progressing. Sorry my reply doesn't give much of an answer.
  3. loopyloo

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    Hi Billiegail
    I have M.E and the symptoms are allmost the same as FM and my ankles swell up and go red and they look bruised as well some times i try to put my feet up on a stool while watching television or just relaxing as this helps to bring the swelling down some times i put them on a cushion as well as they say your feet should be higher than your hips for swelling to go down
    hope this helps a bit love Loopyloo xx
  4. billiegail

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    Thanks everyone. Please let me know what the doctor says about everything.
    I am not sure what ME is, so could you reply and let me know. Thanks
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