new with the diagnosis, but the pain is old

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    i was diagnosed about 3 months ago, but the pain and other symptoms i have dealt with for over 10 years. i feel like i am trapped in this shell of pain and i cant get out. i have 3 daughters and 2 grandchildren. i watch my grandbabies but it is painful and unbearable (physically speaking). i can hardley play with them in the floor. i have to have help getting up. i am 41 years old and wonder what my future holds. it all seems pretty grim right now. it has felt good to say some stuff, no one else in my family understands. What suggestions do you have? the med i take seems like it does not help.
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    NFLgirl, this is the place to start. There is a lot of information here. If you have questions, just ask, someone will answer. Of just read the posts, you will come across something like what you have and it helps to know others do too.

    As far as the pain, I am on Lyrica. I just went to the doctor one day (a neurologist diagnosed my FM) and said he had to do something about the pain. Lyrica helps me, some people can't take it. I also take a pain pill when I need to do something physical. I understand about not being able to get off the floor, try using a chair to crawl up to help you stand up.

    Good luck and gentle hugs.
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    I am glad that you found us because we all understand. For your daughters, google "the spoon theory" and "a letter to normals". Both of these are good in explaining chronic pain.

    If you go up to the top and click on e-mail bulletin you will find the latest bulletin on fibro by Dr. Pall and it has an excellent explanation of how fibro can develop. We all have tried different things to help with the pain. What is good for one doesn't work for another. I have tried alot myself. A muscle relaxer works the best for me and I can whittle it down during the day if I am in pain and still stay awake. I take one at bedtime and it makes me sleep good. I take Lyrica sometimes to as I have two messed up shoulders right now (waiting for m.r.i. results) and it helps alot.

    Tell your Dr. that your meds are not working anymore. We here on the board have gone thru a few Dr.s as well just to get some decent care. Let us know what happens okay? Blessings, P
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    I am about to be 40 in October.... we are way too young to be feeling like that! I am not sure what you were diagnosed with- I may have missed it. If you are willing to try supplements as opposed to all medication- I have a wonderful option for you to try; "Tropical Oasis" Joint Complete and Liquid Calcium Magnesium with Vitamin D -
    It is amazing how much better i move and sleep when i faithfully take these 2 supplements. Not terribly expensive. you can look them up at
    really great products that really help.
    hope this helps you!
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    Hi NFLgirl - Welcome!
    I wish I was in a better mood I'd probably be more upbeat in my reply - so I'll keep it short and sweet.

    What are you currently taking? What have you tried before?

    I went for MANY years without having to take pain medications until I couldn't take it anymore. Even they don't relieve all of my pain, but they do help. I also take a muscle relaxer - again, sometimes it helps.

    The key for me is taking one day at a time. If I look too far ahead, it is often overwhelming and scary at times. So truthfully I don't look that far ahead. I generally try to work a lot of my mental state (aka attitude) which really does help when I have the energy to do so. Many days I have to take the day off from that kind of work.

    Take advantage of this wonderful board and say as much 'stuff' as you need to or want to. It's a wonderful place for information and also to share whatever feelings you're having. We also learn from each other - so I hope you'll answer other people's posts as well.

    Nice to "meet" you!
    Hope to learn much more about you!