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    Hi, sent over here from FM board. I have active EBV, Fm, asthma, lumbar herniated disc, and osteoarthritis. My PCP has me taking Elavil, Supersupplemental, Bifidophilus Flora Force and Caprylic Acid. I know 'nada' about transfer factor, would anyone have the time to enlighten me and tell me whether this would help me, Oh, I forgot about shingles that I break out in EVERY two months. Thanks for reading this and God Bless, Tona
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    There are no guarantees but with the elevated EBV, it would certainly be worth a try. It may help with the shingles too. Transfer Factor is safe and can be used with any other med and with no side effects. You would probably feel a little worse in the beginning but that is a good sign that it is working.

    Both TF 100 and Formula 540 target EBV. The Formula also has esential b vitamins. Both are available at this site. 1-3 capsules a day are recommended. If you start with 1 capsule, keep in mind that working up to the 3 capsules will, of course, give you the best benefit. Also, give it time to work. Improvement can be seen up to one years.

    (It sounds like I am an employee of Prohealth but I am not. I just have had such great results).

    Good luck to you....

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    Would you take both of those formulas or just one of them? If just one which would you reccomend?? Thanks!
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    I would start out with either one of these OR the Immune Transfer C which is costly $140 for 30 or $390 for 90.

    Although none of these target the shingles virus (it is in the herpes family though). The Immune Transfer C sounds like it has the better chance of helping the immune system overall plus it targets the EBV.

    Back to your first question, I do know that a doc who had EBV used the Formula 540 sucessfully. But it was used not long after being diagnosed. Sometimes it helps to get it started quickly.

    God Bless you too...

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