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    It's a New Year, so how about a new Song Game! Let's look for songs that have the words New, Year, Beginning, Start(ing), or First in the title or lyrics. I'll Start!

    "Begin the Beguine" Lyrics by Cole Porter, sung by Ella Fitzgerald.

    "I've Got a Brand New Pair of Rollerskates" aka the Roller Skate Song, a big hit in 1971.

    "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" sung by Roberta Flack.
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    Very timely, GB. I'll start at once.

    From the musical Mame: Open A New Window. Sung by Angela Lansbury.
    It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year. Recorded by Andy Williams.

    It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas. Written by Meredith Wilson,
    The Music Man.
    Let there Be Peace On Earth and let it begin with me. Both songs
    from the 50s.

    It's a new dawn. It's a new day. It's a new life for me.
    From the song Feeling Good.

    Let's start at the very beginning. A very good place to start
    When you read you begin with A B C. When you sing you begin with
    Do Re Me. By Dick and Oscar as Lucy always referred to them.

    Starting here, starting now, honey, everything's coming up roses!
    From Gypsy.


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    First the tide rushes in
    Plants a kiss on the shore
    Then rolls out to sea
    And the sea is very still once more.
    From Ebb Tide

    This Could Be the Start of Something Big. Written by Steve Allen
    and used as his theme song when he hosted the Tonight Show.

    Mellow the moonlight to shine is beginning.
    From a beautiful Irish song with intricate lyrics named
    The Spinning Wheel. Many versions on Youtube.

    It Was A Very Good Year. Recorded by Frank and lots of other

    Young love, first love
    Filled with deep devotion
    Young love, our love
    We share with deep emotion

    Young Love was a number one hit in my teen years. For Sonny
    James and then for Tab Hunter.


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    "A New Name Written Down in Glory" A gospel song.

    "New York, New York"

    "Autumn in New York"

    "New World Symphony" by Dvorak

    "It Was a Very Good Year" Frank Sinatra

    "Through the Years" Kenny Rogers
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    Undecided. First you say you do, and then you say you don't.

    Isle of Hope, Isle of Tears. A song about Ellis Island. "And the first to cross
    the threshold was Annie Moore of Ireland who was all of 15 years.

    When the Saints Go Marching In. I am waiting for that morning when
    the new world is revealed.

    New York, New York. (Which you posted) contains the line, "Start
    spreading the news."

    Put On Your Old Gray Bonnet. It was fifty years ago the day we wed.
    I think I've posted this song 3-4 times. It fits into so many categories:
    animals, colors, travel, etc.

    Hey, GB. We found a bunch, didn't we. Here's a sentence that contains
    all five of the magic words. Someone working for the First Lady started
    a rumor that she would be taking a trip to Kathmandu around the
    beginning of the new year.

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    Here's a very youthful Arlo Guthrie singing The City of New Orleans,
    a train that runs between Chicago and New Orleans. Arlo is about 27
    here. He was about that age the first time I saw him in a concert with
    lots of other folks singers at the Hollywood Bowl. Used to have a
    recording of it.

    The song was written by Steve Goodman, a singer songwriter who
    died at age 36 from leukemia.


  7. rockgor

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    The Halls of Ivy.
    "That through the years we'll see you, In the sweet after glow."

    Lover,Come Back To Me
    "The moon was new, and so was love."
    From the operetta The New Moon.

    New York, New York (Same title as a different song with the
    same name sung by Liza Minnella.)
    "It's A Helluva Town
    The Bronx is up, and the battery's down."
    From the musical On the Town w/ music by Leonard Bernstein.

    Crystal Chandeliers
    "When the new wears off of your crystal chandeliers."

    There also seem to be two different songs titled "Through
    the Years." One sung by Kenny Rogers and one by
    Judy Garland.

    I'll See You Again by Noel Coward
    "Why will the foolish tears tremble across the years?"

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    Hmmmmm New, Year, Beginning, Start(ing), or First in Lyrics or title...

    This is the beginning, not the end, of blessings upon blessings my friend. Forgot the title...

    This is the start of something new...

    Just another year... I've been waiting such a long time....

    you're my first, my last, my everything...
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