NEW YEARS EVE...for the first time ever....

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    We will be home with the 4 kids celebrating by ourselves. We usually go to a "so-called" friends house down the street but theres been back stabbing and such going on with this particular person who also treats me pretty badly and has the past yr especially so we decided no more.

    (LONG STORY)When she did invite us when we saw her and her hubby at a xmas party two weeks ago it was whalfheartedly, she wouldnt even look us in the face and she gave the impression that she didnt really want us there but felt like she "had to" invite us since we have mutual friends who are all going. (AGAIN LONG STORY)

    Besides their house gets so packed that theres no sitting room on the floor, no chairs to sit in and alot of drinking going on and in front of ours and everyone elses kids. We now having two teenagers and one on the brink of being a teen we dont like to have them exposed to. Two of which are my step-kids who have a drug addict mom and step-father and who are also abusive drunks.

    We try to make sure we dont drink around them or exposed them to it because of what they have encountered with their real biological mom. How sad right? Now with Hubbys Siezure disorder he can no longer drink (well he can have one here or there but he chooses not to risk it..Im proud of him) either so I dont even have the interest to drink.

    We dont mind...we both dont miss it and we feel its a better influence on all 4 kids if we didnt drink..again, mainly because of the fact that 2 are teens and going into high school next yr, one is a pre-teen and is in middle school now. We also have a 9 yr old (who thinks shes a teen LOL).

    We are having Sweet and sour pineapple chicken kabobs, terryaki steak kabobs, fried ravioli, mazzareela sticks and sause, potato skins and sour cream, pigs in a blanket, veggie platter and a whole bunch of other yum yums (fattening night hehehe)...then theres ice cream sundays for dessert, cookies and cupcakes that my youngest baked herself yesterday with a kid-kit Santa brought her. She wanted to surprise everyone with Star cupcakes for the evening.

    Then Im also making non-alcoholic fancy drinks for them; Pina coladas and strawberry daquiris and a punch. Then at midnight we will all have sparkling cider to ring in the new yrs cheer. We will also be having a PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN movie-a-thon starting at 6:30ish.

    We bought fancy hats, fancy colored plastic champaign glasses for each of us, lays, noisemakers and horns, decorations for the living room, balloons and streamers. Its all decorated and ready to go. We cant wait.

    Unfortunately hubby is working until 9 but thats ok...he will be getting home just when the fun will start.

    Ill have a fire in the fireplace going...the kids get to stay in PJs all night and well....PLENTY OF ROOM FOR US TO SPRALL OUT ON THE FLOOR DURING EATING AND MOVIE...and NO LINE to use the potty LOL!

    My youngest can barely make it til midnight. She is 9 yrs she can crash during the movie and we can wake her up before the ball drops.

    SO we are looking foward to the no hassle, no attitude, no back stabbing BS, no crowd tonight...we spend as much time as a fmaily whole as we can...the kids are growing up fast so hubby and I try to do things as much as possible as a family unit because before ya know it, they will all be grown and gone.

    Im having tons of food...its just 6 of us...ANYONE WANT TO JION US???? LET ME KNOW LOL!

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    Dear Butterfly:

    Your party sounds like more fun to me! I am a bit of a homebody. Do not usually go out on New Years, and we also have a tough time staying up until midnight. We also have a nice tradition of going out to breakfast on the 1st. We try to go to a restaurant that has an outside seating area. We also remember a favorite aunt, who died 15 years ago, but used to be part of our little group of breakfasters. We live in LA, so the weather is usually wonderful. That is the day that we really appreciate the sunshine.

    Have fun.