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    As usual, I'll be back after I go read the messages on Porch #945.

    Alrighty, I'm back. Just heard about Debbie Reynolds when I got up this morning. How sad! I feel so bad for her son, Todd. He just lost his sister and now his mother within days of one another. The news said she had a stroke. I hope and pray that if I ever have a stroke, it's fatal. I don't want to go through what Barb did after her stroke.

    News also said our local bald eagle celebrity, Harriett, should have an eaglet any time now. She's been on the nest nonstop, keeping the two eggs warm. Her mate brings fish to her and continuously works to strengthen the nest to make it sturdy and warm. He's a much younger eagle but has been a great mate and father. Once the eggs hatch, it's fun to watch it all on Eagle Cam.

    Other news of the animal kingdom is that there is a therapy pig at the airport in San Francisco. They have had dogs which visit the terminal to help soothe harried travelers but the little pig is new. Her name is Lilou and she's a small spotted pig. She is smart and does some tricks and wags her tail. She is a big hit. She wears outfits and had her hoofs painted red for the Christmas Holiday. I don't know whether I can eat pork again.

    Julie, you have been under a tremendous amount of stress for a long time. Stress like that can really do a number on memory and cognitive function. I'm suffering from it myself just from the last six months of living with the stones. Yes, the house project has been delayed but for the kindest of reasons. You have taken care of everyone but yourself for a loooong time but, as you say, you are entering a new season. I hope you can dedicate yourself not only to taking care of Den, but taking care of yourself too. I hope you and your Dad have a nice time at your DB's.

    Sun, I also wonder whether Savannah's being cold is related to the thyroid and also to her losing weight. I hope she is OK and can stay warm. I loved West Wing and would probably enjoy watching it again. There is soooo much on TV now that I'd likely not have time. Suits is about a law firm that hires an atty. that turns out not to be a licensed lawyer at all. He's just really smart and is one of the best 'lawyers' they have. They find out about him but continue to keep him working at the firm. It doesn't sound like much but it's a really fast-moving and funny show. And the clothes--OMG, they are beautiful. This show is smart and funny in the same way that Ally McBeal, LA Law and Boston Legal were funny. I'm glad going gluten free is helping you. I gave it a good long try but didn't notice anything.

    Granni, sweet potatoes are one of the most healthy things one can eat as long as they aren't smothered with brown sugar. I put cinnamon and butter on mine. Aerobic exercise is the best for increasing HDL and getting blood sugar under control. One has to work out at the targeted heart rate. Take 220 minus your age times 80 percent. Example; 220-70 = 150. 150 x .8=120. 150 is the maximum and 120 is the targeted heart rate. Anything between the two is OK for working out. Think I mentioned the new high intensity exercise. One only has to work out as hard as one can for 20 seconds and then stop. As soon as one can, one goes for another 20 seconds and then stops again. Finally, one does a third rep. This is all it takes to maintain a healthy heart and lungs according to the doc who did the study. This only needs to be done three times a week. However, since one really pushes to the limit during those 20 seconds, it is necessary to check with one's doc first. I can't wait to get over this crud so I can get back to working out.

    Right now, I'm still feeling all hot 'n sweaty. AACCKK!!! I need to get rid of this crud. The electronic gremlins keyboard is getting sticky again. Soooo sick of these irritations! Every year, I think it's gonna be a better year and well, y'all know how it goes. Whine, whine, whine!!!

    Hopes and prayers for a good day for us all.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    I was shocked to read that Debbie Reynolds died. She was one of the last great
    stars from the studio era. There are still a few left: Olivia de Havilland, Kirk
    Douglas, Rhonda Fleming, Jerry Lewis and Doris Day. Jerry Maren, (munchkin)
    and Nanette Fabray are still around too.

    I saw Debbie and Harve Presnell in The Unsinkable Molly Brown on stage in 1988.
    Tammy Grimes and Harve Presnell did the original on Broadway. Meredith
    Wilson who wrote the Music Man did the music and lyrics. Harve and Debbie
    did the movie and then did a tour in the 80s. Debbie had a birthday
    during the run. The program printed her age: 56. That's the only time I've ever
    seen an actress's age in a theater program.

    Debbie was in two other great films: Singing in the Rain and How the West
    Was Won. For some reason Wikipedia's filmography does not include the
    last film.

    Thanks for the memories, Debbie.

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    DH is at the men's Thursday breskfast and so I am on here before he gets home ad gets me busier than I need to be. I need to get my work done too . AAACK!

    MIKIE - Thanks for your info and I knew sweet potatoes was good and that they are better than white. We never put much on ours either , just a little non dairy butter and cinnamon like you mentioned. They do have some carbs but just wondered how many might be to much. It is not his favorite thing to eat but I do enjoy them. He is being pretty good with all the stuff I have to eat and not eat on my diet. Not sure how much of the aerobics he will do. My line dancing something helps me with that ad that is fun. We have aeorobics classes for ladies not sure for men in the Zumba and also there is another one I can't remember. Not sure he would go if they did have one for men. Thanks for your explanation though. Hope you start to feel better soon. That is not fun feeling like crap all the time. Believe me I know but that virus is something else too - yuck ):!!

    ROCK - Yes, I agree with you even though I never got to go to to many movies but did get to see some later on on TV, I did love Debbie Reynolds and her dancing ability as well as acting. She must have been pretty close to her daughter Carrie and she must have had a weak heart too. They said it was a stroke I believe. That is very sad for both of them. Yes, there are few of those really talented people out there left from the and the big screens era...

    DH is home so I gotta run and get dressed. Thanks whwoever started the new thread or newer one .

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
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    Good morning, gang! Just peeking in for a minute...need to get in shower so I can head to town. The cinnamon rolls are rising and I should have just enough time to bake, ice, and package them before I have to leave. I'll give some of them to brother and family and take some to nursing home staff that I missed on Christmas Day.

    I really hope my brother's wife was too busy to come with them, but it will be okay if she is there. I wanted to give them something, but had no idea what they might is always good, I guess. I used to make an orange jello salad that my brother loved. Took it to their house one time when she insisted on having the dinner. Tried to leave some of the jello and she said, "Nobody likes it except Bruce, so don't leave very much." Nothing like being blunt, lol! And I half expect my nephew to try to tell me how to make the Chex Mix and cinnamon rolls "better"....oh, family...

    I need to pick up some "party supplies"...Keira told her mom that she was having her dad bring her home a day early so she could spend New Year's Eve with me and Grandpa. I am honored.

    Anyway, Mikie, thanks for starting a new volume. Hi everyone...I'll be back when I get a chance.
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    Hi, Kids,

    My keyboard is still sticky and I had better take care of it before I'm swearing like a sailor. It starts with the Upper Case key not working. Then, the space bar... What a pain! I just stopped for an early lunch, an apple and some cheese. I was out on the balcony getting rid of cobwebs up under the eaves and the tops of the walls. I wore my back brace and decided to use the Shop Vac. Sir Vester decided to push the door open and make his getaway. He headed for the other end of the balcony to go down those stairs. Grace had Dusty out and I yelled at her to stand at the foot of those stairs. Dusty saw Sir Vester coming and ran up a couple of stairs to greet him. Sir Vester was friends with her old dog but doesn't know Dusty. He did a 380 and came running back. I grabbed him by the tail and reeled him in. His back foot got my arm but I held on tight and put him back inside. Good grief! It was like a cat rodeo.

    I had to unplug the cord in here and use the outlet down on our car port so a certain cat wouldn't try to escape again. My arms hurt so bad that I only did the area in front of my condo. Barb's DD will sweep the front of hers when she gets here. For years, I swept in front of Barb's when I did mine. She and her DD never did it in front of mine when they did hers. So, I don't feel bad about not doing the whole balcony. Now, I'm hot 'n sweaty and beat! I need to take the screens off my storm door and kitchen window and clean the glass. The pressure washing made a mess on them. I want to get it done before Sat. Don't want to have to be out there dong anything while the Queen of Mean is here.

    Rock, I hadn't realized that Debbie Reynolds never danced before Singin' In The Rain. Gene Kelly didn't want her for the part. She danced like an old pro. I was thinking how sad this is for DR's son but it's also sad for Carrie Fisher's daughter; she lost her mother and grandmother within a few days. I'm guessing that for several days, CF was on life support. How The West Was Won was one of my favorite movies. My boyfriend and I saw it on one of those long curved screens which used several projectors. It was the first time I realized how horrible the Civil War was. Gone With The Wind showed the horror of the war but, for some reason, it didn't sink in like it did on that big screen. Today's movies are so good technically but those great old movies will, hopefully, always be available for us to enjoy.

    Gonna post and edit before the gremlins send this packing.

    Granni, butter is generally considered healthier than butter substitutes. It's the trans fats, hydrogenated fats and partially hydrogenated fats which are soooo unhealthy. The problem with a lot of exercise is that people don't get their heart rates into the targeted range and they don't keep them there long enough to affect BS and cholesterol. That is the beauty of the high intensity training. It only takes sixty seconds, one minute, three times a week. DH should be able to commit to that, three minutes a week. Like I said before, though, if he should decide to do it, he should check with his doc. Those 20-sec. reps. really push one's heart rate but only for such a short time. The easiest way to do them is on the stationary bike. Working out on a treadmill or elliptical machine is also good aerobic exercise. Good luck.

    Julie, how nice that Keira will be with you and Den. Do y'all stay up til Midnight? Keira might like what I did for DGS. I have him a dollar. It's not to spend. It's so that he will always have abundance in his life. It's symbolic. We put it in the Feng Shui wealth bagua in our homes (in his room). The wealth center is in the left-hand corner opposite the doorway into the room on the other side. Just always having a lucky dollar from grandma is a mysterious and exciting thing. I carry the dollar coin my Mom gave me in my purse. Those rolls sound mighty tasty.

    OK, gotta try to fix my keyboard. Hope y'all have a good one.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi everyone...

    Mikie, I would be so frustrated if my computer was doing those things. I'm so glad you know what to do. Wow, it sounds like you had a lot of excitement with the cat, dog, shop vac, cord, etc., etc. When I first read your post, I thought you were on a ladder when Sir Vester made his great escape...that would have been a disaster!

    What a good idea about the coin. I still have some Eisenhower silver dollars that my grandpa gave me...I remember him telling me to see how long I could hold on to them. That was 42 years ago, on my 16th birthday...

    What Keira wants is a "bullet" from Gpa's 21 gun salute when they did the military rites at his funeral. Den is going to give her one...he just has to remember to do it.

    I had a really good day today, but stayed in town too long again. Picked up Dad; met my brother, his son and family. Brother's wife was busy so didn't made it a very nice visit. The four and five year old girls were so excited to see Aunt Julie and Grampi. The one year old was shy at first, but was soon grinning and making eyes at Dad...and he was really eating that up.

    After lunch, I took Dad to get fitted for his new glasses...they will be ready in two weeks. Then I took him back and delivered cinnamon rolls to the staff that I had missed on Christmas Day.

    Had to run to Wal Mart for a few things to celebrate New Year's with (potato chips and French Onion dip...I only go crazy with it once a year, lol) But, for some reason they were also having clearance on winter coats and lightweight $24.95 marked down to $7.00. I know Lindsey's kids will need spring jackets and I picked up a couple for Keira and Miley too. This works well when they are all this age, but in a few years it will not be so easy to please them, lol!

    Then I picked up some fabric for Keira to practice with, if she comes here. Amy didn't know for sure, but I want to have things on hand as I won't be going back to town before Saturday (hopefully, I won't need anything till I go to the chiro again on Tuesday.)

    Den beat me home again...I had just gotten home and put some soup on the stove for his supper when our Amish neighbors (with the three little girls) came to the door. They brought a Christmas ham...didn't want to come all the way inside, so we visited a bit in the foyer. Oreo was glad to have some kids again to pet him...

    I'd better off here and get Den's lunch ready for tomorrow. I'm not even hungry for supper since I ate chips and dip on the way home, lol!

    Hope everyone is doing okay...thinking of all of you!

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    MIKIE - agree with you on the butter vs marg or non dairy butter but I am not supposed to have it cause it is dairy. I just saw that question o r answer talking about sweet potatoes and just wanted to pop in to answer you. I really can't stay but was on the computer for a few minutes before I shower before bed. Hoping one of these days I will be off that no dairy thing. As it is I do not check every little thing I put in my mouth except for the obvious things like no sour cream, goats milk yogurt and whey, whipped cream and stuff like that.

    JULIE How nice of getting the Christmas ham from the amish girls. Very sweet of them to bring it over. Will try and get back tomorrow, Thinking of everydobby,

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    View attachment 1117 Hello,

    Nice to see all the posts. I'm amazed at how quickly this year has gone by. Actually, it's been several years, I've felt time flying by. A year seemed an eternity when I was young and in boarding school. We were all five and six year olds and used to know the long holidays hv come and we can go home, by the red christmas flowers (poinsettia) blooming outside the church at school.

    In between the growing years, I used to wish a year would be longer, and now I don't mind. I don't mind time going by faster than than I can think. I know at the end it's all good.!

    Mikie - I was holding my breath wondering if you had fallen off the stool, so relieved you didn't. Condo living is exciting that way..lots of neighbours. But lovely if all the neighbours are nice people.

    Granni - you and your DH do seem to be on top of your eating habits most times, though I'm sure when your DH cheats a lot on eating the wrong food you get frustrated and worried! You do seem to eat out a lot. My mouth waters when I read of what what you eat. This time I hv no tree or decorations to clear, because decorations. Yes siree. I skipped it again this year. Not enough proper help and constantly trying to keep up with all the cleaning tidying needs to be done. The son all grown up, doesn't care about Christmas tree so it would hv been just for me. I love trees and stockings and glittering balls but, oh lord....not if it means adding more work than I can cope with.

    Anyways, I've got all the stuff stored up. When a time comes when I'm not pressed for time, I will start putting out the tree again.

    Julie - im so glad your SIL wasn't able to make it.. I always felt more comfortable when my SILs didn't tag along. Both of them are kind of opiniated. And when they were younger even more so. Now one SIL is mellowed a wee bit since my DB passed on, and one SIL is away.

    A jacket at$ 7.00 is a buy! So exciting to have lil ones to shop for. I miss when my DD was a lil un. Such pretty dresses. Son, not so much. Not much fun shopping for shirts and pants. Anyways if one experiments a little, it can go wrong now that they are grown. Son would buy a black trouser every time if we didn't stop him. And a black or grey tee. Once I got fed up and bought him two trousers in beige and light green. He went and dyed them black. And the colour ran when I soaked his clothes and they ruined other clothes.!

    Rock - I felt it when the Queen Mother of England Elizabeth died. Because she was there during world,War II. Used to see her always cheerful, brightly dressed and coiffed. Kind of a comforting figure that not everything in the world changes. Now I feel the same way about Queen Elizabeth, present queen.

    That movie, in which Hellen Mirren acted as her, it was so real it was freaky! Mirren is an astounding actress ! I haven't seen any film of Debbie Reynolds. I don't know if she dad had an old song book passed to him from his younger step brother and it had songs of Lulu, Frank Sinatra, and I think Debbie Rynolds among others..yes, I googled, it seems she sang too.

    Not much to tell here. I went and stocked up on food and snacks. Chips, bread, meat.It's a bit difficult to leave the house. It's not safe. I had left our garbage outside in a broken but still useful plastic drum, so dogs can't come and pee on the garbage bag, in the night some one came and took away the container. I had also put trash in a big cardboard container...that too, disappeared. Understandably, the garbage people get irritated if you give loose trash.

    I'm pigging it out on freshly roasted peanuts they sell on carts roasting the peanuts in clay pots in front of us on tiny husk fires. They are yum. Ive also bought stuff to make peanut candy with. It will be a first. I looked up peanut brittle which Mikie mentioned, it kind of same except we use slightly different ingredients.

    Someone's come at the door, probably the ex driver. He stops by sometimes to take the cars for servicing.

    Take care

    God Bless.
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    I've been pretty off colour lately, but do read along when I can.
    It's nice to read about everyone's day to day, even when I can't get it together enough to post, myself.
    Thanks guys.

    DH has another boring movie on. I missed the start and am yet To hear one word.
    It involves a guy on a yacht and while I should know the actor's name, as he's been around for a while, it completely escapes me.
    No doubt I'll wake in the middle of the night with this little bit of earth shattering information...

    Robert Redford? I reckon Rock might know...
    Hmmm. Not sure, but hopefully that is solution enough for the u quieted brain...

    Julie- I for one would really love to get your jello recipe. I reckon it'd be a great hit, especially with my Treasures.
    What would SIL know? She's just a jealous sad sack...
    Not only do you make all that yummy food, but you can quilt aswell! Very talented in my book.
    Also those care packages and your thoughtful approach to Everything... Need I say more? You're a winner. Don't waste your talent on the Rude. Plenty out there who'd appreciate you.
    Hope Den is feeling better and your sinuses have cleared up.

    Spring- what a gorgeous pic! Had to zoom in and get a better look to see if it's real...
    My friend has ordered a 'pretend' chihuahua that apparently breathes? I asked her what it did and she told me like I was a dummy- 'It breathes'... Quite baffled as to why one would get such a thing, which probably costs an arm and leg, I probed some more...'sooooo, what does it do?' I got the evil eye...Ok. Got ya. it breathes!
    Seems a little creepy to me, but whatever floats your boat hey? I s'pose a teddy wouldn't do?
    She has the hots for another bloke at Church. I love her to bits and while I love to see her so excited, I really don't want her to get heart broken eigther...

    Mikie- does it ever cool down over your way? Is it like the tropics?
    Our past week here has been very humid, almost as if we were living up North, but I'm assuming that that's probably your norm...
    Sorry that recovery from your painting job is causing you so much suffering. I know from my own experience that when I am capable to tackle a job,it needs to be worth it ,as the repercussions aren't pretty and often goes on for a very long time. Life is full of trade-offs, it seems. I bet the paint job looks awesome though.
    Hope you recover from the virus too. Got you while you were down I guess.
    Good job with the Sylvester circus. Bet that had the adrenaline pumping!

    Barry- hiya Barry. How's things? I hope the sting from the loss of your two loved ones has
    Backed off considerably. We recently acquired another family member. A three legged ,tortoise shell cat.
    Now, if the cat didn't have eigther of those points about it ,making it a 'novelty' in the eyes of some (DH), we most probably would still be cat free.(After 16 yrs of 2 cats)
    I mean, it wasn't that long ago where our Jack Russell and partner in crime, assassinated some of our feathered family...sigh...
    also the pound/shelter was offering a Christmas special (can you believe it?)The cherry on top.
    FIL decided after their trip toCanada ,that they too would like a discounted fluff ball. Right or wrong, he wanted the massive male Gray...(DH gleefully reported that his dad got the dud and we lucked out). Nothing like a bit of familial competition I s'pose.
    Yep. A real mongrel. Sprays everywhere, even though they shelled out to get him fixed too.

    News flash- movie still has No Talking. Exciting stuff...

    Granni- you sure keep busy! I tried to use a ball to sit on instead of a chair. It's s'posed to strengthen the core, but it really hurt my back.

    Sun- I wish I was at your treasure hunt! Sounded like it went off well. DH does that Esster eggs around the yard. They all claim they are still young enough to play such games. It's the whole hot and cold thing that gets them going.
    We bought a house with mold problems. Scrubbed and sprayed with vinegar, bleach , ammonia and sugar soap. I think the cheapest was the best- the vinegar. It came back too and I think may have been responsible for the colds we kept getting. That was in Bsllarat. We sold it and moved to a dryer , mold free place. I think it needed to be ripped out.
    Power tools are fantastic!! DH got sick of me using his, so I have a few of my own now. Also, my Treasures often get me Philips head drill bits, as prezzies, 'cause I often chew the tops out ( due to lack in arm strength at times). Oh and cable ties are great too! I managed to put up a screen of shade cloth using mostly cable ties. Gee it's sooo much easier than tie-wire...of course, it helps to have the energy in the first place!! Hope your neck and joints ease up soon.

    Rock-ask Gordon to knit or crochet, (whatever his thing is), a pair of those woollen toe socks forya. Bet that'd keep 'em toasty.
    Hope the water works is on track.

    Can't believe this movie is still on! & still no talking! I wonder if you get paid less, for that. ?

    Oh. Wait for it. He's going to say something. I can hardly wait. What will the hundred thousand dollar word be??
    I daren't hazard a guess...
    Awww. What a surprise. It's the F word. Waited all night for that ray of sunshine, but then I guess he's been ship wrecked and is floating in a dinghy in the middle of the ocean... What more could one say?
    I s'pose this couch isn't that bad after all!
    On that note, I shall wave from the balcony (as the local radio presenter here says),till next time...

    Happy new year to all,( if I don't catch yas before then)
    Also to Elaine, Dianne and Linda and all else dropping by.

    Take care
    Catch yas later
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    Good Morning, Dear Ones,

    I pulled the plug and battery on my computer and it seems to have unstuck the keyboard (knocking on wood). When all else fails with my computer and cable box, I've learned to reboot it by pulling the power. When that fails with cable and internet, I call the robot and he sends a signal to reboot. So far, it has worked every time. Even the slow Amazon Fire TV box finally got rebooted. Seems I've had a lot going wrong lately in all areas of my life but it seems to work out OK in the end. That was always my Mom's message to me. I've been compelled to look at the clock at 7:11 every morning and I think she is still telling me it's all gonna be OK. I miss my Mom.

    Yes, yesterday's fiasco with Sir Vester was a close call. I don't know how I'd get him back if he got away. He used to get under the cars so no one could get to him. He's infamous for getting into others' vehicles. I'd try a harness but I don't want to put a flea collar on him nor treat him with meds. If he got fleas in his long hair, it would be awful trying to get rid of them not to mention that I don't want fleas anywhere near me. Yikes! I wasn't on a stool. I was using the loooong tool on the Shop Vac to reach the cobwebs higher up. Even that was too much for my arms and shoulders.

    I'm going to go over to see Bob and leave the key for Nancy's kids. I'll be so glad to have her back and she's ready to come home out of the cold. Brrrrr! I'm hauling some dead orchids to the dumpster and am going to pile up the clay pots down behind our hedge. Jeff tried growing them on his lanai and he couldn't either. As I've mentioned, I don't want to be working outside when Barb is here. Yesterday, after I dropped in here, I took the screens off my storm door and kitchen window and cleaned the glass. I have a really nice, but old, storm door. I can take the two glass panels out completely, slide the top one down or leave the glass in both top and bottom. Problem is getting the glass panels out to clean. There's a real trick to it and I forget how it's done between cleanings. This probably means I should clean them more often.

    Gonna post this and come back to edit.

    While I rested yesterday afternoon, I watched American Sniper. Again, not a movie with a happy ending but a really good movie nonetheless. TV news shows are having critics on to mention their favorite movies of 2016. One mentioned the Helen Mirren movie, Eye In The Sky. I mentioned it here. It is a really good movie and she is great, as always. I finished reading Lift And Separate. It used humor to describe being left by a lousy husband for another woman, a husband whose every word is a lie. I can certainly relate to that. The kids and I still use humor to deal with the pain of it all. The characters' dialog was sooooo NY. No one can bicker like New Yorkers. It's what made Moonstruck such a funny movie to me and my DDs. DSIL from NYC and his Mom talk just like that and he didn't see what was so funny. At the end of the book, the heroine realizes that she's better off without her weak ex and is ready to move on with her life. It took me a long time to get to that point but I did. It's still sad to me but I don't stay long in the land of What Might Have Been. What is isn't always a bowl of cherries but, at least, I'm the captain of my own ship without a weak duplicitous mate dragging me down. I'm stronger for the struggle, and the struggle for my health, but I wouldn't mind if the good Lord spared me some of this stuff I deal with. Just sayin'...

    Julie, I guess I either forgot, or failed to realize in the first place, that GPA had a full military service. I didn't know the spent shells were given to the families. Did you get the flag? I used to get great buys on things for DGS but he's now into only certain clothing so I don't bother. You're right; at some point, you probably won't be able to buy things for the kids to wear. Keira is such a fashionista that she could help the rest of the cousins with their clothing choices. Yes, poor Sir Vester. I wish I could let him out. It's what he lives for. He's been plotting his great escape for some time and just seized the opportunity. It meant pushing open two heavy doors and running like the wind. Reminds me of Steve McQueen in the movie minus the motorcycle. Glad you got so much done and got to enjoy DB without the ever-mopey and rude SIL. Glad you got your Dad's glasses. It was awful waiting a week for my new ones. How nice of your Amish neighbors to bring the ham. Take time to rest and recover today.

    I'll post and edit again here.

    Granni, oops! I forgot about the no-dairy thing. It's kinda like you're damned if you do and damned if you don't. If DH has cholesterol issues, it might be better for him to switch to butter. I still eat some white taters but not that much. Hope you can stop back in.

    Spring, that little doggie is sooooo cute. Here in the hood, people have to walk their dogs and clean up after them. I can't imagine having to do that several times a day. On the other hand, it's a social thing. Of course, I get to enjoy others' dogs without the burden of having to walk one. I think it's the only thing which keeps Nancy going sometimes. Her dog, Chewy, is getting old and isn't well. I'm also glad I don't have decorations to put away this year. I love them but just don't have the NRG to deal with them. Is your peanut candy hard? Our peanut brittle is very hard, hence the name. It sticks to the teeth and isn't good for them but it's oooooh sooooo good! I loved Helen Mirren in The Queen too. She's an amazing actress. Saw Queen Elizabeth giving her Christmas broadcast. She and Prince Phillip have both been sick but she looked as nice as ever. Her big hair amazes me. What do y'all do for New Year's?

    Star, I'm laughing at your post. I'm sorry you've been off color but in this country, that term means something naughty, dirty, or risqué. If I'm feeling off color, it's usually when I've just told a dirty joke. I know that's not what you meant and I hope you are feeling better. I always say we have two seasons here in SW FL: Hot 'n Hotter. This is the time of year when, usually, we seldom get any rain and the temps are in the 70's F. We have nice balmy breezes. It's been in the 80's and more humid with breezes. Today, it will only get to 68 degrees and we got some rain last night. It will go right back up into the 80's in a day or two. In the summer, it's in the 90's and very humid. FL is a very long state so it's not as hot up in the northern part. Down here, we are not far from the Tropic of Cancer. Hope you are feeling better. It's good to see you here.

    Well, Kiddies, I'm gonna grab a bath and get going for the day. I always feel hot and my sweat stinks. AACCKK!!! I wish this stuff would leave without doing more harm. Dear Old Friend just called and I told him I wasn't up to doing anything tomorrow. Of course, he was very understanding. His kids just left and I think he feels relieved. Of course, we all love to see our kids coming for a visit but it's hard on us and throws everything into disarray. I'm just praying for the NRG to do what needs doing today. Hope all y'all do too.

    Love, Mikie
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  11. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Hi gang! I got a lot of sleep last bed by 9:45 and didn't wake up till Amy texted me at 7:30. Slept so sound I didn't even hear Den start up my car, open the big overhead door and head to work...I hear it almost every other morning because the shop is only a thin wall away from our bed and the car has a very loud squeaky belt (I think Den has one on order.)

    So, once I get enough coffee in me, I should be raring to go, lol! I still have the cinnamon roll/Chex Mix mess from yesterday to clean up...and haven't even touched the upstairs "kids' office" from when they were all here. Amy said Keira is coming here tomorrow, so I want to get things straightened up. She and I will probably be in the downstairs guest room so we don't disturb Den...he's still not feeling that great, but starts call tonight and will need to get his rest.

    Den was shaking his head, wondering why on earth the kids want to be at Gma and Gpa's house, lol! Well, I don't really know, except I imagine Keira wants to practice sewing...and I make time for her, no matter what's going on. Just as I enjoyed the season of Lindsey's family living next door, I will also enjoy this season while Keira's young enough to think I hung the moon and stars...that may all change in an instant once she finds other interests (like a boyfriend, hobby, etc., etc.)

    Granni, just thought I would mention that whenever I am dairy free, I use this stuff called "ghee"'s a clarified butter and is still natural, but considered not dairy. It's not cheap, and probably only found in certain stores, but might be an alternative to margarine, etc....just a thought.

    Spring, what a sweet puppy! Looks so sad, but still so cute...

    Oh my...your son dyed his new pants? Would almost be comical if it hadn't ruined other clothes in the wash. Sounds like my dear daddy...he will only wear blue tee shirts at the care center, and will only wear other shirts if they have blue in them, so I make sure even his other long sleeve shirts have at least some blue.

    Yes, it's a whole different atmosphere when SIL isn't around. Brother is somehow able to think for himself (not always asking her to confirm what he is talking about) and not constantly having to ask her if she's okay as she sits with her head in her hands or pretending she can't breathe or whatever. I would never tell him, but his wife is just another version of our mother (only with different reasons)...with Mom's anxiety and emotional problems it was hard for her to socialize with some people, but easy with others.

    That's how SIL is...she can be a ball of cheer and the life of the party if she's with people she "approves" of or is trying to impress. I still think she is so insecure and jealous about my brother having anything to do with anyone other than her friends or family, she just can't stand for him to be around his "own people." And I have always been the closest to him, so I am the biggest "threat"...just have to work with what we've got, true?

    Star, it was so good to hear from you! How funny about the silent movie with only the F word....hard to say what my "word" would be if I was stranded on a boat, lol!

    The jello recipe...pretty easy....
    2 (3 oz.) or 1 (6 oz.) box of orange jello
    8 oz. cream cheese
    1 small carton orange yogurt
    1 can crushed pineapple (drain juice) maybe 16 or 21 oz?
    1 small container of Cool Whip (or maybe two cups whipped cream?)

    Make jello as usual, let it get almost set. Soften cream cheese (and I beat it with a mixer to make it creamier and mix better...or there is "pre-whipped.")
    Mix cream cheese, and yogurt in with jello with mixer...stir in pineapple, then fold in whipped topping. Let set completely.

    It's just very refreshing, and one can add as much or as little of the whipped topping as desired.

    I'm not a quilter, per se...just sewed a piece of satin blanket binding onto a piece of fabric that had the scene on it and was already quilted. I've stitched a quilt pattern onto some printed pillow tops before, but I don't know how to piece a quilt together. That is one of my goals for this new year...get my own machine fixed and do some more sewing....

    Mikie, I'm glad you didn't get hurt, but so sorry you are paying for the paining and cleaning. And now Barb will be here, which adds stress...that's not healthy, either.

    Yes, Grandpa was a WWII veteran...he wasn't at the actual landing of Normandy, but was there a couple of weeks later. I didn't realize the Honor Guard even picked up the spent shells (Keira's "bullets") until I saw a short video that our photographer had taken...then Den showed me they had given them all to him. And they also presented Den with the flag...he has the flag and shells in the wooden box that he made for his dad's cremains (buried the ashes in the little plastic box they came in, but had the wooden box at the service too.) He was going to give the wooden box to his sister, but after the way she acted, he decided to keep it much work and love went into building it...

    I guess I'd better just say "Hi" to everyone else and get busy. I hear the second washer load almost done and I haven't even hung out the first load yet. It's a balmy 26 degrees, but will get up to mid 40' at least things won't stay frozen, lol!

  12. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Seems kinda lonely here today. I've just been putzing around, doing a little of this and a little of that. Had to lie down a bit eyes got so blurry after I ate...I just couldn't see. Was trying to fix the hem on a couple of pillowcases with Keira's machine and had to have my head practically resting on the fabric to see what I was doing...glad I'm getting my eyes checked next week. Checked my blood sugar...98. Haven't been having any problems with blood pressure; they checked it every time I went to the gyno recently. Wondering if the "baby cataracts" I've had for awhile have suddenly matured.

    Anyway, I need to step up my game. Amy said Keira wanted to come here this evening. Keira texted and wants me to have her mom call her dad to get this all okayed....her dad and all were on their way to his parents already, so she will only be 30 minutes away from us, and I can go get her. But, have to be tactful and mindful of everyone before just making plans...technically, it's still her dad's time with her. At least it doesn't seem like the new baby is making her want to be around her dad and family any more than usual. Amy was worried that Keira would want to go live with her dad since there was a baby in the house...but I imagine things are pretty hectic there, and the things that were "not pleasant" have only gotten worse with the new little one around (adults not getting enough sleep, being tied down, etc., etc.)

    So, I am just here to help out wherever and whenever I can. One thing with Keira, she likes to keep busy...whether playing, cooking/baking, watching TV or computer, or working around the house or gathering firewood...and she doesn't always need closely supervised.

    Thought I would just check in and see if anyone's around...hope all is ok.

  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    I got my bath, did my makeup but my hair was useless so just ran my hands through it and went to the store. I wasn't going to go until tomorrow but, since I felt up to it, decided to go. It was cold outside so I wore my hoodie. The wind had a real bite to it. This will likely be our only day of 'winter.' Publix had Bush beans on BOGO so I got some for chili and some for ham 'n beans. Ham steaks were also on BOGO. Cat food was on BOGO too so even the rascally Sir Vester got something in the deal. Chatted with one of my favorite cashiers and one of my favorite bag boys. On the way home, I realized I really wasn't feeling well. Glad I went when I did. I came home and put the dead orchids into a trash bag and threw them in the dumpster. I went to see Bob for the last time until Nancy gets home and left the key for her kids. I texted her that Bob was fine. Glad I did as she had been worrying about him.

    I got a text from Grace that Barb was sick and they took her to the hosp. somewhere in PA. She thought it was a bad cold. Another couple who is coming with them will arrive tomorrow. Grace remembers them and says they are nice. Thank God! Evidently Barb's kids will have to wait until she can travel, probably tomorrow. I had a premonition that she would get sick on the way down. I get these things now and then. I wasn't really surprised. I said a prayer that she would be OK. I would be glad if she never darkened my doorstep again but not by being sick. It was a bad cold and bronchitis which preceded her first stroke. Her kids came down here sick and gave it to her. The stroke happened after they went home. When she got sick, she stopped taking her blood thinner and that probably caused the stroke.

    I just watched The Conjuring. It was a really scary story based on a true event. There are sooooo many movies available for free on On Demand but one has to really search through the crap to find good ones. I've started a new book but don't know whether it'll be any good. Nothing on TV so decided to watch In The Good Old Summertime with Van Johnson, Judy Garland and Spring Byington.

    Julie, I remember that beautiful box Den Made, just forgot the rest about GPAs service. Right now, I'm forgetting more than I remember. Told the cashier at Publix that I don't even know where my reusable bags are. Also told her to sanitize everything after I left. At least, I wasn't coughing and sneezing all over the groceries like some people were. That jello sounds good. I think it would work well with other flavors too. Reminds me of salads Mom used to take to pot luck parties.

    Rock, I was thinking of you because I couldn't get warm. I covered up with my softy wafty blanket on the sofa while I watched TV. I make a little nest for myself when I'm sick. My kids do the same thing. I'm wearing my slippers. I like to wear soft loose socks to keep my feet warm but I'm wearing Capri pants and just couldn't bring myself to commit such a fashion faux pas. Hope you're staying warm and feeling well.

    I don't make New Year's resolutions but I do make New Year's wishes. As much as I'd like to wish for myself, I'm making world peace my main wish, just like all those beauty contestants. OK, feeling sick and my head aches so will bid y'all adieu. Have a nice evening.

    Love, Mikie
  14. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Mikie, glad you got to the store while you could...isn't that weird...we feel okay one minute, then it just hits. I used to have to make several trips to town just to accomplish what it should only have taken a couple of hours.

    Sorry Barb is sick. What a sad, miserable life. Glad the people who will be here with her are decent folks.

    I am laughing at your fashion faux pas...good thing nobody can see me most days. Today, I went to the clothesline in shorts, tee shirt, chore jacket, snowboots without socks, and a stocking cap on my head. Around the house, if I get the stove too hot, I wear shorts and a camisole thingy...with tee shirts close by in case someone comes to the door, lol!

    Waiting for Keira to let me know what time to get her. Amy talked to Keira's dad and he said Keira could come out here tonight...she'll be here till Sunday. We'll figure out how to get her home then.

    Gonna vacuum upstairs before Den gets home...he will want a nap, I'm sure.
  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Trying to read some of the posts quickly. Need to go wash my hair as tomorrow I will getting the turkey I've had in the freezer for ages out of there. Will have it New Years Day for DD close by. Hope I can get back tomorrow to post. It seems like DH has been using the computer a lot and so I haven't. Glad to hear some of you have gotten something accomplished, at least a little bit JULIE. You do more than all of us put together sometimes :)!!

    Wanted to wish everyone in case I don't get back here tomorrow Happy New Year. Our New Years Eve will be quiet, not doing anything. We will watch some TV and maybe make our midnight if we are lucky. Some of the TV shows might just put me to sleep LOL :)!! Maybe we will find something with some good music if we are lucky. Seems like so much is geared to the very young these days.

    My hair awaits - yuck. So off I go and try and wash my hair with the cut on my finger from that stupid mandolin while cutting cucumbers without a guard. Not a smart idea. It is in a terrible place and driving me crazy. Trying to do so much and clean out my drawers to find stuff for the small armoire I got for jewelry and then have loads of stuff not sure what to do with and in the mood to throw out. Now I have junk all over my dresser.

    JULIE - Have fun with Keira this weekend. I know you both will have fun.

    MIKIE - Hope you start to feel better soon . Sorry Barb is coming and that she is ill. Not a good thing and hope there are no more problems with her.

    Hope to get back tomorrow. Not sure what I touched but the porch s so small and hard to get back on the right page where everything is normal size.:(

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Gordon just brought in a package from Pro Health. Got some Stevia and other
    stuff. I wonder why the Illinois company that makes it calls it "Better Stevia".
    Wouldn't "The Best Stevia" encourage more customers? I can only hope the
    Stevia will help allivia some of my ailments.

    Went to the library today. The library is closing 2 and a half days for
    the holidays. Anyhoo I got some TV shows on DVD. But the soundtracks!
    It's more like noise tracks. The dialogue is frequently drown out.

    Granni, those kitchen mandolins can be dangerous. Gordon has one too, but
    he hardly ever gets it out. The musicals mandolin can also be hazardous.
    Well, not really. Just stringing you along. Our New Year's Eve will be a
    quiet evening at home too. Same as we have every night. When I was a kid
    my Dad would sometimes fire a shotgun at midnight while listening
    to Guy Lombardo's orchestra.

    Julie, sounds like you were a nice example of haute couture today. That's
    what we have in Minnesota too. Clothes to keep you hot; or at least warm.
    Your orange Jello recipe sounds pretty good. I remember Mom mixed up
    Jello, fruit and whipped cream.

    Mikie, I love In the Good Old Summertime. Probably the greatest "meet cute"
    scene on film. And Liza made her debut in the final scene. As you probably
    know, there was a non musical about a decade earlier with Jimmy Stewart. And
    the film was remade again with e mails instead of letters a few years ago.
    Don't remember what that film was titled. Thank you for your warm wishes.
    I am staying warm with lots of layers. (No roosters in sight.)

    Yup, Debbie first danced in Singing in the Rain. I've read the story a couple
    times about her frustration with learning to dance. Fred Astaire found her
    in a rehearsal room under a grand piano crying. He told her, Yes, dancing
    was really hard work and encouraged her. Both Gene and Fred were perfectionists.
    Would work for days on each dance number before it was filmed.

    Star, happy to see you were up to doing a long, newsy post. I don't know
    what movie you saw. I quit going to the movies in the mid 80s. With regard
    to Gordon knitting socks, he has knit slippers for me; several pair over the
    years. I quit wearing them a couple years ago after one of them nearly
    killed me.

    I walked into the kitchen of this old house. The linoleum was held in place
    at the doorway buy a metal strip screwed into the floor. The slipper yarn
    caught on a protruding screw and yanked me backwards. I flew up into the
    air like a cartoon character. I felt like I was horizontal in mid flight. Landed
    with a big thump. Somehow my bad back was not aggravated, but no more knit
    slippers for me.

    Springwater, hard to tell if the cute pic you posted is a real dog or a plush
    one. Yes, Debbie was a triple threat: sang, danced and acted. She grew up
    in Burbank, a suburb of LA in the San Fernando Valley. The first thing she
    did when made some money in the movies was buy a swimming pool for
    her parents' home.

    Freshly roasted peanuts sound wonderful. Haven't been able to eat peanuts
    for a long time. When I was young many dime and department stores had
    little stands where the peanuts were roasted and then kept hot with a
    heat lamp. They were fresh and delicious.

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  17. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member


    Granni - armoire sounds very French. I must look it up. Must be pretty. I hope your hair behaves. Mine is dry, as usual.

    Mikie - ack! Don't look at stuff like Conjuring, if possible. It's giving energy to those things. Our Pranic Healers don't like to even hear the word...D. None of them will hv anything to do with stuff like that and a good 30 % of cases of people coming for healing are related to stuff like that. It's only the higher up ones who will take on healings and we don't hv those here. Those who hv years of meditation and purification behind them. They're strong enough to take such in. It's sad because our country needs such healings.

    Even the Conjuring prt II is actual fact. Theosophy studies teach this.. about astral travel and being harmed by lower energies in the astral realms. My DD told me when her friends were watching, she didn't because she has also attended some classes on Pranic Healing, when she was here last ,where it touches on theosophy.

    Luckily we hv the other side. Saying the rosary, the Lord's Prayer, etc brings down so much divine light. Of course, Buddhists, Hindus hv their own prayers. Equally powerful.:)

    Take care.

    Julie - in addition to everything , you are sewing ornamental stuff. ?!No wonder Keira thinks you are the center of the universe. I think it's the place I am at, hurrying scurrying to get things done...I groan when I hear of anew baby. I love them, and their dear little faces, and wee hands and feet, their milky soft smell, but I'm really not upto baby caring. I want them to come into a place which is all love and light...and where they can experience life freely without restrictions.

    I was just peeking in...and it's morning and I needto tackle the daily chores. I will be back after tackling the same.

    Ah, I see, Rock has been in while I was typing. As usual, has served up a hilarious post. I laughed so much when you wrote power paint brush on the other thread. I was imagining it. All the accidents happening.

    God bless
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  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning Dear Porchies,


    It's so good to see all the posts when I come here but wish our MIAs were up to posting. Little prayer going up. I got to sleep early last night and only woke once. I got up at 4:30 this morning which is early but I had plenty of sleep. Sir Vester was all bright eyed and bushy tailed. This cold weather is making him zippy. It's only 46 degrees; it'll get into the 70's today. I'm coughing a bit and I'm still hoping it doesn't go into my chest. Every year, I dread Barb's and her kids' coming down for a month. I pray for protection against her anger. I feel guilty for hoping she can't come down because illness is about the only reason she wouldn't come. So, this morning, I not only prayed that she gets better but that she enjoys her visit. Finally, I've come to grips with the situation. It is only normal for me to feel this way but when I prayed for her to enjoy the visit, something of the divine touched my spirit and I now feel free of the dread. It is sooo important to get past the petty human feelings and to reach out to God and our highest angels to restore us to a spiritual level where there is peace. Just hope this feeling lasts. It ain't easy to take the high road but it's worth the effort. It has a freeing effect.

    I need to bring in my huge packs of toilet paper and paper towels from the back of the Highlander. I always buy in bulk and it saves a bundle, no pun intended. I cleaned out my old paint and need to put it in a plastic bin in the back to haul it to the hazardous materials dump so I need the space being taken up by paper products. I have some chemicals to clean my guns and am going to haul it down too. I think there is more danger from those than from not cleaning the guns. I haven't been to the firing range in several years so haven't needed to clean them. The semi-automatic is not easy to tear down and reassemble so will take it to the gunsmith when or if it needs done. The revolver is easy to clean but really doesn't need it as there is no complex mechanism involved. It's the one I have for self-protection because I can always count on it as long as it's loaded. The semi jammed on my once at the firing range and it was the most helpless feeling in the world. The revolver is much smaller and easier to carry. It's sad that our little town is soooo violent that I feel the need to carry when I go anywhere close to town. The violence has spread into formerly safe areas like mine.

    Gonna post this to avoid losing my entire post. I'll be back to edit and add.

    Julie, now I'm laughing at your description of your fashion choices. When I lived in CO, I would often wear shorts in the wintertime when I was inside. Then, like you, I would layer up for comfort at any temp. For awhile in CA, it was chic to wear shorts with those UGG boots. I think that ship has sailed for me. I'm so pasty and out of shape now that I don't want anyone to see me in short. Yikes! Not a pretty sight. Yes, even when I'm not sick, I'll hit the wall when I'm out trying to run errands. Yesterday, it was that instant kind of sick one gets with a cold which descended on me. I just sprayed some Nasacort up my nose to alleviate the stuffiness and other cold symptoms. I hope you, Den and Keira have a wonderful New Year's celebration.

    Granni, do you have a food processor? Mine has a blade for slicing. I like to hand slice but don't do it really fast like the chefs on TV. I've thought of buying one of those mandolins but I'd probably just go on slicing by hand and it would take up space I don't have. I dread having to wash and blow dry my hair too. I am going to go to the beauty supply store to get a razor to dry cut my hair. I've watched videos on You Tube so I can try it. Grace is a stylist and says I do a good job of cutting my own hair. Hope your turkey turns out delicious and you enjoy your New Year's day with DD. I think I'll make the chili while it's still cool here. Gotta get the ground beef patties out to thaw in the fridge. I'll brown the meat before adding to the slow cooker. Hope your cut heals at warp speed.

    OK, gonna post and edit one more time. The computer shut down with an error message yesterday so the ether gremlins are still wreaking havoc.

    Spring, I don't think I'll watch more of those kinds of movies. One is enough. I'll smudge the condo today with sage packets. I pray every day for protection and evoke the divine light. I hope you got through those chores OK and hope you come back soon.

    Rock, the movie kept crashing so finally gave up watching it. The news is so lousy these days that I try to find some kind of escape to occupy my pea brain. I had read years ago that people working on Fred Astaire's and Gene Kelley's movies got sick of all the retakes to get the dance numbers perfect. I guess that's why we love to watch them. There is a good movie, White Knights, with Mikhail Baryshnikov and Gregory Hines, in which there is some excellent dancing and it's a good suspense movie too. I recommend it. It's not your typical Hollywood dance musical. Your experience with the knitted slippers was scary just to read. I'm glad you weren't seriously injured. Have you seen the soft slippers with the flexible semi-hard soles? They provide the comfort of slippers with the safety of a better sole. I could have kept the gripper socks from the hospital but they didn't fit and weren't comfortable. I still like my roomy socks for keeping snug and warm but, like your knitted slippers, they aren't safe. Here in the Deep South, one can find boiled peanuts. I had always thought they sounded gross but bought some up in GA and they were delicious. Hope you and Gordon have a nice New Year's Eve.

    I hope to finish doing anything which entails going outside today. I don't know when Barb and her kids will arrive but Grace will likely know. She doesn't know why Barb's daughter is texting her about it. I think it's because Ilona isn't here and Barb has alienated me, Joe and David downstairs. Grace is about the only one left and she really doesn't want to be involved. I was just compelled to look at the clock and it's 7:11. Mom must be here telling me everything will be OK.

    I'm sending big wishes for a very Happy New Year to everydobby.

    Love, Mikie

    Update: Ooh, ooh, One of Harriet's eggs has hatched. News showed a short glimpse of the eaglet on the Eagle Cam. It's cold here and she is using her beak to pull some of the soft material in the nest around her and the chick. The other egg should hatch any day now. This is so exciting. She and her new man are such great parents. Some good news to warm my heart on a cold day.
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  19. lincamp

    lincamp Member

    Happy New Year!!

    Mikie your call to MIA's lured me in, meant to post for Christmas but because I hosted I was busy ALL day long cooking, needless to say, I was shot for a few days after. Unfortunatly or fortunaltey I am the most able bodied of the family to host such an event, the age range was 88-92...LOL.

    Sorry to hear how you remain dragging but happy to know the stoned have finally rolled on

    July so nice of you teach Keira to sew, my aunt taught me as well as my Home ec classes in Jr. High. I used to sew a lot, even made my bridesmaid dresses, now the machine sits and collects dust except for occasional hem here and there.

    Rock what a hospital ordeal you had, I cant believe things like that really happen today, such a liability, that said, the medical world is so full of errors, been caught in a few myself as I prepare for my upcoming surgery, January 12th.

    Sun sorry your shoulder and head are hurting so much, don't forget the steroid option, it was like magic on my shoulder, haven't had a problem w my shoulder in over a year ( finger crossed I didn't jinx myself there)

    Spring, yes, I too drool over your recipes, I love your cuisine, I am lucky in that my area is known to have many different restaurants offering many different worldly cuisines, Tai, Chinese, Vietnamese, Indian,
    Mediterranean, Greek, Italian, Irish, the list goes on.

    Granni busy as usual,

    Tonight will be a quiet one, speaking of different restaurants, we received 3 different gift cards to restaurants so will make a culinary decision as to what country we are in the mood for tonights early New Years Eve meal. We will be in bed when the ball drops...getting old....sigh

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  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Linda, soooo good to see you here. Glad you could host everyone seeing as how you're just a kid. I know, though, just what an event like that can take out of a person. I hope you're recovering. Yes, a rolling, or passing, stone gathers no moss so I'm glad they are gone. Now, if only this head cold would go away... How nice to choose your kind of ethnic cuisine. Kinda like Epcot Center only with better food. I keep thinking I'll get to our Indian restaurant but just haven't felt up to going out. I owe everyone under the sun lunch so will see whether my bland-eating friends might like to try something different. To them, Mexican food is exotic and most don't like to eat anything spicy. I made some seafood gumbo and gave some to my friend, Joe. He told his kids that he liked it but it was too spicy. His kids said, "Imagine that! Spicy gumbo!" Duh! My sewing machine sits in a closet because I no longer have the NRG to do anything. I've had fabric for a valance for my sliding glass doors but I'm not sure I really like the fabric and I was busy dealing with the dreaded stones. You sound so good. I hope you enjoy your New Year's Eve.

    My bod is trying to purge this nasty virus. I've run to the porcelain facility five times already and don't think I'm through. Fine by me. I'm ready to be done with this. In fact, I'm ready for some healing and NRG. Just hope my bod gets the message. I managed to get my shower and do my hair. Boy does it need a trim but I want to wait til I get the razor. Still haven't done my makeup but I have that down to only a couple of minutes. As Granni says, the bed was screaming to be changed so I stripped off the sheets and they are in the washer. I have a dark brown bottom sheet and pillowcases and a blue top sheet and pillowcases so they have to be washed separately. Just saw a segment on This Old House on selecting a new washer and dryer. The old top loaders used 40 gallons per load! Wow! New ones use much less, with the front loaders, which measure the loads, only using about 13 gallons per load. I love my front loader and am glad that it's also efficient. I loooove This Old House. Only wish I were younger and had more $$$ so I could redo an old house. In a prior life, I must have been in construction.

    I got hungry after just having coffee earlier so fixed some scrambled eggs with crumbled sausage in them. I also fixed some toast. It tasted good but I felt a bit nauseated after eating. After I ate, I unloaded and loaded the dishwasher and cleaned up a bit in the kitchen. I'm really not focused but am just doing a bit here and there. I still have to go down and unload things so I can get my old paint outta here. I'm not gonna push myself today but will continue to do a bit here and a bit there. This place is such a mess that it really doesn't matter where I start. Once one's been sick and everything is a mess, it's almost impossible to catch up. I don't mind dying but I always ask the Lord not to take me while the condo's such a mess. I'm gonna live forever.

    Gonna post and edit as the computer is acting up.

    Both Joe and my Dear Old Friend called to wish me a Happy New Year. Joe's new fridge is sposda be delivered today. They had to special order it because he still has beige applainces in his kitchen. It's good that they are available even by special order. I decided to get stainless steel when I got the new fridge. Next will be a new dishwasher. I probably should have just gotten it when I got the fridge. Don't know when I'll replace the range and microwave because they usually last forever. I hope the W&D keep working for a loooong time. Otherwise, I might be out beating my laundry on a stone with a stick at the little pond behind our bldg.

    I've run out of things to say. I know, I know, first time for everything. I've also run outta excuses for not working around here. Sooooo, it's back to the salt mines. No rest for the wicked. Hope everydobby who needs rest will get it.

    Love, Mikie
    Last edited: Dec 31, 2016

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