New Yorkers and ssdi claims

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  1. tadah

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    Hi i am a newbie to this type of thing but i am at a little peace in reading your messages.I am 7 weeks till my short term disability running out and am about to be diagnosed with cfs and maybe fm as well and i want to know if i should retain an atty. now or wait till i am denied the 1st time and if any new yorkers are out there please let me know how receptive they are here in n.y. and how long it really takes to get it?
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  2. jakeg

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    Hi tadah

    I'm not from NY, I'm from PA. so don't know how long it would be there, but I would recommend a lawyer right from the start.

    If you search on this subject you will see that almost everybody has had to get one sooner or later.

    I think sooner would be better then later. I've hired one myself and will be applying for ssdi this month.

    This way the lawyer will have all the info right from the beggining of the process, and will not have to dig for all of the paperwork that is involved.

    Take Care


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