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  1. lisabk

    lisabk New Member

    My name's Lisa. Just got back from seeing a new physician and as I was giving her what my husband refers to as "the litany", she listened and listened and finally said, "Have you considered fibromyalgia?"

    I've been reading up on it for the last few months or so and most of the symptoms sounded familiar (the pain, the CogFog, fatigue, etc), but another doctor I saw clearly thought I was insane and that nothing was wrong with me. This new doctor all but diagnosed me - after poking around and examining my ribs (I also have costochondritis, which I noticed about 3 years ago, but the last doctor just poked at and said, "Hmmm."), she ordered bloodwork which should be back tomorrow. She seemed to think she'd be able to rule out just about everything she was testing for. She spent time with me and listened to me. I almost started crying. I'm 37 and it's been many years of back pain, neck pain, headaches, carpal tunnel, poor sleep, crabbiness, brainfog, tender points, trigger points and who knows what else... since I was a teenager! I'm 37 now and refuse to let this disorder go any further. I've been under a lot of stress the last year or so and have to learn how to get myself together. It's such a vicious cycle.

    She prescribed Trazodone to help with the sleep issue (I can fall asleep, but I'm not staying there) and though I'm not a drug-taker by nature, I might consider this. Anyone have personal experience? How about diet modification? I already try to exercise almost every day if I can.

    Anyway, hello! I look forward to learning and sharing with others.
  2. Busyknitter2

    Busyknitter2 New Member

    Glad to hear you finally found a good Dr.

    My story is a lot like yours. I am older than you thou. I suffered many years with the same ailments. I went to many Drs. I was with one Dr. and she kept running tests, but nothing ever came back postive, and than they quit letting me know the results.

    One weekend I was so miserible that my husband took me to an immediate care. The Dr. walked in and when I told him how I was feeling he said "If I was a betting man I would bet that you have fibromyaliga". Since it was an immediate care he could not me my primary Dr. My husband on Monday called my Dr. and said that he was tired of them giving me the run around and not taking care of me and if they could not do it we would find another Dr.

    They sent me to a rheumy and she had to run more tests as the other Dr. had not completed some tests. I guess the test for Lupus came back slightly postive and they did not run the rest of the test. She said that I had fibro. It took alot of years to finally find out.

    I know what a relief it is to finally know what it is and that the Drs. who act like it is in our heads where wrong.
  3. musikmaker

    musikmaker New Member

    My story is similar also. I have been suffering from this since I was a child. I am now 54. Over the years I flare and then get better. However, as I have gotten older the recovery is slower, the flares are harsher and come more often. I have finally retired from work and am now working only on improving my quality of life.

    There is tons of info on this board, the web and lots of books to read. It can be overwhelming and a bit disheartening. You will most likely try a lot of different approaches until you find what works for you. This in itself can be a long process and I believe a never ending one.

    Don't be afraid to ask lots of questions. Someone on the board will be able to answer. Good luck finding your balance.
  4. NyroFan

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    Sorry you are going through this.

    Trazadone is a very good medication for sleep.(for me)

  5. lilaclover30

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    Welcome to a wonderful board! You will find a lot of help here and meet many friends who will support you.

    Yes, Trazadone is wonderful. I never even remember dropping off to sleep. Last night for the first time, I didn't wake up for the bathroom until 4: a.m. It was soooo wonderful to feel rested.

    I hope you can find some help. We are all looking for something.

    Have you filled out your profile? It is so nice to see you "in person" and know all about you.

    Good Luck and Gentle Hugs Lisa

  6. karenreese

    karenreese New Member

    Welcome Lisa
    I'm fairly new myself and have already learned much from the terrific people here. Hope your doing okay, tc! Karen
  7. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Lots of nice folks here to share experiences, jokes, recipes, horror stories, etc.

    I took trazadone for a couple years. Worked as an antidepressant. Didn't help w/ sleep.

    I read your profile. Got a quaint mental picture of you rollerblading around the kitchen while canning tomatoes.
  8. lisabk

    lisabk New Member

    Well, it doesn't happen exactly that way, but it's a good visual...
  9. thelionrose

    thelionrose New Member

    It can work well but in some it can cause severe mygraine headaches. If your head start to hurt like it never has before, discontinue the med and see if the headache goes away

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