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    I posted this on the other board also as I feel it is important.

    Every Dr., every article, anything aired on TV...and we do it also....
    Feels the need to explain that many doctors thinks our illness is mental in some fashion or another.

    I see articles where Fibro and ME/CFIDS had childhood abuse, some with sexual abuse. I did not. I am not taking away that abuse is not to be taken lightly. But I do not think that is the cause of our illness.

    Lets take a poll, who loves green beans, a cook out, skating (at least when young), drink water. Did or do color their hair and used make up. Played baseball? Colored in coloring books?

    I bet the poll numbers would all be larger than the abuse issues. So should we blame it on any of those things?

    Lets stop that. Even to friends and family. That way if they no longer get that message they will stop using that "knowledge".

    Let us rise above it. Let us being taken seriously.

    Lets get to the serious facts. Let us speak only of the illness. Let us be more educated on it. We can be taken more serious if we are not making these comments on the mental aspects.

    Once MS and some others was thought to be mental and folks were put into hospitals for the mental. That you never hear of any more. That is old.....and what is still said along that line....let it die out. Do not even consider it so others will not.

    Everyone in the normal world has heard this. Lets stop keeping that alive. It is as we are making excuses. Why bring it up? Does not help us to do so. Only hurts us more.

    We need positive talking on the subject. This will carry over where others are not speaking of a mental connection.
    The more serious we are taken, the quicker we will get some positive help.

    WE NEED to vent here and talk about it. That is different. But to the "outside" world. Lets only promote what is needed to be known and to be taken seriously.

    Blessings and Love...........Susan
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    I currently have a psychologist that is trying to say that my past(verbal and emotional abuse) is making the symptoms of the fibro worse. Personally I think it was dealt with by me back in my early 20's. I have managed to work, ahve a marraige have children and live an active and normal life until I was injured and developed fibro. Then when you start geting these evaluations done and they see, hmmm, death of mother, abusive stepmother, that's where it comes from. I don't really believe that, because I was living my life with no problems. When this illness hits, yes depression sets in which is normal, its kind of like dealing with an ongoing death, then they pull this other stuff out and yes it makes me sad, it would anyone, did it cause it no. These doctor's and the media of course get you to where you don't know which end is which. One day this will all be sorted out.
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    This is great, Sue. The more positive and focused we are, the better. People believe what they hear and they need to hear the accurate facts about the illness.

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    No one goes through life without bad things of some sort or another. That is part of life.

    I told my children years ago........I can tell you of my life and you would feel sorry for me. I can also tell you of my life where you would be envious,

    It depends on which one I want to remember and think about.I chose to celebrate the good myself!

    Some had it harder than others for sure.

    I do agree with you. said it all in just a couple of sentences. Great. Susan
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    You are one cool lady, and a great inspiration!

    Thank you,
  6. sues1

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    Thanks for the kind words. I read your bio and you have been through much. Yet you keep on keeping on and you are one special person yourself.

    My Fibro was Dxed after a fall. Just could not stop hurting. 6 to 9 mos. later I got the flu and "Never got over it". Then got DX of ME/CF. Both DXed by my doctor, he was a surgeon, but would see me for anything. I used him as my general Dr. But he retired shortly afterwards. I was not sure I believed these DXs, they were "Stupid answers", and I continued seeking answers as I was going to find it! LOL.

    So I was lucky that he did DX me, but sure ran into some insensitive Drs. there after.

    MY blessings to you............Susan

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