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  1. anj211

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    just want to say hello as im a new member.
  2. discoverygal

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    Welcome, This is the place where you absolutely know that people UNDERSTAND what you are going through. Our loved ones really are great, but there's nothing like conversing with someone who actually KNOWS what you feel,

    You'll learn a lot of information here too. I love coming in and reading and crying and learning.

    We are in this together

    Gentle Hugs

  3. sweetbeatlvr

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    i'm sure you will find it a great source of info and support.
  4. FMsaddenedspirit

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    Welcome to the board.... this is a great place to learn about your DD , I know I have learned more here than with my doc.
    its also nice to have somewhere you can go and all the people really really understand what you go through as we all share the pain and everything that goes with Fibro , CFS , ME

    I noticed you have not filled in any persoanl info .. on your profile .. just wondering what you deal.

    I read more than I post , sems every time I have just had it regarding something and need to vent .. someone else has just posted that they are going through the same thing. .. helps to know you are not alone , I get streanth from all here.

    I wish you the best and pray today is one of your beter days .

    Huggles ..some call me Spirit ( I like this one ..) and some call me FM

    real name is JoAnne

    Take care my dear , and welcome to our family