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    Hi everyone. My name is June, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 2 years ago after only 2 years of talking to my doc about it and having tons of other tests done... which i am told, was a short diagnosis period. Yay for me. Anyway, I tried to find information on fibro for a while but couldnt find what I thought was good info. Tonight I was trying again after seeing a commercial on TV so, I ended up stumbling upon these boards. Just wanted to say Hi and I look forward to "meeting" you!
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    Welcome to the board. There is also a board for chronic fatigue syndrome and
    fibromyalgia you can visit. And if you go to "Research" above, you can find lots
    of stuff to read.

    The rules of the board are in the upper right hand corner. If you visit the chit chat
    board, you can post on various non medical topics like kids, pets, music, etc.

    Good luck

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    Welcome to the board!!!