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    Hello, I am new to all this so here goes. I am a fibromyalgia lady aged 53 but feeling like 93.
    It has been real rough the past couple of years coming to terms with this. I left my job as I
    couldn't cope with the shifts....anyone else had a similar experience?
    I try to exercise & eat right but it gets hard some fatigue is the worse thing for me.
    I feel like I am walking around in a daze. I feel somedays that I could scream........
    How do I accept this & move on?????
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    Have you had any medical tests run?

    Some of us have been able to chip away at the level of suffering we experience with Fibro. It seems to be highly individual -- what helps one person doesn't necessarily help another -- however, when triggers/contributors to pain are discovered & treated, life improves.

    A good starting point for a 53 yo woman with FM is to ck the hormones estradiol, testosterone, and thyroid (complete panel).

    More info on the ME/CFS forum!

    Best wishes.