Newbie-also need prayer now. Wonderful prayer board !

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by kayebird62, Aug 28, 2003.

  1. kayebird62

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    I have been posting on and off on the
    lupus board, but have never checked the
    worship board out. I am so glad that I
    did. The prayers and support for Karen
    and her son Jason were so up-lifting even
    for me. I too have a son ( Phillip 23 )
    who is in need of prayer. It is a very
    long, complicated story.It has always
    been difficult for him to deal with his
    pain and has also used sex,drugs and
    alchohol to numb it. He has been in
    trouble with the law and is presently in
    prison for breaking and entering.He will
    be released in December with 6 months of
    probation. You would have to know him,
    but he is a very sensitive, intelligent
    and funny young man. He was in the
    talented and gifted classes in school,But
    he dropped out in 10th grade. He has a 3
    year old daughter ( Sandra ), that in the
    past has done nothing to help care for
    her. He regrets it all now, but has no
    hope in life and feels that God has left
    him to suffer. He used to have some faith
    in God, but the last time I visited him,
    he said that he has no room for a God who
    doesn'tt care for his children. When I
    talk with him about all of this he seems
    to contradict himself alot. So....I think
    that he is just confused and doesn't know
    which way to turn. He is also affraid
    that he will fail again, when he gets
    out. He says that there is nothing to
    look forward to and that this world has
    nothing to offer him. I remind him that
    he has a beautiful little girl that needs
    him. Sandras mother is married now and
    her husband is daddy to her. Phillip of
    course hates this. But he knows those are
    the consequinces. The saddest part is
    that Sandra is being brought up in an
    angry environment, with alchol and people
    who have never walked foot into a
    church.As you can see and understand, my
    heart sometimes feels as if it is being
    ripped apart. We brought both of our
    children up in church and when I was
    pregnant with Phillip, I prayed that he
    be a godly man....maybe even a minister.
    So I even question God. I do know that
    his timing is perfect and that he just
    may be preparing my son for a life of
    ministry. In the meantime, I keep praying
    and I know that God is faithful and he
    will answer my prayers one day. Please
    put me, Phillip and Sandra and her family
    on your prayer lists.

    I entend on visiting here every chance I
    get and I hope to get to know all of you.

    I too will pray for Karen and Jason.

    Thankyou and God bless all of you.

  2. Sandyz

    Sandyz New Member

    I`m sending prayers up for your son Phillip. I asked God to help him rekindle his faith, also to guide and protect him. There is way too many temptations in this world of ours. Hopefully with God`s help, he can turn his life around.

    Blessings for you also,
  3. Takesha

    Takesha New Member

    Welcome to the board, we just love it when people "discover us". I am sorry about your son's situation and for his daughter also. We will pray for you and him Sandra as well.
    Father in the Name of Jesus, I lift up this family before you. Father, I ask that you make your loving presence known to Phil.I pray that you will reveal yourself to him in such a way that he can not rationalize it. I also pray that you will send someone to cross his path who will share your love with him, and your word will set him free. Help him to see that he was wonderfully and fearfully made, and that you know his going out and coming ins. I pray also for this daugher, Lord I pray that you will restore this relationship, and bind this father and daughter together with your love.Let this relationship become a testimony of your mercy and grace and saving power.
    I thank you Father, that you led Kaye to this board, I pray you will encouarage her, with your love and strength.Close the lying mouth of the enemy, that is speaking to her words of doubt and impart to her a special out powering of unwavering Faith. In Jesus Name.

    Thank you Kaye for sharing your heart and needs with us. I know that there will be prayers going up for you, and we will be looking for God to answer them! Please let us know how things are going. Hugs.
  4. kayebird62

    kayebird62 New Member

    Thankyou both for your loving words and encouragement. As I said before, I will come here often and I will keep you all posted on the " Miracle in progress ! " Love and Huggs
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