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    Hi all,
    I post alot on the CFS forum,but when i read the posts i feel i am more Lyme.I have been treated with antibiotics,Rifampicin(could not tolerate gave me awful rash) Azithromycin,metrondiazole,and one other typically used to treat TB!.
    I was wondering what dose Doxy and for how long?.
    I am much better on antibiotics,i get rid of that"ill" feeling which is something.
    I am in the uk and again the service is awful all about graded activity,physio etc.
    I want to treat the cause not just the symptoms.I am 36yrs young and life is passing me by and i am stood still.I am so missing out on my 7 yr old sons life,its a killer.

    Thanks for reading and take care.
    Justine xx
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    My Doc. Doses me with 400 mgs per day of doxy, its the abx for me, I get my best results with it. I know how you feel about life just passing you by, illness robs us of the pleasures in life. Have you ever had a western blot done?
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    Thanks for the reply.
    I have never had a western blot done,is it worth having done?
    I have had a blood microscopy done and it showed up parasites n other stuff that should'nt be there!!
    I am soo up n down at the moment and i dont know what to do for the best.I have been reading about the Buhner protocol and people seam to have good results fom it.As always money is a factor,but as ma dad says, you cant put a price on your health!

    Take care
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    My western blot was worth it to me,just b/c it validated my illness. I was first diagnosed with CFS and FM later to find out it was Lyme disease. Personally, I was in denial
    and needed the validation, So I guess the test was proof to myself. I have heard good things about Buhners protocol, but have not tried it myself. Your right, you cant put a price on your life. Is it possable for you to see A lyme Doc.?, that way you can be properly diagnosed and treated. Sandie

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    Do you take your doxy at once or spread it out during the day?

    I was wondering because I got a new bottle and was wondering (being experimental) if I should take 400mg/daily....and how to take it. Can you help me here?

    Also, do you have neuro lyme, I do...and I'm wondering if it will even get to my Central Nervous System, where this bacteria seems to be hiding out. Are IV antibiotics the only ones that cross the blood/brain barrier or whatever is is.

    And guess what? I mailed in my info to try to get accepted as a patient with an LLMD in Tampa, dr. C.

    They said I might get in by the end of the month!!! I heard he treats aggressively, so that's good. This stuff is all inside my brain. AND I HATE IT.
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    Justine, Hoping that you are feeling better...I have tried a lot of different things for years. I did Doxy for two years. I really feel like it did more harm than good. I had a lot better results with high doses of powdered vitamin c and the herb cat's claw. And of course pre and probiotics to replace what the antibiotics have killed. Which even if you are still taking them, I would take the pre/probiotics at least 2 hours before of after the doxy. About 70% of our immune system is in our intestines. And the biotics help to rebuild that. Feel better! Kim