Newbie: Burning sensations-tips please! And is MP the way to go?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by NewSky, Oct 16, 2008.

  1. NewSky

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    Hi everyone

    New here and just getting used to the board. And the Internet. It's all very tiring, and overwhelming. Easy to get confused by it all.

    Like everyone else...I'm looking for information to help myself. I've got CFS/Fibro/IBS/EBV etc. I've been ill for a long time. Some things made me feel better...and I'll post these later. But I had a relapse, recently.

    I put it down to a major move a year ago. From a quiet country property to living in a unit in a sub-tropical city. So, now there's noisy neighbours, and city noise-torture. And constant city infections.

    Since the move, I started steering away from my almost all-natural homemade diet. Began to have takeaways, etc. Also sub-tropical insect infestation. So as much as I hate chemicals. Had to use some really strong stuff to eradicate them. Got back to the computer (after more than ten years) recently. I know I've been overdoing it. So have to pace myself more.

    Right now, I'm experiencing strong burning sensations in my system. From the stomach up to the throat etc. Chronic reflux. And other associated symptoms. Haven't had these particular ones for years. Had it under control from adhering to the 'good stuff'.

    Now back 100% on my own homemade foods for about a week. And although it's a little better, there's still burning, and weakness etc. And of course, fear sets in.

    The things I used to do gave me back some normalcy. Made me feel better than I had been. Not cured...just better. And perhaps in a month, or so, it may correct itself again.

    But in the meantime, I'd really appreciate your tips on basic things I can do, to alleviate what I call this 'fire in my system.' Any ideas on how to cool things down?

    Also, I only just got news recently about the Marshall Protocol. Is this something I should be doing - or not? Really need help regarding this. It's hard enough commiting to anything. I need to know if that's the path to take.

    Good luck to you all. Thanks NewSky
  2. spacee

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    Some people refer to the Methylation Protocol as the MP it can be confusing.

    There are pros and cons to the MP. Basically, if your vitamin D's are HIGH...then you would be considered a good candidate for the MP. Although, some patients have gone on it with normal Vit D's because of the symptoms they were having.

    When I was on it, there was a woman who went my the name of Celticladdie on this board and that board. She had great results with her food allergies being controlled. She was under the care of a physician who used to post here, has CFS and has a lot of patients on the MP.

    How good is your doctor and how willing is he/she to work with you? Celticladdie did have to take a break from the MP. Her doc insisted on it while Dr. Marshall really wanted her to press on through. The problem was either her kidney or liver. After a while she returned to the MP.

    Also, for one thing and I got the DVD's of their conference and a woman doctor said this. "This is not a 2 year commitment. It takes a lot longer..years longer to do the MP". That was basically why I didn't go back to it after the death of my mother. My kids didn't want me to miss out on things in their lives...and the Transfer Factors were working well for me at the time.

    There will be others who will post and give you their thoughts. There are several here who have done well, Victoria, JarJar, Paulalbert (who doesn't come here anymore).

    Clear as mud right?

  3. spacee

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    People on the MP stay AWAY from Vit D and foods that contain it cause it is part of the problem for them. It helps to feed the mycos, I think is the way it works. Which is why you really need to get the Vit D's tested to see where you are. My doc was surprised when they were high. Now one is high and the other is low...go figure.

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  4. NewSky

    NewSky New Member

    Oh, okay! So the MP and the Methylation Protocol are one in the same. Interesting.

    I only started taking Vitamin D3 recently. I really don't know if I have High or low Vit D levels. Although I do spend a lot of the time, indoors. You mentioned doctors. Since moving here I've only seen a doctor twice. Each time about the insect infestation problem.

    More than twenty years in a small country town...before here. Friendly doctors. But mention CFS...and my symptoms. There would be eyes rolled sky-wards. And I'd be told..."we're aware there are people, we don't like to call them hypochondriac's - but they worry about everything that's happening in society." I was told to "eat rice, and vegetables. Take walks, not worry and get on with it."

    There was an event with a new GP in another town. Recommended by an acquaintance. I was told this doctor was very spiritual. I was treated (psychologically-emotonally) in such an abnormal-abusive way. If I hadn't typed out what was said to me, and filed it away - I'd find it hard to believe, tha it actually happened.

    These experiences lowered my trust levels. Which is why I'm trying to find out everything I can do to help myself. I hope you understand. Yet, if I became aware of a doctor in my area - sympathetic to the plight of CFS sufferers - I wouldn't hesitate to book an appointment.

    Back to the Vitamin D. If the Protocol meant giving up my homemade yoghurt and low-fat cottage cheese (I think they've got Vit D in them) I wouldn't be able to pursue it. Yoghurt is my comfort food. Plus the years involved that you mentioned. I hadn't heard of the Transfer Factor, until now. So I'll have to find out more.

    I can't remember (CFS) what you said in your second reply. As I type this I'm too paranoid to go back and look, to respond. I've made a few mistakes in posting. I'm worried I won't get back to this reply. And it will just disappear into the ether. I don't think I was logging in each time.

    I'm sorry about your mum. Sounds like your kids were happy to enjoy more time with you.

    Thanks sooo much...NewSky

    P.S. I clicked on submit and something happened. I don't know if it's me - or the site. Lucky I'd saved it in a Word file. I logged in again. Hope this gets through. I'm confused enough without all this baffling technology!

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  5. spacee

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    I just wanted to correct something. The Marshall Protocol and the Methyl. Protocol are totally different approaches.

    With Marshall you give up VitD sun, foods (yes yoghurt).

    With the Methyl. Protocol you start with taking 5 supplements. I don't remember which ones they are. They have to be ordered online. Once is a type of B-12.

    If you type in the search box Richvank...I think that is his moniker will find tons of info. (I just corrected the spelling and the Richvank is correct now.)

    If you are ever writing a reply and need to check something somewhere else. Go ahead and post the reply. Check what you need to check and if you need to revise, find your post/reply and click on the "edit" button and revise it. That way you don't have to start all over. I am going to look for how he signs in. I know he uses his real name but exactly how, I can't remember and I have seen it dozens of times!!

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  6. NewSky

    NewSky New Member

    I just saw your message. I'll have to check out the Methyl. Protocol. Sounds interesting. Maybe an easier method...for me.

    You're very helpful. And I appreciate it!


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