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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by IowanMom, Aug 4, 2006.

  1. IowanMom

    IowanMom New Member

    I am really new to this site. I just found it a couple of days ago. I haven't communicated much, but have been reading a lot of what you all each have to say.

    I must say that you all seem to be very kind hearted people. This message board appears to be a true blessing! I am looking forward to talking with you all in the future.

    Are there any other Iowans out there? If so, who are your doctors? And do you like them?

  2. sfrazier

    sfrazier New Member

    Hi, Iowan mom, I am also from Iowa. I live in Ames. What small town are you from?
  3. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi, Iowan Mom

    Welcome to the site. Lots of nice people here.

    I already wrote to you once, but sometimes the messages just disappear into the ether and are never seen again.

    I was born in Decorah, Iowa, (NE corner) home of Luther College and the Versterheim (Norwegian) Museum.

    I grew up in nearby Harmony, MN. Our village was so small we didn't have a swimming pool. In the summer we would get bussed to Decorah or Cresco.

    You will find people here who will share their experiences, research, jokes, recipes, etc.
  4. pam_d

    pam_d New Member

    Glad to have you here. I lived in Iowa City and worked in Cedar Rapids, but many years ago. I'm hoping other Iowans can give you some great doctor referrals.

    This board is a great place for support and to learn how to cope & treat these illnesses; most of what I've learned about FM has come from this board, not from doctors or books. So keep reading and posting!!

    (((Warm Hugs)))
  5. trishabeth

    trishabeth New Member

    Hi, I am from near Ottumwa Iowa. I use a psycologist, psychiatrist, and a chriopractor.
  6. BlueSky555

    BlueSky555 New Member

    Welcome to the board, IowanMom. I kinda stumbled across this board one day and have found a lot of information and support from the members here.

    I'm sure you will find the same and hope I can be of some help to you soon.

  7. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    But since I've been married, we haven't lived in Iowa. That's about 30 years now...we are in Washington state now and love it. I'd have trouble with the Iowa humidity wishes, IowanMom! Terri
  8. sfrazier

    sfrazier New Member

    Hi Iowanmom. I actually go to a doctor in Des Moines. His Name is Dr. Braun. The way I found him is I went to the tab up on top that said dr.s and found one in Des Moines. Called her office and found out it would take me at least 6 months to be seen by her but there are other doctors in her office and Dr. Braun is the one I ended up with. He is great and really listens to you. I have had burning pain really bad in my thighs and the first thing he said was this was something more then the fibro and is now running other test too. I really like him. And liked him from the start. I only see him about once every two months but that is because if he changes your pills it takes that long to find out if they help. Lord this is getting long but yeah Dr. Braun in Des Moines and is connected to the Mercy Hospital and their clinc has ran reseach before on Fibro....SueF
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  9. sfrazier

    sfrazier New Member

    If the meds are not working for you just call and ask to speak to her nurse. Tell her that the meds are not working and she will leave the message on Dr. Radias desk. Usually they will just phone in another script for a different med. Which one is not working well right now? For the record it was Dr. Radia that I had to wait 6 months to see. lol. I like Dr. Braun alot and i think the longest i've ever had to wait is maybe 20 minutes. And what I really like is he really listens. I had written something in my journal that I thought would help him understand the pain i was in and he actually sat there and read it. I thought that was kinda cool.

    As for me. I've had a brain fog here but it was some type of scan. The kind you can get claustic phobia doing. Any ways I have another test in Des Moines set for tomorrow and then see Dr. Braun on the 14th of this month. I know I have a bulging disk but don't know how bad it is. I'll find that out when i see the doc. Hope you are doing a little better then me. lol....SueF
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  10. IowanMom

    IowanMom New Member

    Is Cymbalta. I've heard so many wonderful things about it, but it doesn't seem to be cutting the pain. I'm on 60mgs and see others on this post saying their on 120mgs. Maybe I'm just not to the point of anything helping yet.

    Thanks for posting back.

    Oh, and good luck with the bulging disk. I hope it's nothing to serious.[This Message was Edited on 08/07/2006]
  11. sfrazier

    sfrazier New Member

    I've never even tried that so can't help you there. I think I've got just about every other drug there is though. lol. Will see the doc on the 14th and had my last set of test today. I got shocked and poked today so I'm happy that all of this is done. Just hope the results don't mean more drugs. I already take 6 in the morning and 13 at night just to sleep and for the pain. Thanks for the well wishes it's appreciated. To me this fibr is the worst thing I've ever had in my life. I'm a single parent and it has changed me and my kids. It just sucks. Sorry didn't mean to go off there for a sec. lol. Talk to you later.........SueF
  12. shylo

    shylo New Member

    I'm also new to this site as I just found it the other day.I live in the country outside a small town called Bellevue Iowa.My Rheumatoligist is in Davenport Iowa.She is wonderful and on the 21st I will see her again.This is my third doctor because I haven't had alot of luck with the others.I go every 2 months and I get blood tests every 6wks because I also have a auto-immune disorder so I take methrotrexate and sulfasalazine and they watch me closely for liver problems.I just increased my dose of cymbalta to 60mgs and I also take folic acid once a day.Has any of you from Iowa applied for disability and if so could you give me some tips for Iowa.I want to learn as much as I can from everyone here.
  13. IowanMom

    IowanMom New Member

    Hey, be sure to fill out your bio. We all enjoy reading about each other. You don't have to be too specific on your whereabouts, just tell us about you.

    I haven't had much success finding out about FM people in Iowa and their experiences in applying for and getting disability. I would like to though! (Especially the younger people with FM. It seems that the 50+ people don't have too much trouble obtaining Disability.)

    My husband thinks I need to apply. I just don't know if I have the energy; either physically or emotionally to go through it. I hear of denial after denial, having to get an attorney, and going to court. I suppose it's all worth it. I'm just not up to it right now.

    Hope to hear from you soon! Take care! Best of luck!

  14. Forebearance

    Forebearance Member

    Hello from Nebraska!

    So you have FM then?

    I have CFS and there are no CFS specialists in Omaha, believe it or not! It's shocking!

    Good luck with finding a pain med that works for you.

    I assume you've tried lots of calcium lactate and magnesium asporotate? (those are the most absorbable forms)

  15. iowamom

    iowamom New Member

    Hope you find support & info here. I don't have a lot of time to check in here, but whenever I do I always find out something new, or find messages I can identify with.

    I live in Pella, which is about 20 mins from Prairie City. I have my primary care dr in Pella, a neurologist from Ottumwa (I also have peripheral neuropathy) and the same Dr. Radia several others have mentioned here. I found her when I attended an Iowa Arthritis Society meeting a few yrs ago. It only took me about 6 wks to get in to see her, but once you are a regular patient you can schedule another appointment before you leave the clinic. Sometimes if I haven't had any big changes I see her PA (Andrea) every other time I go. She is very knowledgeable about day-to-day fibro things and usually has good ideas to help you.

    So, anyway, welcome and e-mail me if you have any questions about South Central Iowa. I've been in Pella 16 yrs now, and lived in Ames previously for about 13 yrs.


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