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    hi everyone.....for the past 6months I have had body aches from head to toe, and also my joints have started to hurt especially in my fingers and elbow area. I also have lower back tenderness (kidney pain). I also have hypothyroidism,I recently had a baby and,I actually found a tick on my scalp in july of 05. I was not tested for lyme but the tic was and the result was negative. If anyone has some ideas on what this could possibly be I would love to hear from you. I started to notice all these symptoms about 3- 5 weeks after my baby was born. I will be going to my doctor this week for a blood test.
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    You take the Igenex Western Blot lyme test as it is the most accurate test used by most lyme docs. You can go to the Igenex site and request the Western Blot test kit and they will mail to your house.
    Or seek out a lyme doc in your area for a consultation.