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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mommygee, Dec 29, 2006.

  1. mommygee

    mommygee New Member

    Hi - I wanted to introduce myself. I've scanned the posts and found a wealth of information here!

    I believe I've had CFS or FM for a long time but was misdiagnosed. I've been to many doctors who treat me like a hypochondriac. Since the birth of my daughter 10 months ago, I've been hit hard: constant ear and throat pain, body aches, sleepiness on the verge of narcolepsy. Several times, I've almost fallen asleep at stop lights. I'm on Lexapro, Provigil, and pain meds. Now my dr has referred me to a rheum. dr. I have an appt in 2 weeks.

    This has really affected my marriage and home life. I'm depressed that I feel horrible all the time. Husband is trying to be understanding...but I know he's frustrated from picking up the slack. We both work full-time, have a 7 yr old (my stepson) and a 10 month old. Most of the time, I feel overwhelmed.

    I look forward to learning more on here handling stress, fatigue and pain.

    Have a good day!! Amy
  2. mxmom419

    mxmom419 New Member

    I'm also new and I'll tell you one thing the people here are absolutely INCREDIBLE!!! They know way more than any of the doctor's I've seen and the nurses I've talked to. They are sympathetic yet, truthful and don't make you feel like a pity party. Very, Very encouraging and will help you alot. Hang around and you love it.
  3. Pianowoman

    Pianowoman New Member

    Welcome to the board! It truly is a wonderful place for support and information. I'm sorry you are having a rough time and I hope you find some help here.

    Take your time and ask all the questions you want.

  4. AllWXRider

    AllWXRider New Member

    The more you can share about what you're going through, the more we can help.

    Viruses? Heavy metal toxicity? Allergies? How did your FM start? Symptoms of your flare ups. MAybe we can stop you from "reinventing the wheel".

    I have epstein-barr and cytomegalo virus and am using Transfer factors, olive leaf extract and enzymes.

    I just sent in a hair sample for metal toxicity...I suspect mercury.
  5. lin21

    lin21 New Member

    and welcome Amy!!!
  6. mindbender

    mindbender New Member

    There is no cure and no help except posting here everyday

    love you, Dan
  7. RedHeadEMT

    RedHeadEMT New Member

    Hi Amy!

    Welcome to our little site! I'm so happy that ya found us. I think that you'll find this group of people to be some of the sweetest and most helpful human beings that you have ever come across!

    I am so sorry to hear that you have been having such a hard time at home lately. I understand what it's like. My husband is an angel, but I, too, often worry that he'll eventually get sick of me and my health issues and kick my FMSy butt to the curb! lol

    I mean, realistically, I know that this will NOT happen, but I often think about how much slack my man picks up and how I would feel if the shoe was on the other foot, ya know? Like I said, some men are just angels. Perhaps your husband could attend a support group with you, so that he could talk to other family members of CFSer/Fibromites. Maybe that would help?

    Well, again, welcome! I hope to run into you again on here soon!

    Take good care of yourself,

  8. pam_d

    pam_d New Member

    This is a great place, as you've discovered. You'll find a lot of moms like yourself who also work fulltime while attempting to handle the pain, fatigue and stress of these illnesses. Hopefully you'll learn a lot, as I have over the years I've been here.

    I have had FM for years, and now Leukemia this past year. I have to say my FM has truly improved over the years, not gotten worse...some of that I attribute to getting my food allergies diagnosed and dealt with via natural allergy treatment. I think they were really aggravating my FM symptoms a lot. The Leukemia is another matter, causing me a lot of stress and anxiety...I'm in remission now, but have such a high chance of relapse that I live my life even though my stress has another origin, I hear ya about how debilitating that can be, and totally overwhelming.

    Anyway, I hope you post & read a lot...I've learned a ton of stuf here that has really helped.

    Hugs & welcome,
  9. mommygee

    mommygee New Member

    Thank you for the warm welcome.

    I'm just getting started on my journey to learn how to cope.

    My symptoms:

    I started ballet at five. I always had chronic knee aches at night. My grandmother and mom said they had the same thing and called them "growing pains". I must have taken thousands of Tylenol in my lifetime.

    I've always need tons of sleep which earned me the nickname "Lamey" when I was in college. I couldn't keep up with my friends in our partying lifestyle.

    A year after college, I had mono. And I've always had at least 2+ bouts of strep, sinusitus, or infections every year.

    I've also dealt with panic attacks and bouts of depression. Both my dad and I have winter depression. All we want to do is hibernate.

    Planning my wedding, I had horrible TMJ, insomnia and anxiety. And I eloped! I can't imagine planning a real wedding.

    I've always dealt with body aches and feel like I have a high tolerance for pain. I've been seeing a dr and chiro for a bulging disk in my neck which is causing huge knots by my shoulder blade.

    After the birth of my daughter, I've been sick constantly. Viruses, body aches, depression, everything. I've had a constant sore throat and ears and have been to the dr. twice a month. The first doctor said he "didnt know what my problem was" and I left in tears. I ended up at his colleague who was much more understanding and tested for everything and finally diagnosed CFS and FM. I'm seeing a rheum in 2 weeks.

    I've only lost 16 pounds of the 50 lbs of baby weight that I've put on. I'm starting WW this week. A few years ago, I lost 35 pounds so Im excited to do it again. My eating habits has been pretty awful for a while. I'm sure that contributes to my ailments.

    That's pretty much it for now. Any suggestions would be welcomed!

    Your friend, Amy ;)
  10. mommygee

    mommygee New Member

    Thought I'd post my experience of a "5 day labor and an evil doctor", for your reading pleasure:

    Also, called "Why Amy Hates Doctors":

    Due Date: Sunday, Feb 5th.

    I had my last doctors appt. before due date on Friday. Doc said if she didnt arrive by Tuesday to come to the hospital for a treatment of Prostin which will ripen the cervix and hopefully bring on labor. She said that I may need more than one treatment and called it a staged induction. Sat, Sun, Mon came and went with no contractions, no baby.

    Tues, Feb 7th: Went to hospital. Had Prostin injected into cervixdidnt hurt its a gel. Had me walk around the halls. It made me cramp/contract but nothing to bring on labor. Sent me home for the evening. Told me to return Wed for another round of Prostin.

    Wed., Feb 8th: Went to hospital for 2nd treatment of Prostin. Walked the halls for several hours which brought on some strong contractions. Still not dilated or 100% effaced. Dr decided to admit me to the hospital and give me Cervidil (sp?) overnight another med to soften cervix. The nurse told us Congratulations, youll have your baby tomorrowyou are being induced. She was so wrong.

    That night, they put in the med (like a tampon). Had to stay in bed.

    Thursday, Feb. 9th: Horrible, horrible day! Still not dilated at all. Gave me 2nd dose of Cervidil. Then gave me two doses of another medicine. Had very, very strong contractions.but my dr. assured me in a nasty way that it wasnt real labor. She then commented on why I was wearing lipstick..and if I was in real labor that I wouldnt have bothered to put on lipstick. Did I mention my doc is a BITCH!! Dr decided to give me Pitocin to start real labor. Nurse put in the IV and started Pitocin. My dr left for a few hours to do a c-section. Had very strong, consistent contractions. Her partner came by and thought my contractions were too strong and stopped the Pitocin. Several hours later, my dr started the pitocin (thats 8 different doses of meds so far) again when the contractions slowed. Still not dilated. Then she decided to pull the IV from my arm and sent us home!!! Jaime, my mom, me and doc had long discussion on c-sections (Jaime and I both knew Id end up with one). The doc was really rude and tried to make us feel stupid. She insisted we leave and let it happen naturally. Told me if nothing happened to call office on Monday. Jaime had to leave the room before he punched her.

    Went home for Friday, Saturday, Sunday no more contractions. We were both exhausted and emotional

    Monday, Feb 13th: Jaime went to work. I slept in. The doctor called me to check in.I missed her call. 10 minutes later someone from her office calls to ask me if I can be in L&D in one hour to be induced. WTF? A little warning would be nice. I told her that Id call my husband and try to get there ASAP. We drive to hospital. Remember that nurse who had congratulated us the week before? Shes my nurse in L&D. You should have seen the look on her face when I walked in STILL pregnant. Funny stuff.

    Im still not dilated at all. They start Pitocin. Hours of walking the halls go by, painful contractions but no progress. She checks my cervix again and I tell you it was so incredibly painful. She was being so rough with her damn man-hands that I burst into tears. Then, my doctor says Well you do have that scar tissue on your cervix from your cryosurgery, you may never dilate. Nice to think of that now. How come she didnt consider that last week? She says she can open my cervix manually and Id even get an epidural first. Sounds fine to me lets get going. I get my epidural..Im in heaven!! She gets these giant scissors and manually opens my cervix. It didnt hurt much and at this point, I just wanted my baby out. Not so fast.

    I lay in the bed with my zombie legs (no feeling at all below the waist). Very very slowly I dilate to 9. Its now..

    Tuesday, Feb. 14th: Im finally dilated to 10. Whooppee!! Not so fast.the baby hasnt dropped into the birth canal. They roll me from one side to the other for several hours. Baby likes my left sidewhen they roll me to the righther heart rate drops. Scary! They keep me on my left.

    9am: They decide to let me push to see what happens. Thank God that my evil doctor is out and her nice, lovely partner is with me. The nurse is great too. And my husband is freakin wonderful. I push for an hour. The doctor can see her head and tells us that Sofie has dark hair. Ah! Sofie comes down some and then goes back up the canal when Im not pushing. She loves her mama. Shes not ready to go yet.

    10am: My nice, lovely new doctor says its time for a C-section. She also tells me the baby is going to be huge.probably 10 pounds. C-section starts out fine.Jaime and I are talking and Im calm. I dont feel pain but I dont like feeling the tugging sensation. I start to panic. Minutes pass. The baby is here. Jaime leaves to go see her. Im waiting to get closed up. More panic. I dont want to see the baby just sew me up!! Okay, they finish. I feel better and want to see my little sweetie. Shes gorgeous and not huge. Only 7lbs, 15 oz (smaller than both Jaime and I when we were born). I go to recovery and they bring her to me. The nurse says I should breastfeed right away. Sofie is really good at it. No problems at all.

    It was the best Valentines Day ever and my grandfathers 89th (or 90th hes not sure) birthday.

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