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  1. rose38716

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    Hi all,

    I was just diagnosed with fms 1 month ago. I had to quit my job 2 weeks ago because i cant do the lifting that that job required. I have been a nursing assistant in nursing home for the last ten years but am now going to do some home health care (God willing). I've had all of the
    symptoms for the past four years with no idea what was causing it.

    I've been having severe neck and shoulder pain,and hip pain. My doc. doesnt like to give narcotics, I am taking Paxil, ultrecet, ambien, He only gave me 10 percocet, why are they so afraid to help us with our pain??

    I am only takiing the paxil and ibuprofen for pain because if I take ultracet or ambien the paxil doesnt work at all. Does any one know what pain and sleep meds works well with paxil?? I am going to doc Fri. so i can ask him for something different...I would appreciate any feed back thanks, Deb
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    i just wanted to welcome you here plus sorry that you also have fm. this is a great site . i just take herbal pills and a muscle relaxer. others will be here to welcome you and to help with the meds that you are asking about
  3. rose38716

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    Thanks for the warm welcome everyone is really extra nice here...Deb
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  4. cindye

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    Sorry you have fibro - my daughter has it but after 3 plus years I read a book called "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Fibromyalgia" and that changed her life. She is getting ready to go off to college next month - something I was not sure she would ever be able to do. Good luck in your journey to feeling better.
  5. Shirl

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    Hi Deb, welcome to our little world here. Sorry you are having so much pain.

    Can't help with the meds, I take supplements, herbs, vitamins, minerals.

    The only med I take is low dose Xanax once a day in the evening for racing brain. I will take OTC Advil gel caps if I have spasms, but no more than two a day as they upset my IBS badly!

    Others here do take Paxil and the other meds, I know they will be happy to share their experience with you.

    Again, welcome to the board, and hope we hear from you often.

    Shalom, Shirl

    PS. Would you please take time to read our 'Messageboard Rules' at the top left of this page, printed in blue? It makes the boards easier to navigate and you can be informed as to what is allowed and what is not. Thank you.
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    Hi, always feel funny welcoming people to a place none of us wish we were. The board has been alot of help to many even though we would love to be out having fun or working.

    The pain med discussion is ongoing and a big source of frustration for us who are in so much pain.

    You can type in on top and pain meds or something on that order and see that many are tired of battling for help. Many reasons doc`s will give. I still think it is poor medical treatment and abuse to let people suffer. You may have to keep hunting till you get a doc to help as many have had to.

    Take Care & sorry (I have been battling this and other med prob. for yrs.) Not away we want to live but have to keep fighting.)
  7. rose38716

    rose38716 New Member

    I am glad i foound this place too. Now maybe I wont feel so lost and Learn more of what I need to do to get betterI will look those two up and see if I have taken them...Thanks Deb

  8. rose38716

    rose38716 New Member

    Hey Thanks...I wrote... the name of the book down and will look at the library for it if I dont find it, I'll go to bookstore..I read a lot so I look first at library cant afford to buy as many books as I again...Deb
  9. rose38716

    rose38716 New Member

    Thanks for the nice welcome,I do feel better today , I went to chiro. yesterday and was in a lot of pain last night but to day its just the pain in the muscles oon arms and legs but I guess I m getting use to the read the rules and will watch what I write..but my big mouth always gets me in trouble..but since I have to write it I'll have time to think about what I'm Thank you....Deb
  10. jadibeler

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    Hi Rose,

    I'm fairly new here also and just astounded at all I'm learning about myself and what can be done.

    I've taken Paxil for years and the only problems I've had with it are when it runs out!! I took Ambien for quite some time and had no adverse reactions with the Paxil.

    Try taking magnesium - something I learned here - with food, before bed. I just started it last week and I've had so many nights of good, sound sleep I just can't believe it.

    I think doctors are so leary of giving out pain medication (ones that work!) because they are afraid of THE LAW. There has been so much in the news about doctors being charged for giving out pain meds too freely. They are also afraid to give too many at once because of the danger of patients committing suicide with them. I don't buy the "It can be addicting" excuse because if I have to take something the rest of my life, what does that matter?? I think they are just covering their own A*%@'s by not prescribing the meds we need.

  11. rose38716

    rose38716 New Member

    I know what you mean, I feel like I should be working, have been off of work two weeks now..But start back tomorrow part health has really went down hill the last four years but I guess i just need to accept it..

    I as looking for a doc in my area and found that pelligini I know thats th wrong spelling ...but hes the one that wrote books on fm..he is in Canton Ohio ,which is about 45 min. from me, so I'll have to check that out.Hey thanks again...Deb
  12. toots2

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    I thought I might suggest you try Trazadone for sleep. I get 8-9 hours of straight sleep without waking up. While it does not work for everyone, of course, there are so many here that trazadone has hslped. Ambien is in the hypnotic class of drugs and can't be taken over a long period of time. A pain specialist might help you with pain medication. I find rheumatologists and general practitioners do not like to prescribe them but a pain specialist is there to treat pain and mine certainly has no problem with prescribing them to me. I also take paxil and it works well for me, but it is almost impossible to get off of it should you decide to try something else. I think the most important thing you can do at this point is to keep up with some kind of an exercise plan. It is so difficult for me to exercise now because I did not do it when I was first diagnosed. I see so many with fibro that have exercised over the years and they are so much better off than I am now. I just did not realize how very important exercise was for fibro and how it keeps you muscles from deteriorating over time. I have been swimming and doing water aerobics which works well for me. You will find a great wealth of information on this forum not to mention the great support you will get from these very knowledgeable, kind people here. My best to you. Toots
  13. rose38716

    rose38716 New Member

    Yea..I've been on paxil for over 4 yrs. now, I dont like the 30 extra lbs. I have put on but its better than feeling like I did before..I probably just took too much of the ambien..If one didnt work i"d take two and I do believe that we are all pretty much sensitive to medications..And I'm going to try the magnesium, I'll let you kno it works...Yea the Docs are covering their own ass and dont think about the pain we are in..Thanks again Deb
  14. IacheIache

    IacheIache New Member

    I was on Paxil, but gained so much weight.
    I take flexeril for sleep, it is a muscle relaxer and works wonderful, for me, for sleep and relaxes my muscles.
    I take Vicoprophen for pain. Its like vicoden, but instead of tylenol/acetomenophen in it it has advil/ibuprophen, which to me works MUCH, much better.
    I would not be able to go on with my days if I didnt have the vicoprophen.
    I'm glad you found the board.
    People are just so wonderful here, So much support.
    Any ? you have seems like someone has answers.
    I don't know what I would do without all the wonderful ppl on here.
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    Welcome Deb: Wanted to say hello and welcome you to our world, I think you will find supportive people at this site and we all can relate to each other regarding pain and all the confusing stuff that goes along with FM. I don't take much pain medications mostly supplemnts and herbal remedies. However, my doctor doesn't like me using NSAIDS messes with the body, ie stomach & intestines over the long run, may also interfere with your level IV sleep which you need to help relax the muscles. Make notes for your doctors appt. so you don't try to remember everything which is to hard to do. Especially at the doctors. Again Welcome and LOL
  16. Patti2

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    Welcome to our world, I haven't been on this line real line but you will learn lots. Some things I wish I wouldn't have found out about but at least I know what to look for!! There is more support that you will ever find in the 'outside' world.
    Take care, take it slow.
  17. rose38716

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    Hey Thanks for the info..I'll ask the Doc about that sleeping med but they usually give you what they want not hat you want..But I ill try...I just dont have the energy to exercise...just went and bought some magnisium so im taking that now...Thanks for the nice welcome..Deb
  18. rose38716

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    Yea I know about the weight gain with paxil..Have gained 30 lbs...I eat when im not even hungry and with this ibs my stomache feels full all of the time...but i still eat..I am a chocoholic, but need to stop that...I'll see if hell let me try the flexeril and vicoden but i doubt it he is afraid of narcotics...I am so glad I fond this board..Have just posted once and have received so many good ideas..I cant beleive it..Thanks again..Deb
  19. rose38716

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    Hi and thanks for the nice welcome...thanks for the tip to take notes to take to Dr. I just hope I dont get locked in his treatment room nurse shut the door and said the Dr. will be right here..hen he got there he couldnt get in..He said "Relax deb we'll get you out soon" Then I heard hiim tell the nurse "Debbie's locked in the room"LOL..The maintenance man had to climb through windo and take the door off the hinges...Was so funny...but thanks alot...Take Care.Deb
  20. rose38716

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    Yea Its really nice to meet alll of you everyone is so nice..And I have learned a lot and know What to ask Dr. for Fri. When I go.Thanks again...Deb