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    I fell and landed on my t-spine in March of 2002 on icy doorsteps while in Brookfield WI. I have constant pain in the t-spine region, shooting over into the shoulder blades. Sometimes I feel like it's scapula scrubbing against the ribs underneath. Nothing has helped. I also suffered the first of two concussions.
    On June 1 of this year, I had a wreck, a 74 yr old grannie pulled out in front of me, breaking both my wrists, and yes, another concussion. I have headaches gallore, back pain has worsened, and I have trouble spelling now. Well, I should re-phrase that...I have more trouble spelling and typing now, than befor ehte wreck.
    I can't find a doc that can help me. The last one I went to, when I told him I have no social life, his reply was..."Why, you dun like men?" So, my question...where do you have to go in South Carolina to get decent help?
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    There is a doctor referral list if you click on the purple button at the top where it says doctor referral. Hope this helps.
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    Welcome, In your case after all youve endured , I suggest prayer as I lifted you to God. He can open doors to get you what you need and is the only way I could handle the pain on top of all lifes other trials. I tithe for "God Insurance" myself and I,ve never been in a wreck but one in a black out at a young age! Lived and was fine and should have been dead! My 3 year old was head by angels as no seatbelts required back then. I broke right ankle and totalled car. I don't know why you picked that name , but I will call you doofie if thats ok. I am 52 now and I have Fibro , and have endured many afflictions in life. Nothing I havent been able to handle knowing God was there and interviening on my behalf. I didn't like men for a long time for good reason, thou your doc sounds like a nut ! Its none of his beeswax anyway, right?
    Sorry , but I'm from calif. and s. Carolina sounds like the boon docks to me, though I live in a small town. I hope you find help soon. This board , prayer to Jesus and my Bobby keep me going . Welcome and God Bless.Jubi
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    Hi Doofie...

    Have you tried going to a Chiropractor?? I have had several car accidents (nothing broken) but suffered from whiplash and had "subluxations" (which are out of place or twisted vertibrae) that cause severe pain in back, neck, shoulders all the time and migraine headaches.

    I know that it is not always the right answer, but often it can really help.

    Good luck in your search.