newbie here; How do u find a lyme doc? im in CA

Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by suexi, Aug 28, 2006.

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    hi everyone; i have had cfids for 4.5 years; self diagnosed. i dont really have a good doc that i am going to; just trying dif supps & therapys on my own. Cant afford to see a specialist. But if anyone could please tell me if they know of a lyme doc in calie or how to find one; i would really appreciate it. i have heard that before that many people with cfs have lyme but my doc says he don't want to test me because its probably not lyme and thats only if you live in the area where you can get it; i forgot what exactly he said; like in the woods or something. is that true?
    hope this msg made sense; not thinking straight at the
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    Lymenet is an excellent resource to go to. You may also want to contact the California Lyme group and ask for recommendations.
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    Go to Dr. Yang's web at . She is great and well informed. I also know of a Lab that specializes in detecting Lyme, IGenex, in Palo Alto, CA. My daughter began getting sick 5 years ago and was misdiagnosed with many different problems including rapid cycling bipolar, tachacardia, severe fibromyalgia, chronic headaches, and on it went. I have done loads of research and took her to Dr. Yang and asked for the tests which are expensive but yeilded the results of accute and active Lyme. She is now starting on High doses of Ammoxicillan and is getting the response of the bacteria dying off (Herx or Flare). She also is co infected with Bartonella, Mycoplasma and epstein Barr and is taking a 2nd antibiotic for those. If you are in san francico area look up Dr. Mike Kessler or call IGenex and they can refer you. best wishes, Mightymouse2--Kim
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    hi, which tests did she take? i just got the igenex kit and iam going to take the IgG & IgM only and not PCR. i have heard from several people that it is a waste of money.
    how is your daughter doing? Thanks for the info....i live about 2.5 hours away from San Diego. :(
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    I live in Oregon and drive to Nevada
    city, California to a Dr. there. I don't know how far you are from there. It isn't far from Sacramento.
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    If you can get in to see him, I recommend Dr. Raphael Stricker in San Francisco. He is now the head of ILADS.

    To the person that sees a Dr in Nevada City, I'm curious who the Dr is? Funnily enough, that's where I was living when I GOT Lyme's (14 years ago). I did see a Dr there, but he retired; Dr Johnston. Even more ironic is that I now live in Oregon, where apparently there are few cases of Lyme, hence few Dr's that know anything.