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    helloooo to ALL !! i just found this comunity so full of INFO..i have spent the last day reading some of the postings.
    i am 47 years old...was dx with eppstein-barr a year ago in janury 05..since that time i have suffered fron chronic has been doing ok some what better than b 4.
    i was recently in another state saw a DR on tv and now i am wondering...about this FM...
    i have told my DR the symptoms ( all signs that go along with FM) and NOO i dont just sit around looking for things...i have always been an active person riding horses,walking any where from 2-6 miles aday..
    but now it has gotten to the point i just dont feel like it.. and actually have to make myself do things..does this make sense??
    my body feels tired as if i had been ran over, still, and all the other stuff..
    i do take levoxyl for hypothyroidism..which i read that it doesnt work when u have EBV or FM....
    i have bee to 3 DR's..all say the same..but something some where isnt right...the DR i saw on tv that day has a FM clinic as he started after MED when he was in school he got what he called "drop dead flu" one not even DR's knew what was after missing a year of school he made it.he actually has he talks around the country on FM/chronic fatigue..
    has any one ever been to one of the clinics.. i really want to go but there is none here where i am, but i will go to ONE ONE DAY SOON.

    i look forward to meeting new ppl here and learning more..
    i wish each of you the best..
    enclosed is also the link for the FM center.....
    and if any one has been there i would really be interesed in talking...
    and have a gr8 day !!
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    I know how you feel. I used to be so active that it was a shock to me as to how I ended up feeling: like a truck ran me over.

    Keep coming back here. It has been a godsend to me and I hope you will see that we all stick together here.

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    Welcome Boo3! I am fairly new to the community as well, but everyone here will make you feel like part of the family from the very begining.

    Glad to see you!

    Barbara :)
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    Cute name!
    So glad you found us~

    Having to make yourself do things??? (make sense?)
    Sure does! I hafta make myself do everything that I do.

    If I listened to my body I'd do absalutely nothing.
    I need to push myself everyday. and then theres that fine line ,.... if you push yourself too much, you pay tenfold with body aches/fatigue!

    Nice meeting you~
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    thx to all for very warm and inviting welcome..
    trust me i will be here alot.. so u will see my name a time or or if not i am READING..feel free to leave me a note....
    by the way my doc told me that it would take a yr to get disability...not sure if that is the route i want...
    i quit my job of 14 yrs with school district to move with hubby whose job transfered him to oklahoma..and there is nothing here that i have found on M or chronic i will make my way down to TEXAS soon i hope...

    gosh i am NOT alone...whewww had me
    ohh yea as for my name....that has been a nick name for me since i was a young child..**my fav cartoon was boo boo bear*

    any ways again THANK UU ALL VERY MUCH...
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    Welcome to the board!

    I have FMS. For a diagnosis of fibromyalgia, an individual must have had widespread and more or less continuous pain for at least three months. It is not uncommon to have both FMS and CFS at the same time. There are also other conditions that can coexist with either or both of them.

    It sounds like you have made a good start on educating yourself about your disease(s). Each of us must find ways to cope with our particular symptoms. There is good information available in the library here, and feel free to ask questions that specifically apply to you - there is bound to be someone here who can speak from personal experience!

    Good luck,
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    ty for the advice and wishes... i will use the references here..and what i grasp from others...
    yess seems after i was dx with eppstein-barr i have went down....BUT i hope to "rebound"....that is what we all are going to....
    as far as taking copies with me that is a good idea...on my appt last monday i mentioned to DR FMS....and i dont think "they" know enough....they treat symptoms and not the condition...

    thx again
    take care..and keep SMILING.... :)
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    Darling name! But dear one, "edit" your post..(see edit under your screenname?) and remove your email is against the rules, ok? That's for our safety.

    First, put fibroandfatigue clinics in the search box here...we may not hear from you for awhile, and there is SO much information!

    Second, if you're in OK, go to the dallas/fortworth CFS website (google it), and look to see if there's a good dr. they recommend in that area and all around there. Others may know of OK dr you can see..make a separate post with Oklahoma Dr. Needed in title.

    Now, just a personal request. Please make short paragraphs. Many of us fall off our chairs getting dizzy reading long ones, LOL!

    Ok, my mommying is done...

    Welcome, and many hugs to you, newbie! We'll be lookin' for ya'


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    Thanks for letting me know! I guess I didnt read that on the rules very well..hehe.. Your "mothering" ways will help me out along the way!

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    WELCOME!!! You will find a lot of support here.