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    Hi Everyone,
    I am new here!!!! I live in ARizona with my hubby and
    21 month old.
    Suffered with CFS my entire life, but I am starting
    to realize some things.
    Please answer these questions below
    1. Do you have low blood pressure?
    2. Low body temperature?
    3. Constipation?
    4. Endometriosis? and/or terrible PMS
    5. Cold sores?
    6. Dizzy spells?

    What I have realized, is this. When I have been pg,
    I have extreme bouts of energy. For a teeny moment in time
    I realize what it is like to conquer the world. I have
    wondered why this happens in my pregnancies. I still have terrible fatigue bouts, but I do have energy bursts)
    Here is what I am thinking.
    In my pregnancies, I have found that I have EXTREMELY
    low progesterone. I found out I have a 10 progesterone
    count in a pregnancy! Most people start out above 45-
    If It is that low with a pregnancy, when it is boosted,
    then I can't imagine what It would be without being pregnant. I probably have ZILCH progesterone. If you are
    female, you should have your progesterone drawn.
    What I have realized from taking these supplements is this;
    I sleep amazingly at night..(usually I sleep terrible
    at night) I have huge energy bursts, and feel happy...
    usually I am depressed from exhaustion. I also have endometriosis. Endometriosis, is stopped
    when you are pregnant. Endo also causes terrible estrogen
    and progesterone imbalances.
    I have also realized that, when I get cold sores I am
    the most fatigued- Many believe that the cold sore virus
    triggers EBV/Chronic fatigue.
    I believe it is a mixture of viruses that deplete our
    hormones and cause a dysfunction.
    Many doctors believe the trigger can be a corisol depletion,
    along with other hormones such as thyroid.
    Even though my tests came back normal, alot of alt. phys.
    will tell you, it doesnt mean that it is functioning
    How many of you have had thyroid checks or are on thyroid
    treatment? Did you find a change?
    This is such a Strange illness, and it will be interesting
    to know if we have the same simillarites on the list above.
    especially since low blood pressure and low body temps
    are associated with thyroid inactivity.

    Well, just some thoughts...would love to hear your
    There is hope...The answer can be one simple thing! I have realized it, from just being pg. :)

    Love and blessings to all!!
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    I just wanted to welcome you to the Boards!

    If, you have the time go to the FM/CFS Borad. Make a
    post to SSMarilyn. She is very knowledgable
    on low progesterone from her own experiences.

    You, could also go to that same Board and where it
    says "Message Search" simply type in low progesterone,
    I'm sure you will find plenty of information.

    Unfortunately, this Board doesn't get as timely of responses
    as some of the other Boards.

    Just wanted to say Hello and Welcome!

    All the Best!