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    Hi all,
    Im new on this site but i also go on pro health/immune supports site.
    I was dx with cfs,fibro & ibs in sept 96.
    I also have sygren"s syndrome & was dx on 1st march 04.
    Plus i have severe depression which over the 10 years i"ve had it has worsened so quickly it scares me.
    I went on dla in 2000 & got low rate care which increased to middle rate care as i got alot worse.
    My dla was stopped in july 04 & i"m absolutely devastated.
    I got a solicitor to handle my appeal because i cant handle all the stress that it brings.
    I really really hope & pray that i get it back but whether i will or not is a different matter.
    I"d like to make friends with people on here so if anyone would like to welcome me i"d really be glad to hear from you.
    Very gentle hugs ((((( fibrolady37.
  2. joyfully

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    Welcome to our boards. Wow. You have a full plate!

    I don't know, is the immune support site the same as the arthritis message board and the cfs/fm message board???

    I would recommend that you post on those two boards if you haven't already done so.

    I too have been recently diagnosed with Sjorgens or Sgorjens (spelling ???) syndrome. Be sure to use preservative free drops as the preservatives can cause an additional problem. You can purchase them in your local drug store. I also have RA and FM. I've had those for a long time, but the dry eyes is of recent origin.

    Be sure to read Prohealth's rules for the message boards. Please don't post email addresses or web addresses. This is for your own protection as well as the rest of the members.

    You have found a fantastic web site that has caring, kind people.

    Gentle hugs. Joyfully
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    I'm a newbie here too as of today.

    Was reading your post and I can relate with your IBS as I also have the same thing. It has been pretty much under control lately but after quite a long stretch of it.

    I know that IBS, and Fibromyalgia are auto immune diseases and for some reason when we get one we get quite a few others after.

    I notice you say you also have depression which would be normal to some extent considering what you are going through, but I wondered if you have ever been tested for a thyroid problem as that can also cause a problem if you TSH level is off.

    Am sorry for all you are going through and know from the IBS site I go to that a lot of people that had IBS to begin with have also developed fibromyalgia and can tell from their posts how devastating it can be.

    Try to get as much information from the boards here as I think this is such a great place, with great people with a wealth of knowledge.

    Best wishes to you,

  4. marzmeetsvenus

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    I am new to this site as of today. Currently, I am being treated as if I have Fibro, but I don't have an official diagnosis as of yet. Although, the more I read about Fibro, the more convinced that I also share this syndrome.

    I have had neck/shoulder pain and headache problems since I was a teenager. Then in my late 20's my pain became worse and I had MRI done that showed nothing. At 34, I had my first child by c-section. Two weeks later I was in a car accident. From the time of the accident onwards, my pain problems have increased in frequency and severity.

    I've always had issues with being sensitive to sounds and smells. Has anyone else had issues with being able to hear sounds that are outside the normal range of human hearing, like ultrasonic flea repellers? Most of the time it feels as if all my senses are heightened, but not in a positive way.

    From my understanding, I have read that it is like the volume on your Central Nervous System is turned up. We experience all sensations, especially pain, differently than others do.

    None of the meds I have tried so far have done anything but give me new symptoms. For the last 6 months, I have started excercising by walking 1.5 to 3 miles a day and have lost 25 lbs. So you would think I feel great, but seems as if I just get worse every day.

    Nice to meet you other newbies and look forward to talking to some of you in the future.
  5. pawneeem

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    I love this site. It is great for information and meeting people with the same things going on in their lives.

    I too am being treated for FM but not yet diagnosied. I started having pain in my 30's. Always put it off as back problems. Ten years later I had multiple symptoms and flare-ups occasionally. It just has continued to get worse and now I am not stopping until the doc find out what is going on.

    I do have an sensitivity to sights and sound. My husband is always amazed that I can hear the things I do and smells really bother me.

    I do think walking helps a great bit and I also use my hot-tub daily if I can. It eases the pain and relaxes me. My doc just put me on Cymbalta 30 mg. I am dealing with the side effects but my mood is much better and I am sleeping great. So hopefully it will help.

    Have a great day.
  6. pjneal

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    He everyone, I'm new to this site also. I was dx with lupus almost 15 yrs ago. I refused t accept this diagnose so I looked for a dr. who would do the necessary tests to rule out this disease. After about 10 yrs I now have a dx of Fibro with lupus-like symptoms. I notice a lot of talk about depression on this board. I was told that pain causes depression and depression causes pain that is the reason why when a person is dx'd with fibro they prescribed medications for depression. I currently take Cymbalta which really helps with my Restless Leg Syndrome and it helps me sleep along with taking Restoril. I take 1600 to 1800 mgs of Neurontin for severe muscle spasms. For anyone just starting on meds keep in mind that it takes awhile for the meds to start working some can take a couple of weeks where others take a couple of months. So don't give up on your medications until you have been taking them long enough to be in your system. Another thing to remember is to keep looking for a dr. who is willing to treat all of your symptoms. Looking forward to hearing from you all. God Bless--PJ