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    I have been told I have csf. I also had extensive Immuno testing and I am severly deficient in IGG category. I have been refered to Hematologist for IV treatments. I have searched the web for this medication. Does anyone have any info on this. I am scared, nervous, apprehensive, and almost sleepless and awfully tired. Any info appreciated.

  2. riter2

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    Got a lot to learn here - I replied to you too!!!

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    Just wanted To say wellcome ,,Have no answers for what you"r Looking for but If you Post A Please Help to {MADWOLF}
    I beleave he would know what you'r Talking abought & could
    Tell you Wear to go , I beleave He's a Dr.
    wellcome Abord
    cindy g.
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    Thanks for the info. Will contact Madwolf.

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    Hi older newbie than me. Yes, your infusion is exactly what I am trying to find out about. Can we exchange emails? I would love to find out about your treatment.
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    I am bumping this trying to fing Hickagranma??????????
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    It is really not a good idea to put your email addresses on the board. Anyone can get them this way, this is a public board . But you are free to do so. This is just a friendly warning.

    If you both are agreeable, I can mail each of you one anothers address.
    Here is mine;

    Shalom, Shirl