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    Hi I'm Wil, i wanterd to lose weight so much but don't exactly know ow. I have heard it many times, eat right and exercise. The thing is it's very broad I have been trying to watch what I eat. I eat more vegetables and do a 5 mile walk but I don't seem to see any results. Am I doing it right?
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    One of the wonderful things about ProHealth, is that they provide many boards and one of them is the WEIGHT LOSS board. You may want to post there among the many people trying to lose weight, and they discuss so many things, including weight loss information. Plus ProHealth has a good group of members. Give the Weight Loss board a try and I think you'll really like it. Good luck.
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    The way to lose weight.....It's all about controlling the amount of food that you eat, (calories in) and the amount of calories you burn off in the day (calories out). The 5 mile walk is awesome, if it's done at least 3 times a week. Also try to do strength training or resistance training too.

    You will need to find out, how many calories you will need to eat a day in order to lose the weight. Eating healthy and clean is the best way to go. LOTS of fresh fruits, and fresh veggies. Limited animal fat(meats and such). Better sources of protein are beans and legumes, eggs (limited) low fat cheese (limited) Peanuts and peanut butter(limited) Tuna (limited).

    Dairy, make sure it's low fat or fat free. Unsweetened yogurt(Greek is better) add your own fresh fruit.

    Stay away from a lot of fruit juice, sodas, and high fructose corn syrups drinks. Water,(unlimited) tea, coffee(limited)........

    Anyway, it really is all about calories in and calories out.....

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    You are a consultant selling for the company, and and this isn't allowed on the ProHealth Boards. I did report your post to the moderator and people should steer clear of this salesman.
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    I think you are a bit confused here. This person is asking for HELP/TIPS on HOW TO LOOSE WEIGHT....They are'nt selling anything.....
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    I thought you might have read the name of the poster in the title of my post, read my post, put it together that the moderators removed a post--and simply moved on.

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    Actually after I posted the response to you, I thought that it might have been that you were replying to another thread on a different board, and there was a glitch and it ended up here.

    Too bad that when the Mods delete something, that there isn't a box or something to let us know that a post was deleted. It would help to end the confusion...
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    I have never ever experienced any so-called "glitch" of posting on a ProHealth board and having the post appear on another ProHealth board. The only confusion was to you. An easy answer is that if my posts confuse you, then don't read them.
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    Now you are being nasty with your remarks. I honestly did apologize for the mix up on my part, and in my opinion YOUR remark was nasty and out of line.
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    Stick, you and I don't get along, we both know it, and that's been a long time. So it probably wasn't the best idea for you to respond to my post in the first place, and then to keep on about my original post. It would have been best to have simply moved on as I suggested.

    You said before you're a moderator for another board service. That should have helped you to avoid this, and to have recognized as I mentioned to you several posts ago, to simply move on. [This Message was Edited on 08/05/2010]
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    That an apology for my confusion isn't enough for you. Fine then, I will just say this, I still think that you are rude, and being quite childish. At least I am an adult and can act as such....
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    Thats wonderful you are able to do a 5 mile walk.
    You sound like you are on the right track with what you are doing.
    A 5 mile walk on a regular basis is definately in the right direction.

    Keep up the good goal and you will see results.
    You can be an inspirations to many.

    Be proud of yourself, you can do this.
    Keep us posted of your accomplishments, good news is good to hear.
    i wish you the best