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    Greetings to all the thousands of foristas(people of the forum) out there in fibro-cyberspace. I am sorta new so I thought I would post an introduction. My fibro-journey began in 1996 when I contracted the Human Parvovirus, known as 5th Disease(the 5th childhood disease, the others are: Measles, Mumps, Chicken Pox and Ruebella) or Slapped Cheek Disease(because children's cheeks get so bright red, it looks like someone slapped them, awful name). Ring any bells for anyone?

    In children, the disease is mild: slight fever, runny nose, light red rash on body and bright red rash on cheeks:they recover in no time with no ill effects. My daughter (5th grade then), caught it first, as an epidemic was happening in her school(very contagious). In adults it is a very serious and does lead to life long complications. A few days after my daughter recovered, I was hit with a high fever, chills, muscle aches, extreme fatigue and I was nearly bedridden for 2 weeks.

    Two days, after I started feeling better, I woke up with hot, red, swollen hands and feet so I went to my Primary Care Physician. My blood work revealed a positive ANA and I was told I had lupus. I demanded to see a Rheumatologist for more testing. To make a longer story not so long, I really had a viral induced inflammatory arthritis and I still have it today. He did find that my blood had high levels of Human Parvo and all the other blood work for lupus was negative.

    Then in January 1999, FMS with Hypothyroidism slammed me down pretty hard. Seven years later, I am being treated for all of the above as well as Restless Legs. In April 1996, I was at the peak of my health and by the end of May, I began my decline. All because of a microscopic virus. Pathetic isn't it?

    As with the rest of you, I have struggled with feelings of worthlessness, isolation, anger, denial, grief and extreme heartache. I was studying for a Masters Of Theology in seminary and I had to drop out. My mind as well as my body has been affected by this DD.

    I am looking for a few (or many) good people to correspond with on this board. I love to read(the Book Club caught my eye); love writing poetry and personal essays: anyone interested in sharing and discussing our works? My goal is to jump start my brain so maybe I can return to Seminary.

    I have worked hard as my own personal advocate for the physical treatment of all my DD disorders. I have 3 docs who support me as a partner in planning my treatment- so rare and so nice. Looking forward to being a part of this board as I have finally figured out how to navigate my way thru the fast pace. Hasta Luego, Jan (Jamarz)

    PS One of my guilty pleasures and for educational purposes only is watching Mexican, Latin and South American Telenovelas. I am trying to learn a little Spanish ad watching them helps me understand the rhythm of the language as well as some of the cultural nuances.
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    lyciumchld- I clicked on your profile and I love your two kitties. I also have 3 cats: Charlie age 18; Dax age 11 and Henry age 4. In addition, I also have 2 mini-dachshunds (wiener dogs) Phoebe age 7 and Joey almost 4. Lots of fun with all these animals around-they make me laugh everyday and laughing is good. It releases endorphins, natural pain killers.

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    Loved reading your intro!
    that took alot of effort~

    me,..I'm short and too the point,..in & out :)
    Thats one thing Fibro has changed about me.(tons more too)
    I'm so sorry you've been effected by these terrible diseases.
    Its rough to live with something that drs. really don't even know HOW to treat. other than your typical antidepressants and your lucky if your pain is addressed.
    Mine still is'nt after 13 yrs.
    I'm a Mom of 3,..i'm 43,... but feel like one foots in the grave,and the others stuck in a bucket. :)
    Glad your here and hope to see you around more.
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    You found a group that will give you more understanding than you could possible imagine.

    Welcome friend,
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    I hope you get a lot out of this forum and I'm sure we can get a lot from you.

    I also love novelas, aren't they fun??


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