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    Hi everyone,

    I have fibro and arthritis, but my MDs refuse to test me for osteoporosis because "I am only 27". My physical therapist said I am a candidate, despite my age, and I HAVE SHRUNK 1 1'2 INCHES IN THE LAST 2 YEARS!

    So, I went to a health fair and they tested me and said that I am borderline . . .
    My "T" score was 1.5
    My "Z" score was 1.2

    Thank you all and I will introduce myself in another post!
    Best to all,
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    Hi Estela, welcome to the board. This is the FM/CFS board, you might want to check out the arthritis board also.

    Just go to the link 'Message boards' and you will find an index, just click on Arthritis. I think you will find a lot of help there also.

    Again, welcome and I do hope you get some help soon.

    Shalom, Shirl
  3. bitter-sweet

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    Hi Estela. Maybe consider seeing a gynecologist, for your loss of height and concerns. One of the gynecologist offices near me screen in their office, and they are in tune with women's issues more than a family dr or general practice dr. If you're able, weight bearing exercises are helpful. I also take calcium.
  4. Annette2

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    Welcome to the Board. I also am borderline on osteoporosis. It's called OSTEOPENIA. I take calcium supplements, walk and do weight-bearing exercises. I have two suggestions for you: 1)ask your physical therapist to call your doctor and tell him/her of her concerns; 2)take your test results from the fair with you to your doctor. Maybe one or both of these will change your doctor's mind.

  5. klutzo

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    I also have osteopenia and my doctor is giving me progesterone drops to try and reverse it. I think you are too young for that, but you might ask your GYN next time you go.
    Rheumatologists are fairly agressive at treating osteoporosis and it's precursors, so you might try one, but very few doctors know diddly about nutrition.
    Calcium is not enough. First, it should be calcium citrate, as the other types just make expensive urine. You also need at least 400 IUs of vitamin D3 daily, and lots of vitamin K, preferrably from dark green veggies. You need at least 400 mgs. Magnesium daily, and trace amts. of boron and manganese. All of these work together to help your bones.
    Just as important as what you add are the things you should subtract...
    Look in health stores and find a toothpaste without fluoride. Fluoride makes bones larger but much weaker. Or, if you prefer, just use baking's a great toothpaste by itself.
    All of the above measures are wasted if you drink sodas. Sodas must go. If you are having a simply unbearable soda craving, drink one of the clear ones, as they do not suck as much calcium from your bones as the dark ones do.
  6. wittybroad

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    So, I got all wired up about this, received a bolt of energy from your support, and called Kaiser Member Services. I told them that I wanted to change my MD, and cited all of the reasons why . . . they actually HELPED me pick another doctor, a female this time, who was brand new and just got her license . . .

    She is ordering an ultrasound for me, but it will take two to three months . . . .

    I am going to take all of your advice, and stop the sodas . . . and will keep visiting and participating on this board . . .

    I have come to the conclusion, after fighting the Kaiser system for three years, that NO MD can really help me as much as I can, with the help of this board . . .

    Thank You from the top and bottom
    of my palpating heart,